All set for the jungle!


All the wildlife enthusiasts patiently wait whilst their papers are being checked at the entrance of the Ranthambore National Park. Apparently and increasingly it appears to me that more foreigners visit our jungles than Indians. I guess the lure of watching a tiger in its natural surroundings is a lot more attractive for them than us. Not that I am complaining, for these tourists are a lot more disciplined and appreciative than a lot of Indians we encountered during this trip.

2 thoughts on “All set for the jungle!

  1. onehonestwriter says:

    I can’t agree more, my inlaws place is just few km from Panna National Park. And it’s only last year we visited there as a family. I was astonished to see the place and fell in love with our super knowledgeable guide. I never expected it to be such a great experience and encountered far more foreigners than natives. They are so patient while waiting to get a glimpse of tiger or otherwise, they follow rule to the T. Whereas the jeeps with indian tourists broke a lot of rules. Sad :(.

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