What else would be a better way to start the tales that I have to tell from the past 11 days of sheer bliss in the land of high passes, Ladakh! Julley is the word we used most! 🙂

Julley is what you say to get smiles, nods, waves from unknown people here! Be it hello or good luck or thank you or you wanting a pretty girl to smile at you, this word worked like magic! Trust me that is the first thing you want to learn before you head for Ladakh!

Above is a picture that is what you will find outside most village homes in Rumbak, a remote village that has some wonderful homestay’s and is a base for the snow leopard trails in winters and lots of trekking programmes in summers. The ornamental looking thing is supposed to bring good luck for the house and also keep bad “nazar” away! Rumbak is a small settlement of people the population of the village does not exceed 100 and yet, we felt we had everything that one would need to survive! Very gentle, smiling, hardworking people who live in this arid land keep busy whole day doing chores. No road reaches Rumbak and so you have to walk a good 4 hours to get to it. No electric cables reach Rumbak too but the authorities have arranged for a generator that powers the village with lights from 6 to 10 in the evening.

Serene, picturesque and calm this village was our base for 4 days whilst we tried to photograph the elusive Ghost Cat! Over the next few weeks I will try to recollect as much as I can from our trip to Ladakh and try to invoke enough greenery among all my readers and hence I had to start this series with this picture above to stave off any bad “Nazar” 😛 😛 :mrgreen:

12 thoughts on “Julley!

  1. Rekha says:

    No wonder you were so excited about this trip. 🙂 Amazing! Did you get one of those for yourself? Also, wasn’t it terribly cold up there? I am hardly able to survive in Delhi courtesy tons of winter clothes and a room heater.

    • hitchy says:

      Nope @Rekha didnt get one of those… I dont believe in superstitions… but I do get fascinated by things people do out of belief’s!

      Lol… it was terribly terribly cold! But thankfully we were able to adjust and cope up! 🙂

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