A short food story


Life in the high altitude is made easy by these, the burning wood in the bukhari is one thing that warmed us like nothing. We would sit by it for hours!!


Food would be served around the Bukhari and this is a typical dinner for us. Some hot and fresh from the oven Khambhir(ladakhi roti/bread) some daal, saag ka saag!


Piping hot butter tea being served round the clock whilst we sit and warm ourselves around the bukhari!


I mean loads of butter tea!!!


Sometimes in the noon it would be Merkur (Ladakhi butter biscuit) that we would devour alongside!


This is another classic, they call it Thenthuk, the gujju us called it Ladakhi Daal Dhokli! 😀 😀


All in all with piping hot food in that weather it was a pleased us who would sit around in the aroma of all the food and replenish ourselves for the next day! 😀


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