Unfortunately, we could not spot the snow leopard in Rumbak, after walking like crazy from morning 8 to evening 4-5 for 5 days we gave up. The terrain is so so huge and you can only walk so much. There were no sightings around that area in the past few days and so it was difficult to decide which area to go looking for it. We also realised that probably we came about 10-15 days too early. The snow fall had been scanty and the snow leopard(Shaan in ladakhi) probably was still staying higher as the prey was also available pretty high up like this stud :


However, we made ourselves satisfied with this little toy that one boy had made for him by his mom out of yak wool!!

This was one Shaan who did pose for us! 🙂 Yes this is the only snow leopard that we spotted there.


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