Amritsar! ……… Burp!

There are cities galore in India, each has something unique to offer, then there is this dusty, chaotic town in western India in Punjab, which has had a turbulent history to say the least. Amritsar was a destination I wanted to do since a long long time. Not just for the Kulcha’s but just to get a feel of the city that has feature in too many stories from our struggle for Independence.

The city can boast to possess two extreme monuments next to each other, on one side is the calm and peace of the holy Harmandar Saahib (Golden Temple) and on the other hand stands the Jallianwala Bagh the site of one of the worst massacre witnessed during our Independence struggle. The Wagah Border which we returned from without watching thanks to huge lines of people in a way reminds you of the troubles this place must have had during partition in 1947. History has not been very kind to this place, operation Blue Star happened long after independence and yet after so much that the city has gone through, the place has retained it vigour.

The still existing hand rickshaws and horse carts remind you of an era gone by, the old city still has lanes that actually transport you back a few decades, admist that are huge shopping malls and grant hotel’s like Hyatt as well. The food of the place I promise you is one of the most important things to have on your agenda when visiting the city. We stayed two days specially to actually allow us to try more things and not just make a rushed one day visit. We almost check out all the places that my friend and food blogger Monika suggested to us.

In between all the food that we had decided to eat, we did manage to visit Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, tried to see Wagah Border, purchased Fulkari, sat in a cycle rickshaw and had a lot of burps all round! 😀

Here are a few pictures from our visit! 🙂


The ancient transport system is a norm here! 🙂


Our first helpings happened at Kesar Da Dhaba, we were confidently ordering two different Parantha thali’s but the friendly waiter at the Dhaba told us to start with one, he reckoned it will be enough and then order in case we still felt hungry after the Parantha thali. We had one Lassi and one Phirni as side orders and after that Thali in this very simple, humble, air-cooled Dhaba we were ready to actually just sleep on its benches! Burp one that is! 😀


We also tried the Jalebi at Gurdas Raam Jalebiwala, Chaat at Brijwasi, Butter Chicken at Beera’s and Giani’s ice-cream!


Bhai Kulwant Kulchewale actually deserve a post on themselves alone! They are by far the most delicious Kulcha’s I have ever had!



The walls that witnessed the horror of Jallianwala Bagh!


Shopping for Fulkari’s in the cloth market!


The queue to enter the Wagah Border parade premises was this long, we eventually returned dreading the heat, crowd and dust! The place is chaotic and we gave it a pass!


Devotees washing feet before entering Harmandir Saahib (Golden Temple)


The majestic yet calm, Golden Temple!

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