Of Samosa, Chutney, Jalebi and love…


I can’t help it you know, blame it on the social media and the unbelievable urge we folks of today have to share, I just have to click pictures of food that I love eating devouring. You put a honest slice of pizza in that plate and that plate is what I am pretty much ready to keep eating all my life. Samosa’s or ‘Sanbusaag’ as the original name from Persia have evolved to be India’s favourite snack, Idli’s you are quite nice too you know but compared to the samosa’s I am sorry but you are a little bland. No matter how horrible a samosa might be served to me promise me to finish it, not let it go waste and when I can lay my hands over a nicely cooked semi warm samosa of which I can take a good earnest bite I am sorry but… for a few minutes I can’t think, hear or see. I just chew the fillings in my mouth slowly letting all corners of my mouth a chance to have a feel of the flavour, sing a small thank you prayer in my mind and actually get lost for a few moments of what I am sure what heaven would feel like! Yes, a nicely cooked samosa and I can be had! :mrgreen:

Some wonderful chutney’s to spice up the already wonderful offering, add a few green fried chillies, a swig of Thums Up and the divinity simply can be unending. No, no one will talk about the villainous words like calories! For we have not even spoken about the really kurkuri(crispy) kesar jalebi’s which when put in your mouth actually open the floodgates of saliva in our mouth, whirlpool, hurricane, cyclone and all of that at the same time in your little mouth. An experience it is I tell you. Its love you know, for all who might be wondering who cooks all these pictures I put on FB, Insta or on my blog, rarely do I cook! Mostly its food made by my wonderful wife who had done some real sins in her last life and owes me so much from her last life that this entire life she has been assigned to feed this never satiable stomach of mine! Yes, praise, adjectives, applaud and all assistance is aptly provided to her, make no mistake or Its food we have brought from some restaurant or shop.

I love eating, talking about eating and off late clicking pictures of what I eat. Thanks to so many food bloggers on my timeline everywhere and their wonderfully unbelievably droolworthy photographs who not only inspire me & my wife to try and cook new dishes at home but there after before indulging in the food I make it a point to click some pictures!

Goddammit its love and it must be spread all over! 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Of Samosa, Chutney, Jalebi and love…

  1. Prachee says:

    Ha ha…more than the pics..your description of samosas and jalebis are droolworthy.. 😛
    And…sanbusaag..I heard it for thw firat time..u mean samosa is not an original indian delicacy..?..i am surprized..!

    • hitchy says:

      😀 😀 Welcome here Prachee 🙂

      Yes, amazingly Samosa’s are not an Indian original delicacy, It was actually a round shaped offering called Sanbusaag in Persia orignally, during the Mughal rule though the Benaras Brahmins couldn’t bear these folks having so much fun and they made their own variation of vegetarian Samosa’s and I think they are now even more popular than the original ones! 😀 😀

      • Prachee says:

        Interesting. I have been an occassional visitor of your blog for quiet sometime now..will try to be more regular now..specially for your travel tales and lovely clicks:-)

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