Soaking, waiting, keen, on the look out!


The rain may make us forget all else, soak it in or hibernate, sip a chai and just gaze without any focus, but, this fella, is completely focussed on the next movement in the foliage, ready to launch himself the moment he spots a grasshopper, a worm move or a cricket bat an eyelid! The rain falls and the environs around my house are absolutely wonderful, life is if anything thriving there are three kitten being taken everywhere by their mom, the birds whenever they spot them are busy creating a racket, the kingfisher is having a field day catching prey, the cows and donkey’s have given up trying to enter the colony as there is enough grass now everywhere for them to eat to their hearts content. If this is not the season of life, I don’t know which is!

They may call it dull, gloomy, depressing weather, not me! I absolutely am in love in this cloudy, gray, damp, wet season that washes everyone and everything, it kick-starts life in me! 😀


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