Come on lets dance!


the wonderful me,

fluttering with life,
from side to side,

as I do the dance,

oh come on,
join the bandwagon,

raise your hands in the air,
wave them with some flair,

Oh I know,
we can put up a show,

come on lets take this chance
come on lets dance!



11 thoughts on “Come on lets dance!

  1. craftyshines says:

    Now there’s a bird i’d like to meet,
    Just our type, with dancing feet,
    And why not, it’s been quite a while,
    Since I was first; is that a smile?
    So tell me, Hobbes, me and you,
    And this pretty bird, too,
    Dance till the rest arrive?

  2. pixie says:

    I loved this post!! Made me shake my booty just a little! 😀 😀
    I had my own tune and rhythm in my head as I sang off-key! 🙂

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