There must be limits, somewhere, to the human footprint on this earth. When the whole of the world is reduced to nothing but human product, we will have lost the map that can show us how we got here, and can offer our spirits an answer when we ask why. Surely we are capable of declaring sacred some quarters that we dare not enter or possess.


Recently I read a quote somewhere, “The only animal that you should be really petrified of are humans”, aint that so shockingly true? The footprints we will probably leave behind us will be only ours in a few generations. Just as I took this picture of a lemur in Singapore zoo and I watched its legs and fingers I realised how beautiful these little animals were, how little damage they did to the planet, how difficult have we made it for them to survive, very soon the only place all these animals will be left for discovering will be Zoo’s I guess.

Its not just a random thought that just came to mind, I regularly keep observing, most times I keep it to myself but then sometimes it does make me want to voice it out. How much will we consume, how much will we keep growing, how much will be keep capturing, how much will be enough? We humans will never stop will we? Wonder what legacy will we live for the coming generations, perhaps we will have found newer technologies that will enable us to survive in any case although all other eco systems on the planet may not survive.

We must be careful what we use, how much we use, if we could cut down on our consumption in every small little way we can. Each individual can himself probably ration his own consumption, think not of how you may appear to others, think about what is best to sustain this planet.

Think, reduce, reuse, recycle and please keep repeating this! Lets try to leave only footprints.


4 thoughts on “Footprint

  1. Prachee says:

    How true hitchy… I can’t agree more… There is no end to this..
    I have started with denying to polythene bags from shops and vendors..and i wish others too take up small things to start with.. ‘try to leave the planet with minimum damage’

  2. Afreen Shaikh says:

    Simply awesome! The way you have focused on how the human urge to grow in all aspects of life is affecting the mother nature is truly mesmerizing. I believe, a big change can be brought if small changes at the personal level is initiated.

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