Building sand castles and embracing waves!


Goa for a long time was very low on my list, I was always more of a guy who opted for Mountains and jungles to the sand and water. Not knowing swimming and being petrified of any water higher than my chest I kind of kept away. Two years back a free trip to Goa during August told me one thing for sure, Goa has a lot more to offer than just beaches and the ocean.

On my last trip since it was Monsoon and the sea was rough we didn’t really take to the beach for a long time, this time though the visit in November meant there was not much rough weather, it was warm during the day and you actually wanted to take a dip in the water. For a change on this trip we spent so much time in the water I don’t think I ever have spent as much time in water in my entire life’s vacations!

I completely now comprehend why kids love playing in the waves so much and why people are crazy about the ocean so much! The clean beaches of Baga, Candolim and Palolem did not give any reason for me to resist them.

Amazingly, inspite of it being Diwali, Goa was surprisingly empty, Monday to Thursday we almost had most restaurants, shacks, beaches to us or shared it with very few people and that was a big plus for sucking me in.

Wave after wave, we soaked up the wonderfully friendly warm water of the Indian Ocean, like small kids jumping, staining the sand, building castles, burying ourselves in the sand! I seriously felt like I had gone back to my kid days almost during this trip. Rediscovering the fun of doing things and absolutely forgetting what it seemed to people who might be looking is one of the most important supplement you get from the Goa air!

I guess it does something to you, you forget about the world, you get lost in your own fun world, you don’t care what it seems like, all you care about is living in that moment, ducking before the arriving wave and then rising with it floating and riding on it, being thrown back, gushing at how wonderful the water felt, how it feels like the ocean is pulling you when the sand retracts with the receding water that was brought in with the wave.

I wouldn’t ever be seen walking about shirt less (read topless) in my house, suddenly though, after the bath in the ocean, I don’t bother wearing a tshirt whilst I am half wet, infact I decided to drive back home all the way without a shirt and for me that was new. Guess its the air in Goa that does some things to you.

From a guy who always almost looked down upon the idea of Goa, which back then meant to mean guys go there for the sea and the daroo, has completely changed, second trip down there, back home since just two days and I already miss being there, I miss the sea, the sand, the lazy air, the million restaurants and most of all I miss being so care free about what anyone thinks about you! Like seriously the place does have a magnet that I can now completely comprehend! 🙂


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