Chicken Xacuti!


Finally, I can claim I have tasted this Goan delicacy and as it is fair to say it lived up to what all it was talked about! We eventually ordered it at the restaurant Mango Grove in Candolim and it lived up to our expectations! We absolutely loved it and scraped the plate so much so as to in the end I dropped all the remaining rice in the Xacuti (pronounced Shakuti) bowl and wiped it clean! 🙂 🙂


Many a times I feel I may not be able to appreciate coconut milk gravies as much and I was so happy to learn that my pre-conceived notions were totally wrong and I am hoping to make more journeys in the south Indian food world!! 🙂




We downed this wonderful dish with a Watermelon Cooler (cocktail) which was so wonderfully made that even a non drinker like me enjoyed it and even felt mildly delirious after it. 🙂




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