Winter meals


There is something about winter meals here in Gujarat, I dunno about all the other places but there are so many more options of vegetables available in winters unlike other seasons. If you have to ever visit Gujarat you have to visit it in the winters. The food then is like sigh…. droolworthy, lustworthy and what not!


This was last night’s dinner turned into breakfast today morning, I am born in a family that has ancestors in Kutch and the most common food there is Bajra Ka Rotla (Pearl millet bread) this is made by the hand and no rolling pin is used. My mom makes awesome rotla’s and she is quite generous in applying ghee on it and honestly it is so sweet that it can be eaten plain without anything else. Just the ghee and rotla also tastes wonderful especially when its piping hot and served straight from the pan.


But then there was Baigan ka bharta (Brinjal subzi) to go along side with green freshly chopped garlic and coriander along with coriander chutney to spice things up a little more! This was simply divine, satisfying and so delicious I still am drooling typing about this! 😀 😀


*The pic was taken by my Redmi Note  and I kinda like how it has come out inspite of not using the SLR.

8 thoughts on “Winter meals

  1. The Girl Next Door says:

    I agree – there is something special about winter meals, especially in Gujarat! That platter looks absolutely gorgeous!

    PS: Made Surti Sev Khamni recently, and just posted about it. Reminded me of the foodie posts on your blog, so came here to check them out. 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      Ha ha ha!

      Surti Sev Khamani?? Take my word for it the best Sev Khamni is made in my hometown in Bharuch, we regularly challenge the Surti’s and Barodians that inspite of them being so near they can’t make Khamni as nice as ours! 🙂

      If you ever make a plan this side do let me know! I will assure you have the best Sev Khamni in the world! 😀

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