Randomness rules

For a change I have been working hard, avoiding distractions and focussing on work, that though is now a passe, it was the past fortnight, now that I have achieved some success the easy go lucky guy in me is back in action. Sigh… only if I had some more appetite for success, somewhat like the space I can make when I see delicious food coming my way. Its quite amazing how my body can actually take in all those quantities and thankfully not bloat or explode!!


The month of December is bad that way, way too many parties and weddings and everywhere you kind of find one or the other food item that gets you drooling and salivating and then you indulge and then err.. geez food just makes me digress, lets stop the food topic for a while.


I  came to the blog to write something about the new movie released yesterday which I have not seen so far, Baji Rao Mastani, I am not a Sanjay Leela Bhansali fan, for long I have believed he packs mundane stories in sort of grand gift wrap papers, where in the gift wrapper is more beautiful than the actual gift. I till AIB Roast of Ranveer happened could not even stand him, now am actually looking forward to seeing him. The guy is cool, the guy is actually enviable, perhaps that is why that dislike was there. I am actually wanting to watch a SLB movie that is featuring Ranveer Singh and no, I am not wanting to watch it just for Deepika, mind it! The movie has a story and since I actually googled Baji Rao Peshwa and his story I was feeling kinda ashamed that I knew so little about perhaps one of the greatest warrior’s in India’s history.


I wonder why our history books showed so little of him or taught us so little, though I must confess as I live longer I always feel our school history books taught us very little, thank God for Amar Chitra Katha’s which actually in someways helped satiate my fascination for historical characters. I don’t think there is anything more fascinating than reading history or hearing stories about it. Be it the Alan Turing story in The Imitation Games or reading about the Bangladeshi turmoil and their liberation from Pakistan  history in more ways than one makes you wonder about human behaviour and always questions your conclusions about certain things. I am a complete student of history and will keep on reading more and more and hope to learn more and more about this world of ours, in many ways history tells you why we are, how we are!



8 thoughts on “Randomness rules

  1. Varsh says:

    Same here. I love history too. It contributes a lot in the way people are moulded and think. I wish reading about our true heroes would be part of our curriculum. More than just 2 lines in history books.
    Im watching Bajirao Mastani tomorrow. Not that I expect much history from it, but mainly because I haven’t been to the theatre in a long time and I DON’T want to watch Dilwale. Reviews have been good so far..

    • hitchy says:

      So how was BAjirao? I didn’t manage to see it and now seem to have no time lets hope next weekend I can make it!

      Apparently they havent showed much history in the movie

      • Varsh says:

        No ways. Even for someone who doesn’t insist on too much authenticity it is very fictionalised. Ranveer Singh is a disappointment. Sounds urban and walks funny. Deepika is a real beauty. But I liked Priyanka the most.

  2. My Era says:

    I am hoping to watch Bajirao Mastani in the coming week, though I have already seen Dilwale on first day 😀
    I am really not hoping to see any accurate historic depictions in Bajirao Mastani owing to the high possibility of twisting facts to make the plot more appealing for the cinema goers, but yes, I agree to your point that more of history needs to be taught right from early years.

  3. pixie says:

    WEll, since its an SLB movie – I had no hope for it to be historically accurate or anything!!
    But, its got 3 great actors and so, I will watch.
    Dilwale – it will be on Netflix soon, will watch then 😀 😀

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