I am here always!

The journey in the virtual world is endless I guess, beginning from the asl chat’s from the yahoo chat rooms it has taken endless turns and twists. For a long while my station was betapet.com a scrabble game site that suddenly one day became swedish from english and we were orphaned and then when a friend directed me to blogging, blogger was my home all the time, eventually I migrated to wordpress and I am here still, however, the frequency has been reducing over time, facebook hooked me and then twitter. Off late though I am almost omnipresent on Instagram! I am always there and there abouts. Its ideal for me, few words, photographs and in general no view sharing!


If you are wondering what the post is about, its to advertise my Instagram account, follow me if you aren’t already! 😀 I promise to post pictures that will be droolworthy! 😀


Follow me on Instagram here! 


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