Where has the cold disappeared?

Suddenly since almost a week now the winter seems to have taken a break, no sweaters needed, fans reaching full speed, on the verge of switching on the air conditioners, whats happened all of a sudden!? Someone took the wind out of winter or what?!


These are 4 months of bliss here in the western plains of Gujarat, the cold weather is precious here you know, we have it so hot all year round!


This time last year we were in Leh and when we would wake up in the mornings our windows would be like this :


Full of ice flakes, that would melt slowly as the sun rose. It was a wonderful thing to be sitting inside the room and sipping hot tea and watching the sun slowly melt the ice and the window pane become clean.


I love the winter, especially the one that we have here, its pleasant mostly, slightly chilly late in the night and early in the morning but nothing over the top. Working out in such weather is so much more pleasure, hogging is natural in any case for me but it feels so fulfilling in this weather.


Come on O Mighty Himalaya’s let some wind through from the north, let the chills be spread around here, we aren’t done yet, its just January and I want some more cold weather!


7 thoughts on “Where has the cold disappeared?

  1. My Era says:

    That is such a gorgeous shot 😀
    Seriously, winters seem to have lost their chill making thee whole year stay scorching hot 😐
    We want winters that are really cold.
    Happy New Year 😀

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