A foggy morning

Usually the moment my sleep breaks in the morning the first thing I do is wake up my son and send him to the bathroom to get ready for school, after that its a routine to go to Watsapp and check if my partners, both who are doctors and have emergency surgeries very often, are coming to play tennis or have they been in a late night surgery. Today as luck would have it there was a message at 3 am saying we are in an emergency surgery and wont be coming for tennis. Sigh, I say to myself and get on with the morning routine of dropping wifey and son to the school bus, but as I open the doors I am greeted to a wonderfully foggy morning, the fog is coming in strongly from the river which is about 2-3 kms from my house. Its enveloping the whole city and is getting stronger by the minute.


It would really be a crime to sit in the house and not go out there when the weather is so so beautiful, misty mornings for us are not usual and such foggy days are such a delight. Folks like us who live in plains marred by industries all around can be enthused by such fog, Bharuch has become like Nainital is what we suddenly start saying! 🙂


So I took out my bike and put my camera in back pack and decided to ride a bit and also click some pictures of the weather. The tall nilgiri trees were busy condensing the fog to water and it was most amazing feeling to be riding below them and water droplets falling on you as if a very very light drizzle had started! Monsoon before spring! 😀


Here are a few clicks from today morning’s ride!


It would be a crime to stay indoors when the weather is like this outside!



Even the main roads looked nice, this fellow was actually jogging with his push cart, the morning energised him as well! 🙂


The lawns at gnfc where people go jogging early morning looked ethereal



My bike loves to pose!


A post card from some hill station?!


The tree’s dropped water drops whilst you rode below them! 🙂


Our cricket ground, must say these chaps didn’t have any light issues! 😀 good sports they are I guess! 😀



4 thoughts on “A foggy morning

  1. Rekha @ Dew Drops says:

    Beautiful weather and awesome pics! In Delhi, we get enough foggy mornings, but not enough space to breathe. Buildings, vehicles, metros and flyovers is all I have in a radius of 10 kms. You’re lucky! 🙂 Some day I’ll be there to visit this place. 🙂

    • hitchy says:

      The advantages of living in a small town are good. This though is a township of GNFC which is beautiful and maintaned superbly… it has loads of trees and lawns to move about! Its a blessing for what is otherwise a pretty messy town!

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