This little town is called Devprayag, it is here that Bhagirathi, the green coloured river meets Alaknanda, downstream beyond this confluence the river is call Ganga!


Devprayag is approx 70kms from Rishikesh, situated at a height of 830 meters (2732feet), is an important place of pilgrimage for Hindu’s.


We were intrigued and amazed at the contrasting colours of the two rivers, however, we have been told by locals that the colours keep changing depending on what is happening upstream. At this point though the contrast was quite stark!

3 thoughts on “Ganga

  1. My Era says:

    Amazing contrast and a fantastic shot (yet again).
    Now I’m intrigued to do a little research on the color changes and what all causes them.

    • hitchy says:

      Upstream events like Landslides, soil erosion etc… I have also seen pics on google that are exactly opposite colours to the one I have posted!

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