Sea, Sand & Fun


A couple of kids jump into the Indian Ocean at a beach in Galle under the watchful eyes of their father. A beach is a wonderful blessing to have nearby and the Sri Lankans are pretty lucky in this regard, especially the ones that live near the coast. We happened to spend a week there, which coincided with Sri Lankan holidays as it is their festival season. It was a short, sharp trip but we loved it anyways watching the mild, smiling Sri Lankan’s enjoying their holidays and basking in the glory of their rich lands. Finally after the war ended some 6 odd years ago the emerald isle is set to shine and grow.


I guess the abc tag has to take a break, there are a lot of stories from Lanka to share. So stay tuned for more!

One thought on “Sea, Sand & Fun

  1. Achini says:

    Best Beaches in Sri Lanka
    Arugam Bay-locally known as a popular surfing & popular destination for diving and snorkeling.
    Bentota Beach-A very popular beach by tourists, with lots of water sporting activities,Home to a number of luxury five star hotels, boutiques and Villas, this is the prime Sri Lanka beach & home to giant sea turtles
    Galle Beach-a town with lots of history. With its natural harbour Galle beach used to be famous for its fort.
    Kalkidah Beach and Passikudah Bay-This beach has everything on offer for everyone whether that be water sports, swimming or just enjoying the sun, bathing. Wind-surfing is also very popular here & popular for Dolphin Watching
    Mirissa Beach-Popular for whales & Dolphin watching

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