Kanna Keep Calm!

This is really new for someone who is pretty chilled about most things, I JUST DO NOT FRET most of the times unless it is the Indian Cricket team on a overseas Test tour, I can take most things sitting easily, without batting an eyelid. I am maybe too lazy to ever fret even and yet, now that junior is 12 and has been wanting to go on a camping trip and is all set to leave today since yesterday although I am pretending to be pretty chilled out about it am having a million rats pouncing in my stomach.


Its such a downer on the wanting to be a chilled out relaxed and mature dad that I always wanted to be. As it turns out I am also leaving on a road trip to exactly where my son is going, although I have not told him the reason why I am going that side of the world. I mean I am not going to go see him or inquire about him or anything but it just feels like okay to be near by, if anything were to come upon, I should be able to reach there in a jiffy. I am about a two hour drive away from his campsite. I am quite sure nothing will come about and he wont even care to call me and will be having a whale of a time. I know of many parents who have sent even younger kids away on trips like this and seriously it is no big deal and yet this. I myself have always enjoyed going on picnics and school tours when I was in school and they have been the fondest memories of growing up and yet when you become a father I guess the whole idea churns up your belly.


As much as I should be chilled out and relaxed about it I am not, I am almost panicking inside without letting anyone know, thankfully I can atleast divulge the feelings here on the blog. I guess this is the part of parenthood where you start to learn to leave your young ones on their own in this world. As he grapples with taking care of his things, deciding on what to spend on, deciding on who are his real buddies and deciding what is it that he enjoys doing without any worrying mother or father around telling him what is safe and what is not and what is right and what is wrong.


He wanted to take a camera and a mobile with him, however much I myself wanted to give him a mobile, we have managed to come to a conclusion that he goes without any gadgets and just goes free and without any hassles of taking care of too many things. Its a marine camp and he is so excited about bathing in the sea and that in itself sends shivers down a worrying father who just cannot swim. I have actually been to this camp about 5 years before and know its pretty safe with the kids and everything, I wonder how do parents who don’t know anything about this camp will manage!


Phew this task of daddygiri is tough as they keep growing, I hope he teaches me the art of being a cool dad, the coaching has begun I guess!


Kanna Keep Calm is what he is probably telling me in this picture that I just came across looking at his photos and wondering how time flew and he has become so big!




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