Immortal Dialogues

Knowingly or unknowingly so many movie dialogues slip out of our tongues don’t they?! I mean some lines are so legendary even some generations that haven’t seen a movie or heard a dialogue use the phrase because its always been used by people they know! Here are some of the most unforgettable movie lines that are my favourite! How many of these have you heard or use?!

1.) Kitne Aadmi they … ??

This is an immortal line for most hindi film goers, Gabbar Singh asking Kaaliya. All Gabbar lines in this movie are cult, as a kid I remember vaguely, we had a cassette of Sholay in our house and I would keep listening to it again and again… ! Sholay released in 1975 and I was born in 77 !!! I have so many lines from this one movie alone that can be an entire post… but the rules say we shouldnt have more than one line from the same movie ! I infact can speak the whole movie … I must have seen it atleast 30 times plus !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

but still some memorable lines I must remind readers :

a couple of cults from the same movie :

Yeh haath nahi faansi ka phanda hai…

Isme mere bechare dost, veeru ka kya dosh hai..

Aadhe idhar jao, aadhe udhar jao, aur baaki…. mere peeche aao !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆  

Itna sannata kyon hai bhai ?

bahoto ko to inhone do ghanto mein sikha diya hai…

Yeh haath humko dede thakur

Sholay was not a movie… it was an EPIC…. !


2.) balki main to kehta hoon aap purush hi nahi… aap maha purush ho… !!!!!!

This mad comedy from Rajkumar Santoshi was a fabulous laughter riot… and this line by Aamir while praising people… always remains in my system… and I use it a lot too…. !!!!


3.) She talks in her sleep…

The expression on Harrison Ford’s face after hearing this line spoken by Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  is something I can never forget… !!!! The utter dismay at knowing that his dad too had slept with that woman… 😛 😛 😛


4.) are you talking to me… are you f**king talking to me…

Another legendary dialogue by my favourite Robert De Niro Taxi Driver…. how many people have you seen imitating this dialogue ?? huh ? Tell me honestly how many have said this to themselves in the mirror ?? seriously !!!!! 


5.) Aaye to kehdena k Chenu aaya tha… agli baar mere kisi ladke ko haath lagaya to pure ka pura mohalla uda ke rakh doonga…

I dont like Shatrughna Sinha but this line spoken by him in one of my favourite movies Mere apne while rubbing his neck… sooooper !!! Ise kehte hai Dada giri…


6.) Yeh angrezi bhi ajeeb bhasha hai… T.O to, D.O. do, to phir G.O go kaise gu hona chahiye na…

Dharmendra as driver Pyare Mohan in Chupke Chupke asking OmPrakash the weirdness of english pronounciations… this utterly hillarious question… !!!! 😆


7.) Arre kya khakh team ko sambhal liya… popat to sambhal nahi paaya… !!!!

The parsi candidness displayed most naturally by Ashok Kumar when his son returns home injured from a cricket match after winning the match and being hurt at the unmentionables in Khatta Meetha… !!!!!


8.) Babu Moshai…

This is not a line… its just a name… Rajesh Khanna calling Amitabh… but how much emotion does it arouse… this last scene from Anand which I have seen numerous times still has me tears everytime…

Whilst these are some of my favourites which are the ones that are always on the repeat mode for you???


4 thoughts on “Immortal Dialogues

  1. How do we know says:

    Arre you forgot the epic, the most amazing, “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat….”

    And here are my favorites:

    “Inka naam hai, Pakeeza” – In the movie, Raj Kumar wants to marry Meena Kumari. They find a maulvi on the way and he asks him to conduct the marriage. The maulvi asks for the bride’s name and she is unable to answer. Then Raj Kumar fills in, “Inka naam hai, Pakeeza.” I use this dialogue often to indicate that sometimes, we can reveal the true nature of something just by changing what we call it.

    Then another one from the same movie, “Shahabuddin!!” – the way the mausi screams that name at the end is enough said for that person.

    Bas, I can do another full post only on this!

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