Mukti Bhawan



Saw this movie yesterday and I cant quite comprehend the amount of emotions this movie evoked.


Can you just imagine this situation, your most loving dad or mom, suddenly tells you one day, their time is up? I know the natural instinct is to talk them out of it, to tell them its no point thinking like this, that life has been so happy for all of us, you should be proud, etc etc. What if after listening to everything they insist on now deciding how they want to live in wait for the end?


So here is a father who says it seems like my end is near and I want to go to Banaras and die there in peace. When others try to talk him out it, he says its okay, he will go alone. The son, is faced with a peculiar situation of letting him go or accompanying him.


Letting him go means washing his hands of his duty, accompanying him would seem impractical and surely cost his career, affect his own family, leave that alone, accompanying someone waiting for death sounds so silly does it not? Yet the son, perhaps the Indian upbringing in him decides to accompany his father.


What ensues there after has largely been tried to show in lighter vein by the director, however, as I saw the movie play out, whilst at most instances it was pretty much laughable I could feel something really strange. My parents are of a similar age and whilst they are fit and still busy in their lives, I couldn’t help but envisage myself in this situation. The movie is very subtle but the emotions it did arouse were so many I can hardly describe.


Death does give meaning to life does it not?


Do watch this movie and see how it stirs up so many emotions.

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