Some early morning cheer!

Last night I took a piece of cake to bed, believe it or not, I forgot to eat it as I got busy surfing about a travel destination. Today morning the first thing I saw was that cake and I thought it was so unfair to have taken someone to bed and then leaving them to dry, so promptly first up I lapped it up. 😈 Eyes were not fully awake and the toxins had not been brushed but what the heck!

Someday’s are like that I guess, as I went on my morning jog/walk I spotted a Golden Oriole in our colony garden on the drum stick tree! Its spring of sorts here and mornings are very very pleasant. Made even more grand by the Oriole cooing away melodiously. 😊

You come home from the jog and you inspect your garden which is going through some landscaping, whilst scanning you suddenly notice you newly planted Khatumda tree (gooseberry) has produced a few tangy pieces. You pluck one, rub it on the tshirt and when you take a small bite all your senses are moved and your eyes close thanks to the fresh sour injection in your system!

Enter the house and your favourite breakfast had been made!!! I wonder where is this day headed, but it surely has begun well!!!! 😁😁

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