Change – the need of the hour

Sometimes its just incomprehensible the amount of apathy this nation of mine evokes. I try to tell myself to not read the papers and not watch the news and get lost in a bubble of mine own, considering all is hunky dory, be an escapist. However, its just not possible and you always find yourself either appalled at some unbelievably hopeless comment or mindset or some news that shakes you or the complete and utter sense of disregard for our nation of our political leaders has you arguing and in the end bringing distress to your own self.

Another Gang rape happened yesterday, however, I am not going to argue why it is happening or why not, however, whilst watching several debates on several channels where the media asks almost all political representatives whether they would stop fielding candidates who have allegation of sexual harassment against women, almost all will skip the question. I was wondering if someone in this world would have the balls to say that yes, we will stop and that charity begins at home. We will stop fielding criminals and atleast set an example that such people have no business in trying to govern people. At the end whilst switching channels I noticed Jaya Bachchan on NDTV expressing her anger and hurt that she felt for another victim of a gang rape. I remember her breaking on national tv in the Rajya Sabha during the Delhi Gang Rape episode, however, when she was asked the same question whether she would go against her party line and oppose the inclusion of MP’s or MLA’s who have criminal charges of Rape against them and you just need to see her reply in this video. You can jump to that question which is thrown at 22.30 minutes in the video if you don’t want to see the whole video.

Video :

She requests the media to not let the heat down, however, as a leader, a member of the Rajya Sabha she won’t take the brunt on her own shoulders but express helplessness, when further probed if she would oppose and if need be go against her party line even about not including MLA’s or MP’s who have rape charges against them and Jaya say’s, I will go against any one who has harmed a woman, however, I don’t want to get into a broader discussion on this and the same evasion takes place. A person, who says she is deeply distressed by the fact that Gang Rape happened and yet will not do what she logically should be doing. Forget doing, even replying earnestly. When we allow Rapists to be in Parliament, when we let Rapists be Godmen in our country, don’t you feel disgusted living here?

Rapes are committed by the dirt in a mind, however, a just society will punish the possessor’s of such dirty minds, prevent setting a precedent. A 15 year old files a police complaint that Asaram Bapu has raped her and yet after 3 days he is still free. No one is making an arrest, he might cost hindu votes is the logic people discuss. He is not even being discussed in the media, why you wonder? Because he didn’t commit a Gangrape but coz he raped alone? Coz he didn’t commit the crime in a Metro town? No one is bothered is it…?? this again I discuss perhaps because, he is a someone whose posters I see on the street everyday?? Wonder what happens in all those rape cases where the victim is a poor peasant and the rapist is also not a big figure. Seriously what sort of place are we living in.

I am told that rapes are going on from the stone age, happens in all countries, in all cultures, but frankly and I seriously wonder if the response to this crime elsewhere is the same as in our country today.

Day after day, I hear people telling me why is 2002 brought out whenever Modi is discussed, why is 1984 not discussed. Sometimes I wonder that because the people in 1984 got away without being charged is a logic Modi must get away in 2002. Yes he may not be proven guilty, but, everyone who lives in my state knows what happened and its pretty brazenly defending what happened as just a reaction to an incident and are all conveniently happy to forget that the guard stood muted where as he should have been shouting help help when the thieves were doing their business. 1984 was a national tragedy after which the party which actually was guilty came to power because democracy works on majority and hence in Gujarat Modi comes as the CM in two terms there after. Tells you more about us than about Rajiv Gandhi or Narendra Modi really… its we who elect them, don’t we?

When our borders are breached and the sanctity of our nation is tarnished, yet, we unaffected carry on brushing off the traits of our neighbours as a usual thing, for we have been used to giving away territory since our very independence.

In many ways perhaps the fact that a large population of this country is able to earn and live freely without being affected too much is one reason, however, if these things are not nipped in the bud and a precedent is set this will keep spreading.

I am once again reminded of that poem I read on Ritu’s blog a while back and it applies to us all the more now than ever…

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

I worry for the precedent that is being set in our country and the amount of thick skin our people are developing. Its us who are as much to blame as our politicians. How indifferent are we becoming….

Perhaps the only real alternative that the people have are the one’s living in Delhi and Karnataka, where atleast they have one party whose ideology seems something that is correct. I don’t know if Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) will win, if they win deliver, but frankly that is the only ray of hope that I see in this seeming darkness that is spreading all around me. We have to give them a chance above the other existing lot. It is time we the people stand up and actually tell the existing class of politicians that we will not tolerate this any more, they win for we have no alternative, and when given with an alternative we will go for change. I have donated to the Aam Aadmi Party for they require funds and I hope to campaign for them as much as I can on the social media front for them and try to spread the word. I seriously hope AAP win’s where they contest for that will be the people’s message to the current set of politicians that we have seriously had ENOUGH.

Do not miss the point..

Admist all the hullabaloo that the media has created and all ruckus the BCCI is creating, please remember one thing, that only 3 cricketers were involved. They are jailed, banned from the sport.

The police had tapped phones of the bookies for 2 months and come up with this, the whole game is not corrupt nor are all players corrupt. Infact more and more people are being caught for betting, not fixing… they are two different things.

Agreed, in the mad splurge of money, the BCCI has compromised the code of conduct somewhere and this will be a serious wake up call to clean up things and set strict rules for club owners.While Sreesanth, Ankeet and Ajit’s cricket career’s are over the sport will survive for there are players who play the sport for the sheer joy of it and for the pride of representing their respective countries.

There are idiots and criminal minds everywhere, humans are like that, to conclude that all of the sport is an eye wash is the loss of the fan.

How I wish to retort to all those who doubt the game and players so much to just get busy with other things in life.

What a Fan Expects from his cricketers

I am a cricket fan, I am an Indian cricket fan and guys, understand one thing, I expect players playing for India to score runs for India, take wickets for India and field well for India. I want them to give their 100% there and try their damn hardest to win matches for India. That is what is my expectation from them.

I do not expect them to speak out or explain why a colleague went the wrong way, why their board’s president’s son in law was betting, or to appease you folk and give you more headlines.

If you really are after the truth, then, investigate, find out the truth and bring it out in the open, don’t expect others to do your job.

What a player might feel of the current situation is his own view and he is well within his rights to air them or keep quiet. Stop blackmailing the players by quoting headlines that the fan’s deserve to know what is going on in their minds. We fans only want them to focus and play well for India. That is solely my expectation from them.

Let them play, there is an important tournament to be won.

Justice, the word means a joke in my country…

Nope this is not a cricket post, but must share this pictures I came across on FB that has got me thinking over the last few days.


The last few days have been depressing to say the least. Double Standard in our country has perhaps existed for ages no..?

Justice in our country over its entire history has really been a joke, its been the kept of the wealthy, influential and powerful.

Now, not for one moment do you try to implicate that I am trying to save Sreesanth. His crime, if he has done it, deserves the punishment he got and perhaps more. However, Sreesanth is not the topic of discussion today, justice and its history in my country are, I sometimes wonder how we Indians perceive justice or how have we been conditioned by our history over the years…

We have had robbers turning saints and churning out Ramayana’s, we have had Kings ordering Agni Pariksha and wives attempting it!! No one tried her for attempting suicide nor did anyone admonish the king for a ridiculous demand. We infact revere them for it.

Today, in our national flag sits one Ashok Chakra.’Ashoka The Great’ as history and scholars have revered him and always introduced him to us. Quite interesting to note is the fact that Ashoka had a terrible temper in his young days, as an emperor he is said to have had a harem of some 500 women. Once when he heard some of them making fun of his skin colour he burnt all those women alive. He even built a veritable hell on earth to torture people, even today people visit that place. This is the same Ashoka who needed the butchering of over 3 lac people in the Kalinga war to realise remorse.

After committing a lot of sins, he changed, he got a chance to transform himself and eventually today after every good that he did, the word of which was so widespread, that today he is known as “Ashoka the Great”

Doesn’t that tell you something about the definition of Great in our country, in our history?

I couldn’t help but slam my head in one argument when one Salman Khan fan argued with me that its ok, Salman over ran his car over one man, killing him and injured 4 others, but now, has started Being Human, a NGO to do good and perhaps he has realised he made a mistake and that now he is making up. She even reasoned that unlike the ugly politicians who never paid for their mistakes he is atleast making an effort.

No it was not the fault of my friend, you know, I guess we are conditioned to this, we believe its human to falter and its ok to forgive no matter how grave the crime is.

I seriously also wonder, if Ajmal Kasab would have gotten an opportunity to make a plea that he regrets the attacks of 26/11 and that now as he has realised remorse, would like to dedicate the rest of his life cleaning sewage and plastic from India for the rest of his life. Who know’s maybe after some decades even he would have been known as the great cleaner of India.

I know you might think this is a ridiculous post and you may label me that too… but that is what the state of my mind is now actually. Utterly ridiculous.


talent, is what Sreesanth did.


I will make no bones of it, I loved him yes he had his antics, but that was also accompanied by a fire that a fast bowler had to have. Fast bowling is not a mean job and to get yourself gee’ed up and motivated at times you do need that bit of rage to push you when you are down. I always thought the fast bowler had to be a bit of brute, Thomson’s, Lillie’s, Holding’s all had fire… they managed to channel it, sometimes they too lost it, but more often than not, their rage benefited their team, unfortunately for Sreesanth, he could not. Neither could he handle it and nor could anyone else could rein him in. That was all ok, many talented hot heads have lost their way in life.


But, for India, a talented seamer was always elusive. When on song and his brain in his control, Sreesanth could be devastating with the ball. I remember when we went to South Africa in 2006/07 without Sachin and with Sourav drafted in the team at the last moment it was a given that we would be thrashed by the Proteas, after a fighting 50 that Sourav scored in the first innings India got a modest 240 odd and then it was all set for South Africa to pile on the runs but, Sreesanth bowled a spell I have rarely seen by an Indian seamer in foreign conditions, South Africa’s score read 45/7 at one stage. They were eventually rolled out for 84. Sreesanth picked 5 for 40 after a spell of unbelievably controlled and accurate seam and swing bowling. India led the series 1-0 in South Africa winning the first test of the series in South Africa by 123 runs.


Everyone remember’s the dismissal of Kallis during the 2010/11 where he was delivered a brute of a delivery by the temperamental speedster from Kerala.


He had bad days too… I remember in England once when he could just not get his radar right. His arguments with opposition batsmen that went over the top. Dhoni’s public rebuke of Sreesanth over getting his overs bowled faster. But Sreesanth just couldn’t help it. Eventually he was someone who everyone found inappropriate to have around. His trouble with Harbhajan, Symonds were all fightable but… All that was still defendable, arguable for me the cricket fan, a Sreesanth fan, but the lad just crossed all limits, he just made the biggest error of his life now and I guess that is the last we ever see him on a cricket field. Not only did Sreesanth ruin his own career, he brought disrepute for the game, for us fans, for his teammates and all people who supported him. He has committed a cardinal sin for which he will now pay. Thanks to him I will always have to endure people telling me cricket is all fixed whenever I talk of my love for the game. Growing up I loved Azhar and he killed the idol I had, I used to walk like him, try to flick like him and then he decided to kill the hero I always had. Sreesanth was not a hero, but he was someone I loved, enjoyed watching and more importantly thought that India needed a seam bowler like him. Sigh…


Sreesanth was a very talented fast bowler, that India could have utilized better, nevertheless, the lad never could figure out what he wanted in life, in the end, its fair to say, he made a mess of everything he possessed.


I feel sad, very very sad. A sad day for all cricket lovers.

A wish…

I don’t remember exactly which movie it was…. but I remember clearly…


In a village a girl was raped and she complained…. the guilty was caught and brought to the Sarpanch of the village and the punishment was pronounced that he marry the girl and stay with her all the rest of his life….


I am pretty sure you all also would have seen such movies and such sort of justice, if you would call that justice, meted out. I now realize how thoughtless we, the directors and the society was back then… Just come to think of it… Such a horrible punishment for the girl actually instead of punishing the guy !!!


I wish someone today would direct a movie and make Ranbir or Srk romance a rape victim, try to woo her and marry her…. or a film where a victim becomes a huge business tycoon and doesn’t let a rape affect her life…. I guess the film wouldn’t be a commercial success but it would go so so far in shaking our deep rooted conditioning over so many years….


I have been talking to so many people who think and agree the girl is at no fault that she was raped but however will also concede that she has almost no life after rape… I don’t know if rapes will stop… they seem to exist in all societies all over the globe… but… shouldn’t our attitudes towards the victims change???

Has this Rape issue been stretched too far ?

A strange race of people we are… eh?

We always find ways to avoid problems… Avoid, not solve…

Rapes happen, we avoid such news, its not comfortable you know, we switch channels, turn the pages, forget those headlines. We ask our sisters, daughters, wives, mother to not travel at night, avoid certain places, avoid certain costumes but… we never got around to addressing the real problem. Sorting out the guy’s, explaining it to them that whatever they might think about a woman has to remain in their minds not be expressed.

I remember once, we were a group of 8 guys in a Scorpio, reached a toll on the Highway… ahead of us was a gypsy with 3 girls in the back and 2 guys sitting in the front. The girls were dressed in vests and shorts. Immediately murmurs in our vehicle. Then as we stopped behind them one friend among us (driver) opened his window and while gesturing to the toll window said… Chal Na Darling… Jaldi kar… He was certainly not telling the shabby guy on the toll booth this… we all knew where the comment was intended…

A couple of us sneered… probably thought that was cheesy…  2-3 of us said hey don’t … if anything happens we are not with you…. sigh….

I remember discussing this issue with another of my friend, later in the day, who also thought it was wrong… We even discussed that the idiot has two daughters and still he did that… but… we never got around to addressing that friend of ours and telling him what he did was not on. We kept it to ourselves. I did nothing to change things did I ? Now when I come to think of it I seriously think this needs to change. If the 7 other guys would have rebuked the 8th guy then and there would not the message have been delivered clearly to the guy ?? Shouldn’t someone have reminded him of how would he have reacted if he was with his wife and daughters and a jeep of 8 men behind him would have made such a comment?? Alas… but I avoided speaking at that point what I should have… I also avoided the problem…

The thing with problems is they don’t go away on their own.

I think this rape issue is not over stretched, infact for the the first time I feel maybe our country is starting to acknowledge that there is a serious problem that exists and are actually for the first time trying to think about a solution and not just avoiding it. First time it seems everyone is starting to feel if they do not act now… its not long before they too will be taken out… about time I guess.. enough is enough…

For long, generations perhaps avoided… its about time we don’t run from the problem…Its about time we work on some solutions.

Do read this post by IHM :

have we all given up ?

Since two days I had not been able to log into the reader…

but I have been reading the news paper and yesterday even got caught up on the debate on TV…

I think it was a total WTF and APPALING moment for us as a NATION !!!!

Yesterday it was discovered another one on the list of the 50 most wanted people given to Pakistan was in India !!!!!

I wanted to see what was the reaction of the blog world to this and logged into the reader to be surprised that none of the people I follow are dismayed or even bothered enough to even mention this… or is it that such Goof ups no longer surprises people ???

I mean this is ROYALLY SCREWED up situation.. and if Chidambaram or Manmohan think this is a goof up of some CBI official or anything why should we care ??? !!!!

No one is ready to own up this !!!!

This is a BIG JOKE !!!

This is a country whose countrymen get killed and this is the seriousness by which the country is pursuing getting those criminals back !!!! I just have no words worthy enough to be written here…. !!!!!

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN ???? !!!! STILL ??? !!!!