no logics…


I am a Jain by birth, by “Karma” though I dont qualify for any religion.


I simply need a strong logic to back up everything and unless there is some really logical scientific reason to explain, why I am supposed to do so and so… I wont do it… However if my free mind wishes to do it I might as well do it…. So basically I do what I like and what I feel is right and cannot toe a line… just coz a Jain is supposed to do it…


I am thankful to my best friend Vijay for introducing me to the world of eggs and flesh ! I simply love eggs and chicken and am a proud meat eating Indian !! naa… I dont care about jain or hindu or muslim !! never have, never will !!!


I am more than happy to eat cakes on christmas at my friend Vaibhav’s (christian) house and most most most pleased at the lovely Chicken Biryani Asif’s mom makes on Eid!!!  She is my favourite cook !


Now… I married a non jain girl…. who also used to love eating chicken ! In her house they dont cook nonveg, as mom in law doesnt eat or cook,  but they always indulge outside in restaurants….


Now strangely, my girlfriend who loves eating chicken, suddenly marries me and decides to quit eggs and non veg !!


No in my house this is not allowed most definitely… If my mom comes to know about this post… I am banned from entering her house… !!  😦  thankfully she doesnt read my blogs


But I still eat, never let my mom know ! My wife was to do the same thing, eat and not tell at home,  but she quit ! why ? i dont know !!


Than my wife does “ekashana” (eating just once a day and consuming only boiled water, water is only allowed between sunrise and sunset, after that no water either) in our festival “Paryushana”, this festival comes once a year for 8 days in the monsoon.


So she ate only once for 8 days, now I have never done half a fast or even an attempt ever, nor has my mom ever done a fast, nor has my dad done a fast ever !! Neither my brothers… who both are also not jains by “karma”


Maybe she was trying to impress her mom in law, this was just after our marriage, who was very proud of her Daughter in law doing all the tapasya…. but the fact remains she was not forced, my mom herself could never fast !


Two days back, was “Mahavir Jayanti” … our samaj in Indore had a function and we were invited, the moment I read the invitation, I announced, we or atleast I are not going.


But missus, non jain by birth, decides she has to go… I live with my brother who is married to a jain girl, this jain girl says she doesnt feel like going to the function and will stay home and eat….


My wife accompanied by a cousin’s wife… This cousin is also my boss… goes to the function, please note, my jain cousin is married to an assamee again a non jain !


So eventually these two Non Jains go and attend a jain function while I and my cousin are at office on a Jain holiday, not just do the ladies go to the samaj function which are not parties by any means, lots of silly bhajans and a few games… these ladies then come to office and advise us that we should go to such functions… or we will be left out of the samaj !!!!


I rarely visit any temples or derasar’s (jain temple) …. the last I can remember is going to an Ayappa temple about a year back, coz my son dragged me to it as he had been to the temple from his school and he loved the decoration !!!! (amazingly all that my mom or wife cannot get me to do, my son can easily )


Very often I am given a lecture that I should be visiting derasar’s and samaj functions more often by missus citing or else our son will not become jain !!! (I aint a jain you aint a jain than why do you want to make your son a jain ? Cant we be Indians ? no religion ! )  


When I try and feed eggs to my son, my wife objects ! She wants me to allow him to select his own religion ! She says he is a born Jain you should allow him to grow up as a jain and than he may select his own religion !


I am like whats the logic behind all this ?? 

( i can understand if i want my wife to change etc… but when I am least concerned why is she so concerned… no matter how much explanation… she thinks she is a jain, that I am a jain and I must try and be a jain and most importantly my son must be a jain !! )


Over the years, I have been hammering away at my wife and now I have got her to slowly start eating eggs and the gravy from the chicken… but I can never stop her from stopping eating roots and greenery during “Paryushan” or from her wanting to follow all Jain customs…


Religion is a highly complicated matter isn’t it ? Why people do certain things is totally beyond me… as my wife’s logics…. which I have questioned many times and she just doesnt have any answers…. just like that she says always !


What also strikes me is the uncanny ability of women to accept changes and try and adapt to different things… Would a man do these things… even if he were asked ?



Venting Rupees…

DISCLAIMER : this is not a post, this is my tantrum, this is tragedy, still I feel its funny, Its a slap in the face, still I pretend I am learning from it, this is nothing but just being a cry baby.


Some times its really weird.


I am a trader.

I am supposed to trade.

I must buy at a lower price.

 and sell at a higher price.

That is my basic job.

Simple enough.

I m supposed to be good at it… I am paid to do exactly that


But, every time I buy, price goes down.

Every time I sell, price goes up.


When I sell dollars, rupee becomes weaker.

When I convert dollars, rupee becomes stronger.


At times I wonder, am I so Important ?

Is it me who is governing the markets, do they get influenced by my decisions ?

I tell friends, do exactly the opposite of what I do… you will surely earn !!

Even that I think is an achievement


While all this was happening at work it was ok…


Boss ka paisa hai.

Markets are uncertain.

Its very volatile.

This is weird.

No one can predict the markets.


But Than…

Smart ass, former financial advisor.

Equity investor.

trying to emulate Warren Buffet.


buys Unitech at 285


Unitech is at 85

cousin comes in tells me, get out of the stock..

its 85 lets average, lets average, lets buy more !!

you gotta be kidding me…

i have to recover 200…

Cousin adamant get out of the stock…

ur out of ya mind…

Unitech is at 60.

ok this must be the bottom…

lets buy a few more…

Unitech is at 40…

Its now gonna rally… lets buy more…

Unitech is at 24…



Warren Buffet Saying :

Dare where others fear, fear when others dare…


I must buy more…

I aint got no money but… to average any more ( thank god for the recession, and no bonus 🙂 )


same story with RNRL, LNT, RIL, RPL, Chennai Petro, Bharti, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Icici Bank, Rajesh Export, waaaaaaaaaa cant add more ….


My jug of woes is full !!!



Amazingly as the sensex turns around, crossing 10000.

The bull in me is still distant…

Now I understand the bears…

Where they come from…


Its weird….

but than life is weird…


geee this speculation…


At college I was good at this…


always speculating which girl is going to fall down or walk up 

more often than not a success…


guru was what they would call me !!


wish that guru part would come back now in life…

badly needed…


Warren Buffet – Dhiru guru – Dhiru bhai – Ambani – is there any connection anywhere ???


I can’t find one newhere…


Yea there is this money connection, they gained… I vented !!!!

getting into blogging badly now…

I made the below post yesterday, but than again got caught in the trap whether I should publish or not, whether its appealing or not… even sent it to a fello blogger for an opinion !! than again it clicked… I am here to write what I feel… if people like it they will tell me and if they dont they will criticise it… if its boring they will go away midway… so what the heck… I ll post it…. it relieves me atleast !!!

24th Feb 2009

Its 5 am, since the past half an hour I have changed my position a few times, slowed the fan, increased the speed, removed my blanket put it on again but some how I just cant sleep. Walked to the refrigerator twice for water… but nothing will work…. I just cant sleep. I am making a new tag of my own in my mind since yesterday and its getting me excited and I can’t sleep. So finally I have quit trying to sleep and thought its best to get down and type something for my blog …

Blogging is the new rage in my life in the past 6 months, I have become totally addicted and consumed. Thanks to the recession, I have almost no work in office, I am a trader supposed to buy and sell cotton for my company, but there are absolutely no export inquiries and very few import inquiries, we are scared to sell in domestic markets as the mills delay the payments a bit too much. This has led to blogging which is now almost turning out to be a passion.

At home though wife rules actually more than her its the son who rules, I avoid using internet at home, maybe only on Sundays. Otherwise my laptop is now only a music player and a game player for us. Though now wife uses it for her new business that I have pushed her into. Not only did I need a helping hand, I also wanted her to have a life apart from being my wife, lazy girl wouldn’t move. Eventually I threatened her that she needs to earn enough to pay her own mobile bills, for her shopping and her frequent trips to Bharuch and Pune.

She started slowly as she was being pushed into it, however gradually I am seeing that she is starting to like to work. Infact she is near a breakthrough and I hope she gets her first business through and I am sure she will be encouraged by the results and it will keep her going. It’s a foray into adventure tourism, if she can make it a lil big, I would gladly want to quit my job and join her in this, so I am just hoping my wife can make a platform for me to join !!!

Geeee I have so much to tell you, anyways Coming to the tag, well these are some questions that come to my mind that I want to ask my fellow bloggers, but have not got around asking all of you, maybe some I have asked these… so I thought maybe I should make it a tag and get all of you talking…

So here are the questions, I haven’t got a number fixed yet, lets see how many we end up with, warning I have a habit of giving detailed answers !! :

Question 1.) How did you start Blogging ? When did you start Blogging ? What led to it ? In short – How come you are here…

Answer 1.) I was a scrabble player in free times at office at a site, infact I was so popular in the giraffe room there, that the moment I would walk in I would have many hi’s coming in my direction and lots of invitations to join a board game and the best part was so many of them were females !!!!!! After college, especially into a few jobs now, my interaction with females was coming down fast, especially after shifting to Indore I had only two females in my life, wife and mom. So this tryst with fame with females had me excited. I found a few very good friends on the scrabble board that I will keep for my entire life. Even my rating was starting to improve… But I guess it was getting tooo good to be true, suddenly one day the website went poof !! It stopped its English version ! I didn’t know what to do, this was also the beginning of our inactive times in office… no other scrabble site was as much fun, plus I would be a newbie, not the popular guy whom all females were inviting, even the foreign ones !!!! Most of them I didn’t know email id’s so absolutely lost touch with them. However of the few I had email id’s we have kept in touch and will always remain in touch. One of them Ranu suggested I start this blogging… I didn’t know how to go about it nor was I sure if any one would even bother to read what I had to write, but Ranu comforted and I am here….

Question 2.) How badly are you addicted to this ??

Answer 2.) I am gone, totally lost. While I am making quote-sheets, or making offers for cotton worth millions of USD I am still trying to either post something, or sneaking to read a few of my favourite blogs, posting comments !!! This is dangerous, but I just cant help it any more. I am totally helpless, I almost feel compelled to read and comment on the blogs I visit. I kind of feel I am being unfair to the blogger, don’t know why. Even when I am sleeping, I dream about posting, interacting with a few bloggers, having strange conversations etc.. Whatever I see now, is being judged, can this be posted ? If it will be entertaining, soul searching or worth a glance for my readers ? I am almost formulating a post all the time in my subconscious mind !!

Question 3.) Are you technically savvy ? Totally comfortable with this ?

Answer 3.) I was very naïve, although I used to boast as being the PC champ among friends and at home, here my water level was tested. (water level is a gujarati saying, Paani Mapai gayu) Earlier Ranu would spoon feed me with most things, but slowly I got a bit savvy. As I started becoming popular I used my fame, my charm with my readers to get some or the other information, means to use gadgets, settings… Still learning !! I am fed up with blogger at times, trying to make a site in Word Press, having a tough time… but I will change from here I think, will inform all of you don’t worry. Naah I don’t mean you will worry, but I worry I might lose you, however I will be creating a havoc once I have the new site ready !!! You all will have no choice but to join me there !

Question 4.) Do you earn out of your blog ?

Answer 4.) To start with never thought anything like this is possible yet the Sheikh Chilli in me somewhere thought I am going to earn a fortune out of this blogging. Nothing still though !! Adsense keeps rejecting my application for some reason that is beyond me !! but I ain’t giving up ! Money is important, it’s the one and only problem in my life… I ain’t greedy but I don’t have enough by a long way so I do keep hoping ! But this has become so pleasurable that now money or no money I am gonna keep blogging !!

Question 5.) Have you ever spent money for your blog ? (bought a gadget or header or something ?)

Answer 5.) Not at all, if I can earn something out of this it would be great, like I said I don’t have enough, so spending is out of question. But the speed at which this blogging is becoming a passion, I don’t know If I might spend. Nothing as yet though.

Question 6.) Do you think you will stop blogging ? That this craze will wane eventually ?

Answer 6.) More often than not I pick up things easily, go to the extremes but soon I lose interest. However 6 months gone and each day I am getting more and more badly into this !! I don’t think I will be able to stop !

Question 7.) Have you made friends here ? Are they for real ?

Answer 7.) I have made many friends here too !! I know I have made some friends who are thoughtful, caring and realiable people not just that its a fact that I have met some very wonderful people. Its just a pleasure to know them. This journey in the blogosphere has introduced me to some unbelievable people. I think I know some of them even better than I know some of the people here in my real life !!

Question 8.) hmmm Now I am starting to think of what to ask…. So I guess I need to stop….

Hey I would be really glad if you could take the 7 questions and answer them… I made the answers too long, but than nothing is short at my end ! lol ….

So all of you are tagged, would be glad if you could do it at your time and leisure. I know there are a few too many tags flying around so take your time, if you don’t want to do it fair enough. But please please please if you do it let me know !!!! I would love to read !!

For a change this is not a copy ! It’s an original !

Well yeah… the concept of tag ain’t my original but atleast the questions in the tag are my own !!

7 questions for you —
Question 1.) How did you start Blogging ? When did you start Blogging ? What led to it ? In short – How come you are here…
Question 2.) How badly are you addicted to this ??
Question 3.) Are you technically savvy ? Totally comfortable with this ?
Question 4.) Do you earn out of your blog ?
Question 5.) Have you ever spent money for your blog ? (bought a gadget or header or something ?)
Question 6.) Do you think you will stop blogging ? That this craze will wane eventually ?
Question 7.) Have you made friends here ? Are they for real ?