Change – the need of the hour

Sometimes its just incomprehensible the amount of apathy this nation of mine evokes. I try to tell myself to not read the papers and not watch the news and get lost in a bubble of mine own, considering all is hunky dory, be an escapist. However, its just not possible and you always find yourself either appalled at some unbelievably hopeless comment or mindset or some news that shakes you or the complete and utter sense of disregard for our nation of our political leaders has you arguing and in the end bringing distress to your own self.

Another Gang rape happened yesterday, however, I am not going to argue why it is happening or why not, however, whilst watching several debates on several channels where the media asks almost all political representatives whether they would stop fielding candidates who have allegation of sexual harassment against women, almost all will skip the question. I was wondering if someone in this world would have the balls to say that yes, we will stop and that charity begins at home. We will stop fielding criminals and atleast set an example that such people have no business in trying to govern people. At the end whilst switching channels I noticed Jaya Bachchan on NDTV expressing her anger and hurt that she felt for another victim of a gang rape. I remember her breaking on national tv in the Rajya Sabha during the Delhi Gang Rape episode, however, when she was asked the same question whether she would go against her party line and oppose the inclusion of MP’s or MLA’s who have criminal charges of Rape against them and you just need to see her reply in this video. You can jump to that question which is thrown at 22.30 minutes in the video if you don’t want to see the whole video.

Video :

She requests the media to not let the heat down, however, as a leader, a member of the Rajya Sabha she won’t take the brunt on her own shoulders but express helplessness, when further probed if she would oppose and if need be go against her party line even about not including MLA’s or MP’s who have rape charges against them and Jaya say’s, I will go against any one who has harmed a woman, however, I don’t want to get into a broader discussion on this and the same evasion takes place. A person, who says she is deeply distressed by the fact that Gang Rape happened and yet will not do what she logically should be doing. Forget doing, even replying earnestly. When we allow Rapists to be in Parliament, when we let Rapists be Godmen in our country, don’t you feel disgusted living here?

Rapes are committed by the dirt in a mind, however, a just society will punish the possessor’s of such dirty minds, prevent setting a precedent. A 15 year old files a police complaint that Asaram Bapu has raped her and yet after 3 days he is still free. No one is making an arrest, he might cost hindu votes is the logic people discuss. He is not even being discussed in the media, why you wonder? Because he didn’t commit a Gangrape but coz he raped alone? Coz he didn’t commit the crime in a Metro town? No one is bothered is it…?? this again I discuss perhaps because, he is a someone whose posters I see on the street everyday?? Wonder what happens in all those rape cases where the victim is a poor peasant and the rapist is also not a big figure. Seriously what sort of place are we living in.

I am told that rapes are going on from the stone age, happens in all countries, in all cultures, but frankly and I seriously wonder if the response to this crime elsewhere is the same as in our country today.

Day after day, I hear people telling me why is 2002 brought out whenever Modi is discussed, why is 1984 not discussed. Sometimes I wonder that because the people in 1984 got away without being charged is a logic Modi must get away in 2002. Yes he may not be proven guilty, but, everyone who lives in my state knows what happened and its pretty brazenly defending what happened as just a reaction to an incident and are all conveniently happy to forget that the guard stood muted where as he should have been shouting help help when the thieves were doing their business. 1984 was a national tragedy after which the party which actually was guilty came to power because democracy works on majority and hence in Gujarat Modi comes as the CM in two terms there after. Tells you more about us than about Rajiv Gandhi or Narendra Modi really… its we who elect them, don’t we?

When our borders are breached and the sanctity of our nation is tarnished, yet, we unaffected carry on brushing off the traits of our neighbours as a usual thing, for we have been used to giving away territory since our very independence.

In many ways perhaps the fact that a large population of this country is able to earn and live freely without being affected too much is one reason, however, if these things are not nipped in the bud and a precedent is set this will keep spreading.

I am once again reminded of that poem I read on Ritu’s blog a while back and it applies to us all the more now than ever…

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

I worry for the precedent that is being set in our country and the amount of thick skin our people are developing. Its us who are as much to blame as our politicians. How indifferent are we becoming….

Perhaps the only real alternative that the people have are the one’s living in Delhi and Karnataka, where atleast they have one party whose ideology seems something that is correct. I don’t know if Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) will win, if they win deliver, but frankly that is the only ray of hope that I see in this seeming darkness that is spreading all around me. We have to give them a chance above the other existing lot. It is time we the people stand up and actually tell the existing class of politicians that we will not tolerate this any more, they win for we have no alternative, and when given with an alternative we will go for change. I have donated to the Aam Aadmi Party for they require funds and I hope to campaign for them as much as I can on the social media front for them and try to spread the word. I seriously hope AAP win’s where they contest for that will be the people’s message to the current set of politicians that we have seriously had ENOUGH.

Baba Harbhajan Singh

No folks I am not going gaga about the two centuries by Bhajji… his job is more to take wickets which he seems to have lil clue about. Anyways before I digress this post is about my meeting with my friend who just returned from sikkim. I just learnt this story from him and I dont know if you guys have read about this martyr… but I had not heard about him.

This is one urban legend that just fills me with joy. I am a sucker for such stories…

Read here and I promise you wont be disappointed…

“Baba Harbhajan Singh”

ten of tendlya.. !

Part – II

Like I said in my last post its impossible to list down all Sachin moments !! The joys Sachin has provided to Indian cricket lovers cannot be measured… they are simply way too many, however I am gonna try and point out Ten moments of Tendlya that are most clearly etched in my mind !


1.) He sledged too !!

As surprising as it sounds it is true and though not a lot of people know of this but at one point in life Sachin initiated sledging and the receipient of all people was none other than Glenn Mcgrath !!!!!

It was the knockout world cup in Nairobi with Ganguly the new captain and India was entering a new era, Dada always encouraged his players to talk back to the opponents. Mcgrath was bowling well in the opening overs and Sachin and Sourav were opening and Sachin told Sourav we need to unsettle him and Sachin charged down the track and hit Mcgrath for a scorching boundary down the ground and said something to him. This was unusual for Sachin to say something without being provoked. Next ball Mcgrath was treated again disdainfully and this time again Sachin charged him and the ball went soaring down the ground for six and typically Mcgrath went for a bouncer which was promptly & disdainfully hooked for a massive six that went sailing out of the stadium after which Mcgrath looked at Sachin & Sachin said “@#$@ off and bowl”   !!!! I saw his lips on TV and I am sure that were the exact words in his mouth !!!

Mcgrath and Aussies were rattled… though Sachin scored only 37 odd runs but he did the damage psychologically, Mcgrath and Aussies were taken aback by this fiery attitude !!! All along they had only been giving it to the Indians suddenly they were getting it back. This match also marked the entry of Yuvraj who smacked a sparkling 80. But for me this match will always be remembered for Sachin taking Mcgrath by the Scruff of the neck. I have always thought Sachin needed to treat Mcgrath a lot like this. Those 4-5 shots in that match will always remain etched in my memory !

2.) Let me Open !

If ever an injury was a blessing this was it, 27th March, 1994 at Eden Park, Auckland it was Najyot Singh Sidhu who got injured and India were chasing a moderate 146 on a seaming track. Sachin approached Azhar and Ajit Wadekar, the skipper and manager on that tour and asked if he could open.

 He also told them if he failed he would never come to them again !!!!

What followed till this day is hair raising for me early in the morning I remember the bold strokes and the mauling the Kiwi bowlers received. Sachin was on an express train and he demolished the Kiwi bowlers and an opener was born !!! Till day I can never forget the exhilaration I felt watching him open and tear the bowling apart !!! That was the beginning of a long journey for Sachin as an Indian opener, a journey that has been most exciting and spell bounding !

3.) The master v/s the wizard

The world has never seen anything like Shane Warne, a leg spinner par excellence a total freak a genius !!! Imagine if a guy who spins the ball 2 feet on any surface comes of all places to India where the pitches are slow and grip and dodgy with the bounce, it can be a batsman’s worst nightmare come true.

The year was 1998 and Mark Taylor’s Australia came to India looking for a test series win that eluded them since many years. In a tour match before the tests Sachin made a double century for Mumbai against the Aussies and Mumbai defeated Australia in a 4 day match !!!!

The first match started in Chennai and I remember how the contest was billed as Sachin v/s Warne and all Indians expected Sachin to smash Warne and in the first innnings Sachin hit Warne for a boundary off the first ball he faced and the crowd was in raptures… before the crowd could settle Warney had Sachin guiding one ball in the hands of Mark Taylor at first slip and you could hear a pin drop in Chennai !!

The wizard cast his spell.. it was ominous… Sachin was out for just 4 !!!!

In second innings India was 77 runs in the arrears, Sachin joined Dravid with India just 44 runs ahead and it was all resting on Sachin’s shoulders.

This innings for me is one of the best I have ever seen against spin bowling. Warne couldnt get Sachin out early and Warne himself claims that he goes around the wicket only when he is in his most aggressive frame of mind. From around the wicket Warne was bowling in the rough in the second innings with the ball spinning almost 3 feet at times. But Sachin in his most aggressive mode would continuously slog sweep Warne over the midwicket fence. This innings was a sparkling effort and the shots in the match were breathtaking and nerve wrecking. I remember all the times I was at tenterhooks and nervous that he is going to hit one in the air and its gonna be all over… but amazingly he scored a 155 not out and there are no words to describe this assault on Warne. This innings won us the Test Match and the tone for the series was set !!!!



Important to note though is that before this match Sachin had practised with Laxman Sivramana Krishnan, former Indian legspinner, after digging up the area outside the leg stump and asking him to bowl in the rough. Just goes to show that inspite of the God given gifts and natural talent the guy is a thinker and above all a real hardworker who will put in all to serve his country !!!!

4.) A team man to the core…

While in Sharjah it was usual for India to lose to Pakistan ever since Javed Miandad struck that six off Chetan Sharma, this stadium was jinxed for India. It was in 1996 in an ODI match when Sachin batted magnificiently for a century and had a big partnership with Sidhu. In the end overs India seem to have lost its way with Sachin out and Sidhu run out.

The Indian skipper then Azhar was feeling very low and promoted even Srinath above him to slog. It was here that Sachin went and sat next to his skipper and reassured him and asked him to just go in and give his best and the pep talk seemed to have done wonders as Azhar went in and bludgeoned the hapless Ata ur Rehman and returned with a 10 ball 29 and India crossed the 300 mark for the first time in ODI’s and finally the jinx in Sharjah was broken !!!! Again a Sachin Century !!!

Sachin was not just a batsman, above all he was a team man, even if you ask Sachin he wants to be remembered as a team man more than a batsman !!!! 🙂

5.) The inferno at Sharjah

This innings is one of the biggest memories all around the world about Sachin and I guess everyone knows enough about this. The way Tony Greig would scream when Sachin would pelt six after six of the hapless Aussie bowlers is now permanently stored in the hearts of all cricket fans.

Cricket is a team game… but amazingly these were two innings where an individual simply bludgeoned the opposition lone handedly.

6.) The World Champs Conquered

I dont know how many consider this as an achievement of Sachin, rather lots consider it a team effort. But I am sure for Sachin it was most special to win the Carlton and United series in Australia last year. Not just they win this series but Sachin scored in both finals and I feel this was a very very satisfying performance at the end of a tumultous tour.

The difference in this series though was apart from Sachin all other players in the team played above their potential under a young skipper who is most admired by Sachin himself !

The silver lining of this series was Sachin’s century in the final where he shephered the youngsters around and did not let the hard work go down !!!!

7.) The blitz in Centurion

In the 2003 world cup we witnessed a match that was overly hyped, people didnt mind if India didnt win this world cup but they badly wanted team India to win the duel between the arch rivals. The atmosphere was electric the crowd was amazing and the stage set.

Set 270 odd to win Sachin and Sehwag tore into the Pakistani bowling, while Sehwag went early Sachin smashed his way to a match winning 98. For the masses this was a sensational innings as Sachin smashed the arch rival bowlers Waqar, Wasim & Shoaib was a treat that can be watched over and over again !!!

The celebrations that night were something that I have never seen till date !!!! 😀 😀

8.) Is the ground pretty of my innnings ???

One of the most pretty grounds in the world is the Newlands in Cape town with the table mountain as a back drop. India’s performance in South Africa always has been pathetic however on one afternoon after lunch Sachin and Azhar set about taking the Proteas bowlers to task.

I must say I am yet to see such attack by batsmen in a test match on lead bowlers of an opposition team. While Azhar threw the bat hard Sachin was perfection always in perfect position matching stroke for stroke. Both the guys batted like a dream with each over leaking 2-3 boundaries and the rate at which the runs came with a team that was so much under the hammer in that entire tour was unbelievable.

Sachin in this innings just showed the youngsters back then Rahul & Sourav in the team that there was no demon in the Proteas attack. A fantastic innings on a fast track against 4 fast bowlers !!!

At the end I am sure people must be wondering if the innings was prettier or the ground !!!

9) There is a freak in me too !!!

If I think there is one thing that Sachin has not given proper attention to its his leg spin. He is a very very talented leg spinner and there is a lot of potential there but Sachin has always not given it enough time. As a legspinner Sachin is very very underrated !!!!

I still remember his two wickets in 2001 in Eden Gardens when the team badly needed it. Had India not won that match at Eden Gardens I am sure Indian cricket would not be where it is today.

Another instance was in an Odi at Kochi where Australia was at 203 for 3 in the 31st over chasing India’s 310 run target where Sachin was introduced and he picked up 5 wickets to turn the match.

It was during this time that Warne said that Sachin gave him nightmares… I wonder if some Aussie batsman quietly thanked the fact that Sachin wasnt bowling enough ! 😛

I immensely enjoy watching him bowl and unlike his batting where he is in total control of his emotions he shows a lot more emotions when he bowls. There is almost a small kid like excitement in him, he smiles a lot and he gets really hyper when he bowls !!!! 😀 😀 😀

10) If we could bring a smile on the faces of people we would consider ourselves lucky !!!!

The England test match in chennai in a lot of ways was an unbelievably special moment in his 20 year career. The circumstances before that match with the November attacks in Mumbai and the match started amidst glum moments add to that India was set an unlikely 387 in the fourth innings on a fast deteriorating Chennai track.

The going was tough but Virender Sehwag on the fourth evening went hell for leather leaving the English bowlers worried. But when Sehwag fell the score read 117/1. Dravid fell and the score read 147/2 with Sachin walking in… It was Dejavu and it remined of that Match against Pakistan in this very ground when Sachin failed to get India over the line.

In my heart a sinking feeling that its not impossible but improbable, time and again we have been there and not achieved the same in the 4th innings but Sachin had different idea’s and he along with Gambhir, Laxman & Yuvraj sealed the deal for India and chased down a near impossible target !!!!

After the match Sachin who was unbeaten at the end of the match dedicated the victory to the people who lost their lives in the attack in Mumbai. He simply said that if we managed to bring even a small smile on the faces of people we would consider ourselves lucky.



Just goes to tell you Cricket is much more than a sport in India !!!!


These are my favourite 10 memories not in any particular order.

One must keep in mind when discussing Sachin Tendulkar as a batsman that cricket is a team game. Purely from a batting perspective he is the most perfect batsman I have seen. People must understand that for a guy who was born in the subcontinent this man has scored tons of runs in Australia, a true test of a batsman from the subcontinent. He is an excellent runner between wickets a very safe and agile fielder even today at 37, a medium pacer in his early days now a leg-spinner, a former captain and the most dedicated servant of Indian cricket.  

There are not enough superlatives in my dictionary to describe Sachin. But I must say this Sachin is a batsman par excellence, the most precious team man and a son India prides upon !!!! May he score many more runs and end his career with the 2011 world cup which I am sure is in his mind !!!!


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Relax ! he is out of the race

Well just read that Sanjay Dutt has been barred from the elections !!!

Now now… so many were worried… including me… !!!

he aint standing !!!!

I hope a lot of you will breath a sigh of relief…

I m thrilled that he isnt standing, meaning he will be concerntrating on the Munnabhai Sequels… and I cant wait for them !!!!

Movies are any day better than politics Sanjooo… welcome back !

🙂 😀

The nautanki must go on….

The IPL is going out of India, they think England is an alternate venue but weather makes it unlikely. South Africa is the other standby venue, but to get crowds there for 45 days, day after day is a cause of concern.

Why ?

Coz we dont talk to each other. Phones are too expensive in India you know, so rather call a press conference, after all these 24 hour channels want something or the other to show so instead of keeping phones or meeting each other and spending behind flights etc…

Now via the media – Abhi Abhi …..

Articulately articulate Chidambaram wants postponement.

Snooty Lalit Modi is taken aback, pauses… ( how dare any one tell him anything, he is untouchable, atleast that is what he thinks ) eventually revises schedules.

Chidambaram asks him to meet respective states. Again through the media, he wants further change.

Delhi Refuses, Bangalore too refuses. Dharamshala, Indore, Ahmedabad etc become alternate venues.

Hope emerges, I m thrilled to see Indore might be a venue. whoppa !!! yippeee !!!

but its short lived

damn you, Lalit Modi being questioned ? His IPL being questioned…

No way, he cant take that, he won’t bend… he is too uptight…

No all of these super hi-fi egoistic people cannot meet and talk and resolve the issue. The issue only needed a few adjustments.

Shashank Manohar announces we are going to England or South Africa, due to the government.

But everybody here is second to none…

Now when we talk of numbers and ratings how can we forget the irreprissible and numero uno of Indian Politics – Narendddrrraaaaaaaa MOOOOOOOODIIIIIII ( WWE style of name announcement ). We can forget but he won’t let us.

A loud mouth always thinks the non-hosting of the tournament is a national shame. Yes, yes he is the same one who is talking of national shame…….

P. Chidambaram must have laughed at that statement and must have thought heee heee haaa hoooo(the laughter that demons echo when they are sure they are going to win) …….

Look who is talking…. Remember Godhra ????

People from abroad and other states would ask me in chat window’s a few years back, I remember, “Is it safe to live in Gujarat ?”

Mr. Modi it is you who is responsible for those questions we had to answer and explain.

Narendra Modi forgets that he is the last of all people to ever point a finger at any one. He is the same guy who reached Trident on 26/11 to roast his propoganda papad first !!!!

Good thing was Hemant Karkare’s wife roasted his hand and ego both together !!!!!

Now that Jaitley’s favourite puppy Narendra Modi has been beaten black and blue by P. Chidambaram, Jaitely swings into action and jumps to the rescue of his puppy…. but he has nothing to tackle P. Chidambaram so he just lets out the heat that the minister is only a talker and does nothing. Give us some backups Mr. Jaitley, PC is so precise with what he says and backs them with statistics and facts and quotes.

Now now remember each and every politician … before you take on P. Chidambaram on, always get your facts clear or else he will take your pants down and hang you them on Eiffel Tower … He brought out a fax of the Gujarat authorities expressing inability to provide security to the IPL authorities…. a chappal in the face of Narendra Modi.

Than stating to Lalit Modi and Shashank Manohar that they have never actually tried to show any flexibility at all. He gave all their statements and their gestures to them on a platter and told them go to hell. Yes thats what he mean when he said the statement were unwarranted.

The move of the BCCI going out of India is not due to P. Chidambaram alone but because of inflexibility, arrogance and sheer ego of the super powers in India. And please lets face it BCCI is one of the most snooty and the most arrogant body without a trace of doubt !!!!

So now do we call it the Indian or the England or South African Premier League ?? huh ??

[ kindly note folks the most important thing in this IPL was amazing crowds for 45 days. Yes 45 days not one or two matches. The IPL will still earn enough revenue but will the same atmosphere be provided for 45 days is the biggest question. I do not think the IPL should have been post poned or cancelled. It should have been adjusted and fitted and it must have taken place. Elections do not mean everything else comes to a standstill. IPL is not just enjoyment, it is commerce too. If it would have got cancelled the biggest losers would have been the domestic players who get an oppurtunity to showcase their talents in front of International stars. We already have discovered Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja in the last edition and many more will still emerge. The IPL must happen for sure. I am still hopeful it will happen in India and it can happen, things can change over night in my country so hang on !!]

P.S. – since I have nothing to do since almost ages now, its starting to get to me, it seems I am going to attack every one and debate every thing said. Kindly excuse my weirdly weird state of mind and behaviour of late.

What I meant in the last post ! – explained

Thought some of the comments in the last post were to be replied, however I am not sure if they will be read so I would like to actually post about it here.

I am not singling out Mayawati at all. I am not against her looks or her clothes or her mannerisms. If she brought goonda’s to election, well every one else has. If they still manage to win congratulations to them. But they should win and come to power & not by


My point is if Mayawati was to win a lot of seats accross the country and comes to the Prime Minister’s seat, so be it. If the people vote for her and she comes to power no issues at all.

But the issue is that this dirty coalition politics bringing her to power by arm twisting. Like Deve Gowda came to power, if she wants to be PM fine, let her win !

I have no issues with her class…. but if arm twisting is going to catapult people to the leadership role of our country, sorry I cannot accept. Its like the voting happens, majority of the Indians don’t vote for Bahujan Samajwadi Party and yet she becomes PM. This will make a mockery of elections and democracy.

It will be a catastrophe if it happens again. It will mean we learnt nothing from Deve Gowda. It will dampen the spirits of people who voted, it will put an end to people telling each other we must vote.

For optimism to stay alive it is important that Mayawati becomes Prime Minister by votes of the public and not by “COALITION DAAVPECH”, atleast her party must have majority of seats.

That is why the hooplah over Mayawati becoming PM. Also you are almost sure the government will not last the entire term, so re-elections. We need stability in these times of recession.

A Cynical Sunday….

Sunday morning got up at 8.30.

Since morning I have been stalking bloggers who are active on a sunday. Leaving comments on the blogs I love. Than suddenly decided to read the news paper, I normally read the sports page and my news paper is done…. But today is sunday so I spent a lil more time and ended up reading about Mayawati in Hindustan Times and got depressed. It seemed that all the people writing were bracing us, and more so themselves for her taking the PM ki ‘khursi. They seem to justify Mayawati as if Hum Sab Chor hai to if Mayawati becomes PM why the hooplah ??

This is what Dipankar Gupta, a professor in sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru university writes :

Quote :

In A society where women depend on men, Mayawati is a self-made political climber. She defies other categorisations too. She is richer than many snots and studs, but she won’t play cocktail hostess. What hurts drawing room types is that they can not connect with her social ly. She is not their school friend or boardroom buddy .

Unquote :

Here is what Shobha De writes :

Quote :





Mayawati drives us mad. Us? Who’s ‘Us’? Oh…. us is us. People who count. Thought leaders. Opinion makers. Bull shitters. People still living in some la-la land, imagining we are important. Get real, guys. Before you can say ‘Kanshi Ram’, Mayawati will be on that kursi in Dilli. The same one her foes are determined to keep her ample backside away from. And if perchance Mayawati’s derriere does occupy the gaddi, God help those foes. Mayawati will whack their butts with that handbag of hers, whip their asses, and then the asli fun will start.



Why does Mayawati bug us so much?



Is it her appearance? Come on. There are worse looking women in politics. Is it her coarse tongue? Her crude language? Or is it something else? Something entirely silly and superficial? Do we despise her because Mayawati is a social embarrassment? Is that why the chattering classes recoil and exclaim, “She cannot possibly become India’s Prime Minister! My goodness, can you imagine her winning and dining Sarko and Carla? Or meeting Gordon Brown? Even worse, what will Michelle think of those arms?” Sounds ridiculous, right? But isn’t there some truth in it? Mayawati makes us cringe because we can’t handle her rustic personality and her lack of sophistication.



Nobody would want someone with that profile in his living room. What of the social barometer? Their ratings on the party circuit? What if she slurped tea from a saucer? Or dunked a biscut into the brew? Forget wine-shine, cheese-weese.



What on earth does one serve her? Conversation? Don’t make us laugh… Sounds horrible. But scratch the surface, and that’s the sort of stuff you’ll get.
Nothing to do with ideology It’s not about .



Dalits. It’s not even about gender. It has to do with class. Not caste.Which is precisely the reason why the chattering classes may end up with lots of egg on their faces.



The next elections are unambiguously about caste. Deal with it. Class does not enter the picture. And when it comes to cashing in on caste, Mayawati’s trajectory is hard to match. She gets it. She has always got it. She knows her USP And she knows just how to address her constituency — the words, the language, the appearance. That is her.



Corruption is a non-issue in these polls. Is there even a single politician who can claim to be clean — and prove it? So, holding Mayawati up as the Queen of Corruption will hardly dent her chances.
Nor will pointing out the many charges against her. There are no saints in the line-up. Nobody minds.



Nobody can.



Sleeping with the enemy? Forging perverse alliances? Ditto. Then why does everybody hate her so much? How is Mayawati any worse than the others in the race: Pawar? Chandrababu? Deve Gowda? Or the other ‘teen deviyan’: Mamata, Jayalalithaa and Sonia?



Will she sell India down the drain? No more than the rest. But that is not the concern of drawing room analysts, is it? What we want to know is will she change that awful handbag to a Ferragamo? Will she hire Abu-Sandeep or Manish Malhotra to redesign that dreadful wardrobe? Discard Polyester? Switch to Chikankaari? Will Jimmy Choo replace her rexin sandals?



Even if she cannot smell of roses, could someone please present her with a flacon of Chanel? And would Mickey Contractor with his team kindly volunteer their services and give the lady a makeover? This is the age of designer politicians. Alas, with all the efforts in the world, Maya can never become a Memsaab. That is both her curse and redemption.


But she could become the PM. Drown yourselves in Dom, guys.

Unquote :

While I agree that Mayawati makes us squirm and most of the reasons mentioned above may hold true if we be honest with ourselves. But than Mayawati winning a few seats or a state is one thing, that shows that there is a flaw in the system but she being the head of our nation probably means the whole system is totatlly rotten. She as PM, means she comes in contest with people like Dr. Manmohan Singh’s, Chidambaram’s, Mukherjee’s, Jaitley’s, Sonia’s.

No I am not suggesting that these people have never committed any sin’s in their lives. The point is not about the sins… like Shobha says, ” Hum Sab Chor Hai “. But I hope they are not trying to sell the fact that since hum sab chor hain means we have any one leading us.

As a head of our country wouldnt she need some, some and i mean a lil teeny weeny itsy bit of intelligence, level of education, vision and qualification. If Gowda’s were once accidentally PM’s does it justify Mayawait as the PM. Do we have to keep committing the same mistakes.

What I think is evident that most writers are actually bracing themselves to accepting her as the Prime Minister. Yes those hypocritical reasons are there and existing from which we all are running but they are not the only ones. Seems like all the writers are not telling the us the readers but telling themselves, that she becoming a PM is an imminent possibility and so accept, get ready.

If she built parks and built her statues in place of schools. People are giving excuses that others also didnt build schools, although they didnt build parks or their own statues.

If these are reasons to digest the bitter pill and accept Mayawati as our Prime Minister, I am sorry to say it but it sounds really cynical. Really.


And yet she’s full of brag ging rights. She has beaten them at their own games. But not by their rules.
It is not because she is Scheduled Caste or a woman that puts off the drawing room set. Prima donnas perform in their soirees, as do many from the Scheduled Castes. They look good and speak well, but most of all they are connected, or, the second best, eager to be connect ed. Mayawati could easily have walked into such par lours. But, so far, she has chosen not to. That is what rankles.

Mulayam Singh Yadav oper ates through Amar Singh, and Meira Kumar is classy on her own.
Lalu Yadav’s children went to boarding schools for an education, and he went to Wharton on a junket. They are all connected — first hand or second hand — to the so-called elite. If there are some who are not in touch yet, there is still time. If and when they become politically powerful, the doors will open. Their past will be forgotten, their table manners forgiven.

But they must want to belong.

Mayawati doesn’t, which explains her recoil effect. When others woo her they must go to her home. If a lunch is to be staged, she must be the host. Mamata can go to Jyotibabu, but Maya won’t go to Jaya.
She has never been to Wharton, but one day Wharton will come to her. If the Congress boasts three figures on its posters, the BSP carries only her image.

She erected statues of herself where there should be schools, made parks instead of houses, boasted, preened and aggrandised herself in a way that set new standards for political megalomaniacs. They all wish they could have done the same, but lack her gall. No wonder they hate her for it.

It is not what Mayawati has done, or not done, that is remarkable. It is just the scale on which she operates that is eye-popping.

But if after all this she had only condescended and said she wanted to belong, built connections with the select and showed deference to their cultural codes, she could do what she does and more, and be loved for it. Parties revolve around personages, and ideologies butter delusions.

But by being brazen about things that others do in the shade, she shines a mirror on their hypocrisy Pink may not go with stout heels, but she combines the two anyway She dresses like a woman but stamps on men like a man.

It is her ‘between’ status that is so confusing, even dangerous, to some. She is a behenji but without a husband, and not missing one either. She is a small town natural, but with big city dreams. She has enough English for a comeback, when you least expect it. Though most see Dalit in her, she fields Brahmans on her ticket. In 2007 she named the baddies one by one and won on law and order. But now, some of them such as Dhananjay Singh and D.P .Yadav are riding shotgun with her. She dodges protocol, but does not seem to care.

You see her without a manifesto, and then you see her with one.

What her supporters find attractive about her is precisely what the sitting elite hate. When Mayawati transgresses gender roles, caste stereotypes, and standards of propriety she endears herself to those who are looking for another kind of leader.

She is one of them, but smarter, better.

They live vicariously through her and she has room enough for that. She can provide more shade than a thousand flower pots.

When Mayawati trumped in 2007, the traditionally favoured class wanted to get on her good side. She had neutered the OBCs and mocked at caste-only reservations. This was the opening they were waiting for. But Mayawati looked away.

She had her own cronies, unshaven and vernacular, but who were happy with less.
She could do a Narendra Modi and become a drawing room pet. But she would rather cuddle pooches of her own.

Chodo kal ki baatein…

I love the lyrics of this song….. Hope the politicians listen to this…

Enough of Varun Gandhi’s, Raj Thackrey’s, Muthalik’s… enough of coalitions…. enough of cynism.

Its time to build our nation….

America has lots of optimism that their change is here…. Where is our change coming from ????