Saare haseen nazaare…! :D


After a few days of hardwork, suddenly one morning you get up on a day when you are not really having any back log and then you stumble onto pictures of a friend who visited the same paradise you did a while back. Its so refreshing to see those old holiday pictures from your trip to the Mighty Himalaya’s! 😀 Sigh…

and then I was listening to this song on loop…

Saare haseen nazaare…
Sapno mein kho gaye…..
Sar rakh ke aasmaan pe….
Parbat bhi so gaye….
mere dil….
tuuu sunaaa…..
koi aisi dastaan….
jisko… sunkar…
mile chain mujhe meri jaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
😀 😀 😀

Is there a more soothing voice than Kishore Kumar on a Lazy cloudy morning??? 😀 😀 Tune in then! 😀

Shruti’s buzzing in my head!

This friday I saw the movie D-day, didn’t know much about the movie, but just went for the sake that Irrfan was in the movie. The movie was kinda okayish, the script is wishful fantasy of Indian’s, a tad lose but okay, however Rishi Kapoor was superb, so was Irrfan, Arjun Rampal does what he normally does, but the surprise package was Shruti Hassan and above all her singing skills. I didn’t know she was a playback singer too. I had not heard any songs of the movie before the movie, however, the moment this song “Alvida” played I remarked to my wife, this seems like a pretty nice song. Now after 3 days this song has not stopped playing in the loop in my pc. Shruti’s voice is enchanting in this song… The lyrics are pretty super too and Loy and Sukhvinder have added a wonderful touch to the song. Nikhil is absolutely wonderful as well in this song.


Here is a small preview of the song. I suggest you get the full version 😀


taking a cue from filmy friday…

Just read filmy friday post by DW.. and I was listening to one of my favourite songs Dard-e-Dil from the movie Karz… and I thought of listing a few songs… that I can sing… word to word… Verbatim (as my boss would say) without music, without any prompting… Its like had I remembered my lessons as well as I remember these songs, I probably would have gone places !!! 😛 😛 😛

So here goes,

This Rafi classic ka pure ka pura ratta maar liya hai… I can still remember our hostel days, when batteries were weak and no FM existed… we didnt need radios and walkmans… we were chalta firta IPODS !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

and then this classic,

yes, again word to word… !!!!

I am sure lots like me would also know this next song,

from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar in the era when one and all were in love with Rekha…

and in the days when I had to propose to my wife and I didnt have the words (read balls) sigh…

gee… I think I have a pretty long list… but then I ll stop at 5, how many of you can sing 5 songs, without any music, without any prompts and still sing it word to word… ?? huh ??? tell tell… I am sure each song has a story attached to it too !!!! I will be glad to know where I stand… 😛 😛 😛

now before I end, this is one song that I and my wife truly believe it is ours…

I have almost sung it for 3-4 months, to my wife in her pregnancy when she had trouble sleeping, or she wanted to do some or the other nautanki… Jaya Bachchan is of similar height as my wife, and then Amitabh is as dashing as me, our voices so similar 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Okk…. ducks all tomatoes and collects all the eggs… and off to make some omlettes…. !!!!!

And Crafty partner.
…. I ll get indigestion if you dont come to share the omlettes !!!!!

May’s first Sunday ! :)

It is really difficult at times to start a post… most of the times these days when I get an idea I dont have a computer with me… and when I have a computer with me I cant remember that idea…. !


Its been a decent sunday so far, apart from the fact that I have a throat infection… woke up at 8 am and caught the highlights of the matches yesterday… and then they showed the highlights of the match against South Africa in the first T-20 world cup where we chucked the hosts out of the tournament… !!!!! It was an amazing match… the atmosphere was electric in South Africa… Also watching the matches in the last two days I have realised… that I dont hate T-20 so much… maybe what I hate is the IPL… the extra glitzy event is just not for me… too much glamour, too much ridiculous stuff plus I cant support any team !!!! I think rooting for one team is the most fundamental aspect of following sports…. and without it… I wasnt able to follow the IPL…. but now I clearly know which team I want to win and that makes a huge difference…. I am waiting for Dhoni and the boys to Go go go go go…. !!!!!


I am all keyed up and waiting for 7 pm for the match against South Africa… !!!!! Go my men in blue… lets kick some Proteas @!# !!!!!! 😀 😀

Also I have to make one proclamation to make …

No matter if Yuvraj flopped in IPL… mark my words… he will be India’s most precious batsman in this T-20 world cup !!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

After the cricket highlights watched Qayamat se Qayamat tak on Max and it was so good to watch Raaj n Rashmi at it… seriously what a lovey dovey movie… and what cute/innocent stars were born then…. !!!!! I absolutely love the movie and the songs… !!!! I absolutely adore the scene when amidst the jungle in the night Rashmi wants to talk to Raj who is intent on sleeping… and then Rashmi looks on with the most innocent of eyes at Raj and then this lovely lovely song… aaah…. sheer bliss…. 😀

Seems like eons ago doesnt it… what an age of movies… would you see a new movie with the hero and heroine in the night alone in the jungle sleep so far apart… so innocuously… no chance… I say… 😛 😛


The movie was followed by lunch… a lunch with hotly roasted ghee dipped chappati’s in chilled Aamras…. !!!!!!!! A constant feature of gujarati families in the summer…. !!! that followed with a noon on the internet… watching pics of Hriday and Hetal in Dalhousie… and then guess what… all of a sudden it felt like there was some pitter patter outside… and since its sizzling hot the whole house was packed with all windows closed and curatins drawn… and suddenly you get to know its raining… !!!!!!!


Since the last 2 weeks its been constantly over 40 degrees… !!!! and so the rain brings a lot of relief… felt great to just go out in the lawn and stand there and get wet…. !!!! Wish Hriday were here and it would be so much more fun !!!!!! Although the rain just lasted about 20 mins…. it did lift the spirits a bit…. !!!! 🙂 🙂


A visit to the Mango grove beckons… its great to be back in Bharuch where you get to go to a friends farm and actually select which mango you want to eat and the gardener obliges by picking that mango from the tree… beat that freshness… !!!!! Its also an awesome thing to see the mango laden tree… Guys the photo’s will be here sooon…. !!!!!!!!! As such I love showing off :mrgreen:


So while I am off to pluck some awesome mangoes (his farm grows Rajapuri, Langda & Kesar varieties) …. enjoy the summer !!!!!!!!!! 😉 aaah.. and yessss…. I’ll leave you with yet another lovely lovely lovely song by Caralisa Monteiro !!!!!!!! Vimmmuu thanks for sharing this song…. sigh…. havent heard a more soooooooothing voice ever !!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Chodo kal ki baatein…

I love the lyrics of this song….. Hope the politicians listen to this…

Enough of Varun Gandhi’s, Raj Thackrey’s, Muthalik’s… enough of coalitions…. enough of cynism.

Its time to build our nation….

America has lots of optimism that their change is here…. Where is our change coming from ????