Liebster Award!

So I was bestowed the Liebster Award from Dhwani! 🙂

Libester means dearest or beloved in German, and this award is for the people who love to travel! It is also a great way to know people! Not that I still qualify as a travel blogger but I wouldn’t really turn down a tag that allows me to talk about travel and some long cherished desires will I??

:mrgreen: So hear goes :

1. Which is your dream holiday destination?

Well there are so many dream holiday destinations that this post would never end if I kept describing everyone of them, however, if I had to select the top three I would probably opt for exploring the Grasslands of Africa(Masaai Maara and Serengeti) take a boat ride for a fortnight through the Amazon forests and probably go Moose hunting in the open season around Lake Superior in Canada! Sigh….

2. What is your idea of an Ideal Holiday?

Ideal Holiday?! I don’t think that would probably be possible would it?! But it would involve a lot of travel in the hills, eating great food, meeting loads of new people who would tell a lot of stories of their own throw in a national park where I would be able to track animals on foot and photograph them from up close!! Lol I told you my ideal’s are too high! 😛 😛

3. If you could choose one place that you could move to right now and live forever, what place would that be?

I would love to build a wooded log house like Raju’s somewhere in the Himalaya’s in a remote corner and live there forever growing my own food! 😀

4. Tell us about the most weird travelling experience you ever had :

Weird?! That is a tough one… well I guess this is weird you know. We went to Sheoganj to see leopards. Apparently there we learnt that they tie kid goats to a strong tree with a strong rope and then wait for the leopard to come and kill it. It is not allowed now and banned, yet when we were doing our safari around that area we did come up to a group of photographers who were all ready with huge tele-photo lens trained on the kid goat. The rope is also so tight that the leopard cannot take the goat away and has to sit there and eat whilst the people get their share of photographs.

Mindlessly we also sat there with our camera’s, I feel ashamed now, luckily though the leopard never came down the slope we saw it from a distance. Apparently a lot of people gathered and eventually the guys who had brought the goat got scared that the authorities might come to know and they took their goat and went away.

Amazingly after two hours of safari after the goat was taken away we came back to the same spot which was uphill and pretty dark we suddenly spotted the leopard in the lights of our jeep. By the time we could get the camera’s ready it retreated in the bushes but not before we got this picture of its butt! 😛


5. Who do you prefer to travel with?

The best companion so far has been my best friend who incidentally also is my wife, however, I can travel with anyone though as long as I am on the move I am okay. I would love to do a solo trip, a trip with my guy gang and a trip with absolute strangers even! Getting to know them on the trip would be rewarding as well! 😀

6. Three things that you NEED to carry with yourself when you travel :
Water bottle!

7. Tell us about your Worst traveling experience :

Worst were those ones when I went to temples on auspicious days. Mahudi on kaali Chaudas during Diwali, Pavagadh during the Chaitra Navratri etc…. those are the worst kind of travels I undertook. I have completely been avoiding such places of worship and almost all people where I suspect there will be huge crowds!

8. Name one place that you feel everyone has to see in their lifetime :

Hmm…. I would say I want to see The African grasslands and Ladakh region once in my lifetime before I die.

9. Do you have a favourite travel blog? Which?

I mean I do read a few people who travel quite a bit :

Indrani – I Share
Deepak – Travel Magic
Lakshmi – A travel blog of an Indian backpacker

10. Who is your favourite travel author?

I have loved reading the experiences of Jim Corbett and Mark Twain the most.

P.S. I am not tagging anyone or passing on the award. If you would love to take up the tag all by yourself feel free to do so and let me know about it as I wouldn’t mind read your replies to these questions!

Flashback !

Read this at Scribby’s and I tagged myself ! 😛 😛 😛

1. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before?

Crickey… almost can’t remember what I did the entire last year… I know I am nearing 40 and my short term memory is at tatters. Well I bought an SLR ! 😛 I had never bought one earlier 😛 😛 😛

2. Did you keep your new years resolutions, and will you make more for next?

Not a resolution kinda person, though off late have decided to ask myself 3 times, “Do you really feel like smoking?” before going for a fag.

3. What date from 2012 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

Sigh this is a tough tag… my memory is a shocker ! I don’t have a date but I will probably remember my first trip to Goa in August. We three had a wonderful time there. 🙂

4. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Completing the extenstion/construction of the house. Surviving after quitting the job ! 😛 😛

5. What was your biggest failure?

Controlling my temper always…. Although I once again feel like I am becoming a bit better and starting to get a grip of things.

6. Did you suffer illness?

Na, not really ! Maybe the cold lasted a bit too long this year but nothing other than that !

7. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

People who follow religion and rituals blindly without once thinking, questioning… Wonder why they have brains if they do not want to use it.

8. Where did most of your money go?

in extension/construction of the house.

9. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

The coral reef walk in the Marine National Park, the snorkelling in the ocean without my feet reaching the bottom. I can’t swim you know ! The colours of the world under the surface of the water are most most most unbelievable and need to be seen to be believed.

10. What song will always remind you of 2012?

Don’t disown me for this but…. I am a hunter from Gangs of Wasseypur !!! I thought it was the most outrageous song I have ever heard !!!!

11. Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?


12. What do you wish you’d done more of?

Jogged a bit more, paid a little more attention to work.

13. What do you wish you’d done less of?

Spent less time on the internet.

14. Did you fall in love in 2012?

Ha ha… I keep falling in love with every other moment… I fell in love with Aditi Rao Hydari, Yami Gautam, Parineeti Chopra, Goa, My new camera and yes I keep continuing my old loves ! 😛 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

15. What/Who was your greatest musical discovery?

Eddie Vedder, after watching the movie Into the Wild I fell in absolutely love with his song Guaranteed. His style, his songs are something I can relate with so so much. 😀

16. What did you want and get?

My want’s can never be satisfied ! I am a bundle of desires. But I got quite a few last year and I hope the trend just continues. 🙂

17. What did you want and not get?

I wanted to buy a car, I wanted to travel to Africa, I wanted to go to Ladakh sigh… the list can go on and on and on… 😛

18. What was your favorite film of this year?

Paan Singh Tomar.. without a trace of doubt… apart from a heart wrenching story of a soldier turned dacoit… I loved the fact that a movie of a dacoit in India can be made without a single swear word.

19. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

Born in 77 so you count it up. I am bad with numbers. Didn’t do much the normal ate out and received calls… yea I am nearing 40 you know 😛

20. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

Had I been able to write more and carry on the my book a little bit further… its stuck.. reminds it I must read it myself to get myself in the thinking and developing the plot further.

21. What kept you sane?

My wife… she always lets me be a gypsy enough and always reminds me that at times I need to come back to normalcy from my fantasies of being a roaming bird… 🙂 🙂 🙂 *godblessher*

22. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2012.

Never deviate from what you once committed.

23. Which new places did you visit in 2012?

Mithapur, Marine National Park, saw corals, caught crabs, saw sea slugs amazingly colourful most wonderful experience.

Goa. Just 2? Gee… either my memory is nuts or I need to rid of the habit of visiting the same places. I did travel a lot but. 🙂
24. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

Leave it to me as I find a way to be, consider me a satelite for ever orbiting,
I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me…. guaranteed…

This song has become an anthem. I connect to this song & movie so so so much I myself cannot believe it.

25. Tag some bloggers you would love to read these answers from.

Normally I don’t, but I will tag a few here today ! Pixie, Smitha, R’s Mom, Monika, Deeps, Ashwathy and Pallavi.

Tag you’re it!!

Ushus tagged me for this elevenesque task 😛 and its been ages I did a tag… this one I think I must do… it looks interesting and plus my blog is re-born these days and there is new vigor all around 😀

the tag is called  Tag you’re it!!

The Rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged. (That’s a toughie :) ) I second Ushus there 😛
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

So here we go with the 11 questions that Ushus has posted 😛

1. In one word, what have you gained, in life, that you hold most precious? (there, that rules out “weight” :P :P )

My friends. 🙂 Without a doubt. I have always treasured my friend mostest and above all. No life without them 😀 Thats a simple one there cracked it 😀
2. In three words, a pet peeve?

three words ? err…  Dhiren go Bathe 😛 😛
3. A word you think you use a lot, unconsciously :D ?

How would I know… ah.. this is a tough one… maybe I have to ask someone around me.. no clue actually even wifey doesn’t know the answer to this :-/
4. What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it?

Playing cricket or watching Test Cricket or Travelling wandering to naturally beautiful places would be best 😀
5. What do you think others think of you?

all the girls think I am sexy and hot and handsome and what not 😛 😛 :mrgreen: (ducks all sandals) lol… no but seriously… Well, most bloggers think I am still a kid, where as in real life apart from a few very close people most think I grew up from a kid too soon 🙂 Guess in real life they mean I am a lot more boring than the one individual who resides on this blog 😀

Wonder what to make of it eh 😛 but does it matter… 😛
6. Who would you say made you who you are today (other than your parents, if that is what you would answer :) )

Unfair question really.. a lot of them go into it.. people, parents, friends, teachers, relatives circumstances a lot of things… Tom Swayer (Mark Twain) had a huge influence on me as a kid. But to say who made me what I am today ? I think I have to say I am the one who is responsible how I have turned out today 😛 😛

Who else but me and my choices. My parents gave me a lot of liberty and so I am exactly what resulted due to my decisions 🙂
7. What gives you joy?

A lot of things… when hriday and I are playing cricket and his reactions on beating me 🙂 priceless 😀

Travelling – me my backpack, camera, sleeping bag and the meaningless wandering eating in new places everyday meeting new people everyday and learning different ways of life whilst travelling. Somewhere inside me resides a wanderer who just wants to keep moving all the time…

Indian Cricket team doing well and I am kinda so so happy the moment that happens 😀 They are my blood relatives I tell ya ! 😀

Food ! 😛

My Wife’s cheeky smile when she is happy 😀

Sometimes when I hear my Mom speak to someone about how I shared her responsibilities while my two bro’s were young… aah… awesomeness 🙂

Too many things… I get happy easily and am generally happy 🙂
9. If you could go back to one moment in your past, which moment would it be?

I don’t think that can happen and I don’t want to think like that… I am just thinking of living today and enjoying my life as it is and will rather focus on making it work even better… set some good regular income and then get into travelling all the time 🙂
10. Do you believe in alternate lifetimes? If so, what is the you there doing now? (It’s actually one question, with two parts :D )

If there were an alternate lifetime sigh… I’d be Bear Grylls ! :mrgreen: That guy is just simply awesome ! 😀 I envy him like hell 😀
11. What makes you you?

eh ? What makes me ? Ok I didnt understand the question and I mailed Usha to ask what does she want to know.. then I read what Sandhya answered and my answer after that is…

I think my ability to forget the past and look ahead and move ahead makes me. I am always rather positive and ready to start afresh no matter how sullen and how hopeless the situation is. I firmly believe in worrying about what to do next then fret over what I just did ! 🙂

There… that wasn’t as tough as I thought 😀

Now for 11 people ?!

Generally I dont tag people but this time I am gonna do it 😀 So after Sandhya and Usha have finished their tags and already tagged 22 people so I have tried to rope in fresh ones 😉 …. Lets see…

  1. Crafty ( you have to do this hobbes and get back on the blog) I am dying to have a post from you 😀
  2. Ashwathy – You knew it was coming eh ! 😛
  3. Vimal – but ofcourse the devil 😀
  4. Sangeeta – Lets spill the beans 😉
  5. Monika – You owe me another lunch for this 👿 :mrgreen: just like that 😛 😛
  6. Rakesh – Dude… all work and no play ? you forgot you have a blog ?
  7. Nancy – Have you got your voice back ??
  8. Pixie – Back home in Denver eh… lets get back to the blog then ! 😀
  9. R’s Mom – I am just getting to know her… I don’t even know her name but… well I love reading her 😀
  10. Pallavi – She is getting fatter by the day… thought I would make her blog and shed some flab atleast 😛
  11.  Saxy ! 😛 😛  I wouldn’t let the biggest cartoon of the blog world get away would I ? 😈

Now here are the questions for you folks !!!!!! Specially created by me 😀 😀

1.)    If you could have any superpower, what would it be ? Imagine !

2.)    What was your favorite childhood television program?

3.)    Have / had any celebrity crushes ?  :mrgreen: you know my answer doncha 😛 :mrgreen:

4.)    If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

5.)    Name 1 thing you miss about being a child.

6.)    Name the one comic/book character that you loved the most and why ?

7.)    What is the one thing that you are dying to try but haven’t had a chance to do so yet ?

8.)    Do you have a role model – someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?

9.)    What do others make of you ? (this is a repeat of the question by Ushus)

10.)   Have you ever gotten into a fight or punched someone ?

11.)    For Girls – If you woke up tomorrow to find out you are Brad Pitt, what would be the first thing you’d say upon looking in the mirror ! 😈

11.)    For Guys – If you woke up tomorrow to find you are Angelina Jolie, what would be the first thing you’d say upon looking in the mirror ! 😈

teen tigada

Its tag time again and who else but the one girl who tags me most often… she did it on FB this time, she simply wants to know more and more and more about hitchy baba !!! 😀 😀 :mrgreen: Yes she is Monu !!!

1. Hitchu 😀 😀 😀 😀
2. Hitchy 😛 😛 😛 😛
3. Hitchybhai 😥 😥 😥 😥

1. Medical Representative
2. Banker
3. Cotton Trader

1. Mumbai
2. Jamnagar
3. Bharuch

1. Live cricket matches wonly. MIND IT !!!
Currently I dont watch anything else. ! Yesssssss !!!!

1. Rohtang
2. Dhikala
3. Nainital

1. Leh-Ladakh
2. Congo
3. Lake Superior, Canada

(This is a crime to ask me to list just 3 but then I have always been a sport 😛 )
1. Cheese Pizza
2. Foolka Roti and Rasewala potato subji (in total gujju style)
3. Dahi Wada

1. 12th Dec its a sunday and my day !!!! :mrgreen: As if I would let you guys forget… !
2. Vacation in Jan, most probably a Tiger Reserve (Corbett or Kanha). Junior has had enough of deer expeditions ! Time to see the BIG cat !!!
3. December finishing fast, so I can get some leaves. We have no offs, not even sundays or any holidays till 31st Dec. Yea I know, its inhuman 😥 but thats what it is !

1. Orange Juice
2. Haiku (a Nimbu Paani with pepper, jeera and ginger that mom specialises in)
3. Ice tea ! (pizza hut makes the best ones I have tasted !)


There is a real plethora of people who do(as if you didnt know, I am very very popular) but I will only mention the 3 regular bloggers who text me.
1. Ashwathy
2. Saritha
3. Pixie

Nope I wont tag no one… I will leave it up to folks to take it up if they like, just leave a track back here if you do so… !

Oh no… girly hitchy !

This tag comes from the super star of blogging… !!!! (just to tell you I am no ordinary blogger, I am in the right league… :mrgreen: ) and it proves she is a sinner…. (doing crimes not allowed for her kin) The tag is about listing atleast ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

The tag is called ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. And you must tag twelve blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years…. !!!!!!!! I am sure you dont want that to happen do you ????? Mull it while I will list the ‘girly’ things I have done… or wanted…

Since I asked, here’s my list of ‘manly’ things I have done or wanted

1.As a kid played Ghar Ghar and had a kitchen set…

2. I absolutely love cooking, have cooked and want to cook for life… !!! When nothing will work for me in life… I will have a Bhurji ki laaari… thats my last option !!!!! 😛 😛 😛

3. I love being at home and want to be a SAHMD

4. I actually cry way too easily… esepcially while watching movies… ! 😥

5. I love reading… (yes, I do… but I dont get much time these days..)

6. I love writing letters…

7. I am a bit of a narcissist… Give me a mirror and my attention is 50% off… even in restaurants with mirrors… sigh… NVM…

8. Loved mopping the floor (Pocha) you know with that wet cloth… we three brothers would set ourselves near the wall with a pocha and push with our leg sliding across the hall wiping when the kaam wali didnt turn up to help mom… !

9. I love flowers… not that I keep buying or looking… but I love flowers in my garden… (sigh, is this a girly thing ?)

10. I dont really like either bikes or cars…

And yet, I want to go Ladakh driving, love to be dirty, unshaven, hard rock, smoke… etc…

I have not read anyother blog with this tag after IHM’s and so I will tag 12 people she has not tagged… dunno if you have already been tagged… but here it goes…


Smita (books life and more)
& the 13th !!!!!!! who else but
the devil aka Anonymously Disguised aka Sakshi Cutty of the Cracked Chrnoicles Fame !!!! :mrgreen:

and I am keeping at 13 … so that others have enough people to tag !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

two tags !

One of the best ways of starting to blog again is tags I guess… and I m glad I was tagged by Gauri for the Honest Tag !!!! and how very apt that I was tagged for the honest tag … eh… who else but me !!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Here it goes:

1.Where is your cell phone?
Near the Landline phone on my desk. 😐

2.Your hair?
silky and on my forehead… they just wont stay in their place.. ! 😦

3.Your mother?
someone I want to keep happy for ever 🙂

4.Your father?
doesnt show emotions but I know he loves us a lot ! 🙂

5.Your favorite food?
cheese with bread… any sort (pizza, sandwich whatever) or samosa !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

6. Your dream last night?
I was back in Bharuch…. with my friends… 🙂

7. Your favorite drink?
Orange Juice.. or nimbu paani ! 😀

8. Your dream / goal?
to retire with a farm house in the hills .. ! 🙂

9. What room are you in?
office 😐

10.Your hobby?
travelling to jungles and taking pics.. !! (havent been able to do much these days) 😀 😀
Would love to play cricket too… !! 😀 😀

11.Your fear?
my impatience.. ! 😦

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
a lil more money… and a lil less weight… ! 😀

13.Where were you last night?
home.. ! 😐

14.Something that you aren’t?
patient ! 😦

well.. ok.. ! 😛

16.Wish list item?
Right now a car…

17.Where did you grow up?
Mumbai, Jamnagar & Bharuch..

18.Last thing you did?
sent quotations to switzerland ! 😦

19.What are you wearing?
boring trousers and shirt

20.Your TV?

21.Your pets?
no pets..

Life !

23.Your life?
shaping up well.. !

24.Your mood?

25.Missing someone?
Always missing Bharuch these days !

Have a bike I hate.. and a Honda Dio… I m not a vehicle man !

27.Something you’re not wearing?
a cap

28.Your favorite store?
None really.. well if I had to pick one.. Reliance Big Flix… I rent DVD’s from there !!!!

Your favorite color?

29.When was the last time you laughed?
actually last night !!!! at home !

30.Last time you cried?
dont ask… every emotional scene I see on tv I cry !! 😦

31.Your best friend?
My wife !

32.One place that you go to over and over?
Corbett !

33.One person who emails me regularly?
Crafty !

34.Favorite place to eat?
Too many ! but right now I want to go to McDonalds… and munch a burger.. I forgot my tiffin too !!!!

Honestly I tag none… if you want you can take up this tag !!!!!!

now for Shilpa’s tag where in I am supposed to write down my bucket list. I myself am a bundle of desires and I can never sit down to write this list… coz it means an endless list… !!! I just have way too many desires… I ll let you have 5 here.. !!

1.) Go trekking in Congo’s rain forests with my biwi and bacha !! 😀 😀

2.) Leave home in my own car with my wife without any itineary and no plans of return… for a loooooooong holiday and go wherever it feels like and do whatever it feels like for atleast a month !!!!!!! without worrying about money !!!! 😛 😛

3.) Build a small farm house… if not in Manali or Corbett… in Bharuch… we have a lot of country side in the interiors, even forests and it seriously is a plan to buy some place and have a farm !!!!! 🙂 🙂

4.) Drive to Ladakh with friends on a Guys only trip for a 20-25 day trip !!!!!!! :mrgreen:

5.) Watch India vs Australia Test Match at Perth on a Green Hard Track where the ball flies !!!!! 😀 😀

Guilty.. !!


 Finally I have this tag ready…

Deeps… I did it okay..

Monu !! you listening ??  MY saritha ?? Sandhya ?? lol… all of you.. I did it !!!!!



Asked someone to marry you? Innocent… ( never made that mistake )

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent…

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent… ( no bar’s in gujarat… and dancing and me totally unthinkable … Remember Tough Guys dont DAANCE )

Ever told a lie? Guilty (silly question really )

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty

Kissed a picture? Innocent

Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent ( I and sleep dont go together too well.. )

Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent

Held a snake? Guilty.

Been suspended from school? Guilty ( BAH )

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent

Stolen from a store? Guilty

Been fired from a job? Innocent

Done something you regret? Guilty

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent ( Waiting to do it.. )

Kissed in the rain? Guilty

Sat on a roof top? Guilty

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent ( Havent kissed any animals… lol… !!! girls are always kissable… why shouldnt I ???   😉  )

Sang in the shower? Guilty. ( sang everywhere… lol.. )

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent ( no one would dare )

Shaved your head? Guilty

Had a boxing membership? Innocent.

Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty.

Been in a band? Innocent

Shot a gun? Guilty

Donated Blood? Guilty

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent! ( Wouldnt mind trying…  😀 )

Eaten cheesecake? Guilty

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Innocent

Have/had a tattoo? Innocent. ( want to get one done.. )

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty

Been too honest? Guilty

Ruined a surprise? Guilty

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Guilty. ( in a train too… had to take a walk.. in the train.. !!! 😀 )

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent.

Joined a pageant? Innocent

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty

Had communication with your ex? Guilty

Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent.

Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty!


vokays me done…

ABC Tag and my vacation… !! :D :D :D

Shilpa tagged me to complete the ABC tag.  I need to post something day in and day out… so tags are always welcome.. for me lol… 😀


  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Share the ABCs of you.
  • Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (read baba… I wont tag anyone promise pucca.. )
  • Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
  • Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

Here goes –


  • A – Available/Single?  Not single but always available… !!!!! he he he…. 😉
  •  B – Best friend? My wife.
  • C – Cake or Pie? Neither… I dont have a very sweet tooth except for kaju katli
  • D – Drink of choice? Mosambi or Orange Juice.
  • E – Essential item you use every day? clothes, mobile, laptop what else.. nevermind.
  • F – Favorite color? blue and white.
  • G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Nothing, thanks a lot…
  • H – Hometown? Born in Mumbai but hometown would be Bharuch thats where the heart is…. and i m going there in 25 hours…
  • I – Indulgence? too many but i’ll list a few… cigarettes, bread and cheese, biscuits i need biscuits after lunch and dinner..
  • J – January or February? February.
  • K – Kids & their names? only one kid Hriday…
  • L – Life is incomplete without? a lot of things… most important without loved ones…
  • M – Marriage date? 29th November
  • N – Number of siblings? Two
  • O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges, lots of them, the Indian variety(santra)
  • P – Phobias/Fears? None in particular… but i always have a feeling in train what if we fall of a bridge into a river.. i cant swim… lol..
  • Q – Quote for today? not just today but most times.. live life to the fullest… and try everything
  • R – Reason to smile? tooooo many again…
  • S – Season? favourite would be rains, but i love winters too and summer means holidays… so all infact…
  • T – Tag 3 People? Nope I wont….
  • U – Unknown fact about me? I dont know what to say here… i ll pass…
  • V – Vegetable you don’t like? None in particular… I hate papaya as a fruit though… cant stand its smell…
  • W – Worst habit? – never can do one thing at a time.. and often end up making mistakes… always multi tasking and it makes me pay at times…
  • X – X-rays you’ve had? 2 times one for my wisdom tooth and once when i fell off my bike and fractured my wrist… i think being fractured and having a plaster is really cool… though.. so i dont complain…
  • Y – Your favorite food? Lots but if i had to list 5 – Pizza, samosa, chicken biryani, typical gujarati foolka roti and rasa wala batata nu shaak (potato subzi with gravy) & Bharuch’s famous egg bhurji.. !!
  • Z – Zodiac sign?Saggi
  • The three people I want to tag are-none… but if you are taking up this tag do let me know in the comments section …. !!!!


and by the way folks… I m off for a vacation for 17 days in less than 23.30 hours now…. !!! but goes without saying that you all will not be spared from my torture for one bit… !!! I m going on vacation from office and work not from blogs and your comments section… he he he… blogging runs in my veins…


As the minutes keep ticking…

my excitement keeps building…

never since I have been working…

had such a long holidaying…

whole family will come later..

only me gones sooner…

that means helping mom in the days…

and late – nights with the guys…

planned a sunday outing…

all guys gheraoing…

lots of smoking.. lots of khee khee khay khaying…

the chickens already running….

as they see me coming…

ol gal friends are all being texted..

ooops that was to be omitted…

never mind they say…

gypsy times are here to stay…