absolutely listless…

every day morning I go to my blog and go to the new post option, then I watch it… eventually i changed the theme of my blog, the header, the sidebar was re-juggled, then I move to facebook, poke a few, comment on a few pics, pull a few legs, then I move to cric info, read quite a bit actually, now I feel the site updates too slowly, very few articles as I have managed to exhaust almost everything and checking for updates two times a day, the site doesnt have any cricket news for me. No I dont read about the the IPL auctions… they dont appeal to me, the grose money business me no likes. From time to time I get a few pings but again I have become a very boring chatter or atleast I feel so… !

After ages I have decided to get back to reading, I have strangely not been reading a lot of blogs, just dont feel upto it, even if I read I dont feel at all upto commenting. As they say, its just a phase I guess. Coming back to reading, I am currently reading, “The Man-Eaters of Tsavo”. Its a true story from the past and I have loved the movie made on it and have always been fascinated by this story. I love stories about Africa and especially about wild Africa. The older the better, I am totally amazed by this continent and will only feel my life will be fulfilled once I reach African soil…

I am sure atleast Brattu will be thrilled I am reading this book… ! Well I havent got the book Brat but here is the link if you want to read it too :

Thank god for Wiki : http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Man-Eaters_of_Tsavo/Chapter_2

Also kindly note the header…. yes… thats the road I am heading for this june !!!!! Rakesh you joining right ? I also faintly remember Saxy and Monu and if I am not wrong even Smi mentioning they were planning to visit too. Am I right or am I growing old ??? :mrgreen: 😛 😛 😛

Header Pic : Courtesy Nigam !

What a year !!!!


A year ago… around July my most frequented website Betapet.com (a ascrabble site and a wonderful one at that) stopped working. It was a scrabble site which was my most visited site and it helped me combat recession and my changing mind which wanted to change the job again and again. The scrabble would keep my thoughts away and I would think of ratings rather than interviews. It was a pretty good place with lots of people knowing me and lots of people ready to play with me !!!!


I never had to wait in betapet.com for a table… !! Suddenly one day the site went  **POOOOF** it just  wouldnt work and we kept trying for 3-4 days without luck… a lot of friends didnt even exchange emails and I lost touch of many. It now only works in Swedish language but English version stopped. However of the few I did keep in touch with Ranu introduced me to blogging… I have told this story many times but I would still tell it again… if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be blogging… and she assured me she would read me always… she does… dont you ranu ?? do comment from time to time… !!! PLEASE !!


I wrote my first post on cricket and so started this remarkable journey … a journey that has given me unbelievable friends, jovial moments, laughter, moments of thougtfulness, crazy times and what not… !! 😀 😀 😀


When I started writing, somewhere inside me, something told me that I could earn a fortune out of this or I would very soon become a famous writer, a celebrity most probably … none of that happened or is likely to happen. 😛 😛


Anyways but thankfully I found the most wonderful people I could ever hope to find…. had it not been for all the friends I found here… I dont think I would have survived two plus years in Indore.


Having shifted to Indore 2 years back, I still probably havent accepted this city as my home or embraced its people… I have not made one friend in over 2 years in Indore… apart from the shop-keeper, milk man ( only i m awake when he comes), our bike washer  and our watchman mostly no one knows me here… some neighbours in our building share a smile but I havent been too out going or friendly with anyone …  !!!! I myself cant believe that for a guy who has so many friends in Bharuch how come I havent made a single friend here… !! I have decided consciously this year onwards it has to change… !!!!


But this blogosphere is where i found my friends… this is my adda… this is where i have made tons of friends… !!!!! You guys are the treasures that i love and value the most !!!!!


Going back to my blogging, eventually after cricket I wrote about politics… Raj Thackrey being the first target… at that point i couldnt stand him… not that i can stand him now… but i was largely writing about cricket and a few things i felt about life… then suddenly 26/11 happened and I started writing more and more about it and found similar blogs and people… that was one time I first wrote a poem in my life… I must confess I never understand most poems so I just write lovely or very beautfiful in comments… but I once did manage to write a poem !!!!!!! and thats when Usha and IHM got in touch and I found most of you guys from there… !!!! here is the poem.. 😀 😀 (  Please do read… ! )


Over time I got bored of the serious stuff… and slowly started loving making fun of people in comments… and as friendships developed and I started becoming comfortable with more and more friends the comments banter began… !!!! Now i try consciously not to write too much of serious stuff… I come to my blog to laugh… to make people laugh and to have a good time… !!!! This is my adda… i come here to rejuvenate… to chill !!!!! to pull legs and get my legs pulled !!!!!!!!! lol … !!!!!!!!!!! its amazing at times you hang out your leg… so some one will pull it !!!!! lol 😛 😛 😛


 Over a period of time I have developed special special friendships and relationships. Touch wooood !!!!!!! 🙂


Some of my favourite posts and most likely a lot of you havent read them are : (read if you have nothing to do, first two are on cricket and no points for guess that.

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A bit of self promotion doesnt harm does it ?? 😛 😛


I finished one year on 11th august having posted 224 posts !!! in just 365 days !!!!! now now … I have had a lot to say and i have been hooked big time by this blogging bug… i can safely say blogging runs in my veins now… !!!!! I now blog totally for me and my enjoyment … I love all my blogging buddies… !!! who tease me calling me Bhaiya or Uncle.. some call me MY Dhiren !! whatever you call me.. Hitchy or Hitchu (Crafty’s discovery)  all of you are special special part of my life… !!!!!! i cant stop saying this again and again… and yes I aint stopping this first first game at your blogs anytime soon and hope to get more and more people hooked with it… blame me or get irritated with me… I gotta do it !!!! he he he :mrgreen:


Guys I finished one year and i didnt announce it the same day !!!!! Imagine I spared you !!!!!!!!! he he now before i start again…… its better i stop so that we can start fun in the commenting… !!! coz that is always more better than the posts here… !! 😛 😛

Cross Border Terrorism – Take – 1

 (disclaimer : If you find this boring, blame OG and not me… I am at wits end how to make this funny and its a lame attempt to pass on this tag… boy living up to this jester tag is going to be much more difficult than it sounded… )


Now that Manmohan Singh (MMS) government has gathered nice majority and no hitches await them they have decided to take things into hand and go full on on all issues. One of the most irritant issue for MMS is the cross border terrorism and he has vowed to stop it. MMS is open for suggestions and is looking at innovative solutions coz the war is ruled out…


War is ruled out not only with Pakistan but also with POK… and the terror camps there… Why you may ask… but you are naive… dont u know… that war on the terror camps in POK could easily escalate into a rendezvous with Pakistan. 


India is a developing nation & it cannot have war coz it would mean hinderance to the progress… How can the aam aadmi be stopped from sipping coke and munching pop corn in the multiplex… How can we have wars when our corporates are expanding left right and centre… we cannot afford a war… no way… !!!! We can obviously allow a few innocents to be killed… but we cannot risk a war…  ( Do you think this is that simple… at home if we see a termite hill developing near our house… we destroy the hill and try and disperse the termites so that they dont enter our house… but this is not that simple… is it ? )


Eventually Dr Dhurandar Bhatavdekar a secret official whose specialises in so many fields that he is now general in all… his name even the opposition doesnt know, he always works under cover for III ( Indian Intelligence Inc.) he is finally summoned and he comes out to MMS and gives his proposal.


He says these terrorists are highly motivated and they are not afraid of dying…. what we need is to give them some sort of diversion… Now that we have decided we cannot have war with them…  We thought if we can infiltrate the circle of the mujahideens and the other terrorists we can divert them and change their motivations…


MM S : Change their motivation ?? Infiltrate ?? what are you talking about..

Bhatavdekar (checks his mobile, smiles and types something and turns to MMS ) : Infiltrate…. meaning our man is sent into their territory in their team under…

MMS (snaps) : I know what infiltrate means… tell me how ???

Bhatavdekar : We will send our Mushayra team there and a few of them will stay back and work their way through the network of the ISI or the terrorists… whatever… if they need we can give our intelligence inputs… but i would suggest we leave it to them and let them build their own intelligence..

MMS : We have cut ties with them… but well time has passed since 26/11 … so public memory and rage both have mellowed down and yea we can send a mushayra team… No one cares…

Bhatavdekar (again looks into his mobile ) : Excuse me sir.. I just need to reply to a message.

MMS : You stop that mobile… I m the PM !! Stop it…

Bhatadekar (relucantantly switching off his mobile) :  Yes exactly sir… see even you spoke a while back with Zardari etc… why ?? coz time has passed… yes nothing changed but time has passed.. so now we can have dialogue till another such bout happens… then we again go on non-talking terms…  ( when will we do something other than this )

 MMS : No we want to ensure this time everything has to stop… we must stop this… and I am determined… now tell me how will you divert their motivation…

Bhatavdekar : Do you know the latest addiction in the world these days ???

MMS : What ?? is that what you have in mind ????????

Bhatavdekar : Blogging…

MMS : Blogging ??? That Amitabh writes that na… from his room at midnight… that Aamir writes to fight with SRK… that RGV writes… that…???? that will help us encounter cross border terrorism ???? This sounds insane…. How ? but how will this help us….

Bhatavdekar : yes… Sir, research has shown that once a man is smitten by the blogging world… he becomes obsessed with posting and putting gadgets on his page… he becomes obsessed with the number of visitors on his blog and all he cares about is who all visited and from where… Further more he gets obsessed with people visiting his page and commenting and he responds to those comments… it doesnt matter to him if he hasnt eaten or if his coffee goes cold… once smitten he will even forget that his ass fell asleep….

Further more… Once smitten he becomes so much more coochi cooo than in real life…. he becomes more mellowed… more thoughtful of his own acts…. he starts questioning things he earlier used to ignore…  than to get more and more comments he goes to more and more blogs and makes more and more comments… but the best thing is that he will get so obsessed that he will try and encourage everyone that he knows to start a blog… and thats how we spread the virus… just like Vampires… each blogger will infect more… and we will have blogging spreading in the terror ranks…

MMS : and how will we do this ??

Bhatavdekar : sir we will send some of these bloggers… with the mushayra team… we just have to find a few who are doing some sort of shayari and are funny enough to hold the interest of the terrorists… they will take a lil time initially… but once they inflict their blogging virus in one of the terrorists… it will spread faster than swine flu…. the terrorists will start insisting on laptops and broadband… the terrorist funders will have to spend more on computers than on guns… more on bytes than bombs…. !!!!

MMS : are you sure… what are the possibilities of success of this mission…

Dhurendar Bhatavdekar : sir why do you think i m checking my mobile every 5 seconds…

MMS : wat you are a blogger too…. ????

Bhatavdekar: sir I am badly addicted… and I have personal experience… !! It hooks u like nothing…… 

MMS : Is that why you got divorce… ????

Bhatavdekar (trying to look away) : There were lots of different issues… errr sir, lets keep personal things out of here…

MMS : err… okay what are the risks… ??

Bhatavdekar : nothing… no risk at all…

MMS : ahem… okay…  well do you have any personnel in mind ??

Bhatavdekar : I know one guy…. he is perfect , he will help us recruit the rest…

MMS : who …

Bhatavdekar : He…

**suddenly lights go off**

Ding Ding Ding Dinga Ding DingaaaaDing…. ( Okay its the james bond jingle but it sounds better okay… )  

His religion is Blasphemy….

His passion is eating….

He is a saggitarian like Bertie Wooster….

He is well conversant with Trivandrum Slang Malyalam..


MMS (breaks in) : What ??? the terrorists dont speak Malyalam… !! they speak urdu we need hindi speaking… !!!!

Bhatavdekar (unperturbed) : Not to worry… actually when he will swear they wont understand a word… its a plus point… just trust me on this… !!!!

Where were we…. let the music play…

Ding Ding Ding Dinga Ding DingaaaaDing…. (Now you can hum it na…)   

His religion is Blasphemy….

His passion is eating….

He is a saggitarian like Bertie Wooster….

He is well conversant with Trivandrum Slang Malyalam..

He is a follower of Carvaka School of materialism…

He uses words like Kallippu, Jangos, Akkare and what not without a sweat….

He is if you havent yet realised….

ORDINARY GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The curtains drop…. part-1 ends… part-2 at Aram+Aram=Kinnaram


He isnt ordinary, he is an EOG ( extra ordinary guy ) as crafty said… I termed him SOG (superstar ordinary guy) …


and all my votes were for you OG you know that… So I cant let you out of this… I have just made the script beginning … its well not so hahalarious yet…. but now you can take it further… and you can further tag some one and we can stretch this epic… keep on building the madness….  or you can finish the epic yourself or anything…. no rules… u play ahead… I nominate you…..


(Beta if you thought I would let you get away so easily… think again… 👿  :mrgreen: ) he he he…


No no… no crying foul…..

p.s. I m sure you will do one heck of job with this… your imagination is simply kidilan AAliyaaaa…. !!


For those who do not understand Malyalam… read : your imagination is simply jhakkas saale…. !! and no more translations… I m done… now waiting for part-2 !!!!!!!!

Thats me at 5 !



I couldnt resist buying his fishbowl once we went to the shop ! We got him two Gold Fish !!

so we got his birthday gift in advance… If impatient was to be used for some one … it has to be used for me !!!

Going home early from office to take him to a games section he loves a lot !!! Have got him new skates as well so he is going to be skating soon !!! Also got a few games… so he should have a busy day today !!!! 🙂


Today I am so so so excited I dont have words… I m overjoyed and overwhelmed by the joy all you blog samaj wala’s and my most dear friends in this virual world have bestowed upon me !!!! I wont thank you coz that would not be right !!! You all are a part of my life… !! and I am addicted to you all for life !!!! even though we havent met !!!! 😀 😀  Really amazing !!!

All of our blogger friends have been awesome in wishing Hriday… and I m gonna get Missus to read this all ( I am sure now she will understand what has me hooked) and I am sure when Hriday grows up he will appreciate all this… !!!

I m overwhelmed, over joyed and choked with emotions… !! I feel its my birthday today and you all have got me so darn excited I cant tell !!!!!

Thanks for all your emails, IM’s comments on the last post and special thanks to Sol’s darling !! and Indyeah bua !!


muah muah !!!!



God Bless !!!!!!