Mujo Kutchdo Baare Maas!

Shiyade sorath bhalo…

Unade gujrat..

Chaumase vagad bhalo..

Mujo Kuchdo Bare Maass


English Translation of the above : 

In winter Sorath(Saurashtra)’s better..

In summer it’s Gujarat

In monsoon it’s Vagad

My Kutch all 12 months..

The above lines are said in praise of my native land, to be fair and honest, I never visited there till two years back, which was my first trip, even after my first trip, which largely involved temples and some over populated tourist places that too in the peak days of Diwali I wasn’t really a fan of the place. I always wondered if poets were just being patriotic to their native place and would have just sung in their own deep love for the place.

I believe in most cases first impression is always the wrong impression, give everything/everyone another chance and so it happened again. In the company of more knowledgable people and getting to know the right places to see and also getting so much information about the land I am pretty much a fan now! I confess this here, today, now!

There is so much to discover in this one district that it amazes me!

Can you imagine how the ocean would look like if all the water from it disappeared??? Well this land was under sea once!


Wouldn’t the floor look a tad like this??? Those who have done snorkeling or scuba can surely relate!!


What if you could walk on the ocean floor devoid of all water and discover fossils left right and centre??


What if you could discover the remains of an extinct volcano and see it for yourself???


Well, not telling you everything right away, but well if you are intrigued remember Kutch! Any time of the year! 😀

So what do we really know ?!

Reading seriously opens so many different paradigms we may never be able to fathom. Off late I have made a conscious effort to read, I quit FB, Twitter and have not logged there for more than 2-3 weeks I think. When we start reading we start learning, the more I read the more I believe in that. For the first time in my life I am reading multiple books at one go and I never thought it was ever possible. I have been peeking into The Discovery of India by Nehru, The Bourne Legacy by Eric Van Lustbander, by the way I must mention I love the last name Lustbander it does sound quite exotic does it not??!! :mrgreen: Not to digress I am also reading a guide on photography and Fragrant Thorns by Ruby Badyal (no link but a gypsy soul like me)

Amazingly when we read we have so many thoughts going on, my nights are wonderful, I have dreams that are full 70mm movies, I can’t wait to fall asleep and watch the dreams. One day I am tracking a tiger who has become a man eater, one day I am in the midst of a heated discussion between Gandhi & Jinnah, sometimes I am plotting the downfall of a terrorist who has decided to attack the parliament again and another day I discover my wife has delivered twins ! Boy,  dare I tell my wife the things I dream !!! 😈 This is not to mention so many dreams that I just forget when I have to get up and get son ready for school.

From reading about how Siachen was snatched by India, the only territorial acquisition if you may call it that, by our country. The revenge of the Siachen defeat that Pervez Musharraf extracted in Kargil was an amazing piece of history. Wiki I must say is one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to the keen reader. I have always loved reading about history and the past mythologies and always tried to decipher them and put them into a logic and try to rationalize the human behavior. In my own humble way I have my theories and ideologies, although I am not a staunch believer in anything and my reading keeps on developing and diversifying my thoughts.

The more I read the more I feel there is so so so much out there that we know so little about. I live in Bharuch and although I was not born here (born in Tumchi Mumbai) I always call myself a Bharuchi, now for a guy who loves history it so happened that stuck on reading (well unconfirmed reports) about how Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah were related or not and how Sheikh Abdullah’s wife was once married to the Lawrence of Arabia or whether Feroze Gandhi’s father was a Parsi or his father a muslim and mother was a Gandy and how the christening changed I somehow clicked the link of Bharuch reading about Feroze Gandhi living in Kot Parsiwad in Bharuch to only realise I knew so little about my little town and I was bothering to know about so many other things!!!

The history rich town on the banks of the most holy river of India... Even the Ganges comes to bath in Narmada to purify herself... :D :D :D

The history rich town on the banks of the most holy river of India… Even the Ganges comes to bath in Narmada to purify herself… 😀 😀 😀

I must state that I am astounded and want all you readers out there to know this fact very very clearly !!!!

Bharuch is the oldest city of Gujarat. It is also the second oldest city of India having continuous inhitations, first being Kashi (Varanasi). Bharuch has a known history for about 8000 years.

Alright, all of you, stop your bowing and get up, smile, don’t marvel at me.

I am just a friendly neighbourhood blogger and not a GOD ! :mrgreen:


Just been reading you know… just been reading…  😉