Shy / Curious – Faces of India VII


A shy and equally curious face peeps at us as we pass through Nagini Village on our way to Peace Waterfall in the Tirthan Valley! The village had a lot of friendly people who were happy to smile and guide us on the right way! 🙂

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Indomitable – Faces of India!


Yes that is the only way to describe the spirit of this lady. Like her smile tells you, she lives life to the fullest. At 94, she is a managing trustee of two schools, drives with precision, climbs two storey building without panting, all this amidst thinking of such wonderful events like our school’s reunion. The event was not just a grand success but like many ex-students will tell you a memory that will remain with us like our school life. She not just thought of the idea but also ensured that everything was being done and organised in perfect order. That truly is the way to live a life, with an indomitable spirit like her’s! In her words, her age is only 39! No wonder they say age is only a number, in your mind you can live any age you want to be. This lady is living proof of that!

Hats off to Pushpa Madam! 🙂

Faces of India – V


Our guide in the Jaisalmer fort poses for me, apparently he is growing his moustache and beard for a competition in Jaisalmer that will happen during the desert festival, apparently the most Rajput type, royal looking and regal moustache and beard fetches a prize of Rs. 50000/- This fellow had already once won this competition a year or two back!

He has started grooming his beard this year and to me he already looks like a winner! 😀

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Faces of India IV


This man apparently manages a check post inside the jungle of Ranthambore, apparently there also is a washroom for all tourists who take a mid safari break to use the facilities and also get their legs free. I was astounded to enter this particular washroom in route no.1 of Ranthambore which was so neat and clean that even the best of restaurants or multiplex would need to pull up their socks to match it. This guy earnestly was chasing the kids out who were doing some mischief in the bathroom and wiping the basin section the moment visitors were out of it.

Its men like these that give you hope that the Swachch Bharat campaign does have a future! 😀

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Faces of India – III


This baba was sitting at the entrance of the main gate of the Jaisalmer Fort and was quite happy to pose and even asked me to pay him something since he had posed for me. Whilst the baniya in me just gave a ten’er away, our guide Mr Lalit Vaishnav had a mischevous smile on his face and whilst he was smirking and I asked him he told me to finish my business with the baba and that he would tell me about him later.

As soon as we left the baba behind and walked ahead our guide told us that this Baba has some 6-7 trucks, woh bhi those trucks which have 16-20 tyres that run between Delhi to Jaipur and that he is the owner of a big business!!!

I am not sure if my guide was bluffing, throughout our 3 hours with the guide I kept asking and looking for hints to see if he was just making up the story. If indeed that story is true I must say I am flabbergasted! :mrgreen:

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Faces of India II – well almost! :P


Just as I saw this lady standing and rubbing tobacco in her palms I was quite sure she made an interesting character to be shot and put on my blog as a part of the Faces of India. I shouted to my wife to get the camera as I was sitting on the driving seat of the car whilst Hriday was getting some chocolates from a store.

Just as I got ready to click her though she finished her process and plonked the tobacco in her mouth and a kind of apt picture happened in any case! Remember tobacco chewing can be injurious to your health and perhaps this lady did not want to model for that so she hid her face at just the right time! 😀 😀

I don’t know if this does qualify as a part of the Faces of India series but I will try anyways. To see more in the series of Faces of India meme go here.

Faces of India – I


Whilst walking through the streets of Purani Dilli with Sangeeta and Arvind I also encountered this gentleman who upon seeing me carrying a back pack immediately stopped me and asked what was in the bag. Only after he thoroughly checked and was satisfied that I was only carrying a camera and a few lenses with some bubblegum that he relaxed and talked a little bit with us.


I guess ever since Ajmal Kasab walked in on that fateful day into CST station back packers are always viewed differently.


It was the election season back then and the moment the fellow came to know that I was from Gujarat his way of looking at me changed. A staunch BJP supporter he was, infact, Modi had not stopped following us from Bharuch to the Himalaya’s! This after all was Dilli where politics and politicians are never far!


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