Faces of India – V


Our guide in the Jaisalmer fort poses for me, apparently he is growing his moustache and beard for a competition in Jaisalmer that will happen during the desert festival, apparently the most Rajput type, royal looking and regal moustache and beard fetches a prize of Rs. 50000/- This fellow had already once won this competition a year or two back!

He has started grooming his beard this year and to me he already looks like a winner! 😀

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Happy Times!

When you are about to set off on a journey to the jungles to track tigers, leopards and bear, you get a text from your soul mate who has had a wonderful appraisal and there are just grins all over, hugs being held onto and its a total gooey moment… yes it is also a time to get up and just let lose and do the crazy dance! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Feeling Happy! 😀 😀



The Jharokha’s in almost all Rajputana forts and palaces are quite intricately done and they never fail to intrigue me, here is a photo of one such Jharokha in the Salam Singh ki Haveli with the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer in the back drop.

Apparently almost all books and internet sites I read say it was Salim Singh Ki Haveli where as the guide who showed us and manages the places claims they are from the same family and that it is Salam Singh Ki Haveli. He also very strongly disputed the whole history that was largely written by James Tod a fellow he claimed never traveled to Jaisalmer!

There are quite a few interesting stories about Salam Singh Ki Haveli and about that man himself! I will let you onto those in my next few posts! 😀

Faces of India – III


This baba was sitting at the entrance of the main gate of the Jaisalmer Fort and was quite happy to pose and even asked me to pay him something since he had posed for me. Whilst the baniya in me just gave a ten’er away, our guide Mr Lalit Vaishnav had a mischevous smile on his face and whilst he was smirking and I asked him he told me to finish my business with the baba and that he would tell me about him later.

As soon as we left the baba behind and walked ahead our guide told us that this Baba has some 6-7 trucks, woh bhi those trucks which have 16-20 tyres that run between Delhi to Jaipur and that he is the owner of a big business!!!

I am not sure if my guide was bluffing, throughout our 3 hours with the guide I kept asking and looking for hints to see if he was just making up the story. If indeed that story is true I must say I am flabbergasted! :mrgreen:

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