sly me was


I loved watching her..

dressed in a breezy skirt..
a bag on her shoulder..
gliding over hearts..
walked she never..

a hint of a grin..
with the sun on her puppy eyes..
probably angry at her hair…
for kissing her cheeks…

shy and sparing was her smile..
opinions and thoughts were her own..
kept to herself she always did..
wonder what was inside..

I always did..

innocent was what everyone called her..
observing she was always..
ever a listener..
ever aware..

and yet…
I remained

the unnoticed admirer…


Punished !

Just saw this photo Ritu shared on FB and it brought back so many memories…



The kids here in this pic look so punished !!!!! ha ha its a priceless photo invariably brings a smile to my face.


I dont know about you folks but I have spent a lot of time stading outside classroom. Thankfully I was never made to raise my hands outside the class like this ! Only stand there and whenever the Principal would come for a round I would walk smartly to the toilet not at all letting her feel I was standing outside the class.


We had one Maths teacher who was pretty cool at punishing, I guess she should have been a gym trainer but became a teacher instead, she had a simple and clear rule –

not brought book = 25 situps

talking in the class = 25 situps

incomplete work = 50 situps

not sketched red lines (yea after every sum of maths you had to differentiate with a red line and if you didnt do that) 50 situps !!!!!

lol no wonder I never gained weight in school ! 😀


Then there was our Physical Education teacher and he was rather rough whenever we would play Kho-Kho he would be almost military type… our school was a champion in our city in that sport (sigh how kids never play such sports now) and if anyone during the practice would do any smart work he would get a good kick in his backside. I mean a literal kick. Wonder how parents today would react to that ?! 🙂 I took a few from him but even today I meet him and I like meeting him and always recall those days… his patent dialouge used to be “Abey dabbey Kho-dena chuk gaya bey” (you tinhead you missed a Kho please dont ask me to translate Kho in english ) !!!! (Crafty you wanna help with that translation 😛 )


When we were in XIth and XIIth we bunked school crazily for movies 12 to 6 school meant 2 movies 😀 but of the few times we were in school we had one rather finicky Accounts teacher. In those days Hum Aapke Hai Kaun had released and there was this patented cough in it… somehow this teacher in his mind was convinced that anyone who coughed was actually copying Madhuri and Salman and he would get really mad… so we had a simple routine… the moment we saw a team playing volleyball in the ground we would tell our teacher that I have cough and instead of coughing in the class and irritating you its better I stand out… 😀 😀 😀 Once out we would join the volleyball game 😀


I also remember one time when we had a corner class and we had a superb monitoring system so we all would have all sorts of fun while a watcher would alert if a teacher came from a distance and all would be normal when he came… it so happened that once I was standing on a desk and flying helicopters made of paper out of the window from our second floor class when our watcher didn’t alert and our same Physical Education teacher came in to see me up on the desk flying helicopters ! Oh boy ! soon I was below the bench and still was being kicked by my Teacher ! Sigh I will never forget that Pitaai !


Amazingly remembering all those punishments & beating they still bring a smile to my face 🙂


So how much time did you spend outside the class or standing on the bench or raising hands or were you made a murga ? lol :mrgreen:

cherished memories of my life


I was first tagged by Rashmi for this but somehow I never read that post and when Smitha did this tag and she didn’t tag me I cried foul. Now having taken up the tag smartly and read a lot of our bloggers do this I am realising this is infact a very difficult tag….


I would end up writing an epic….  good or bad all the memories are cherished all for some different reasons… So lets do it in parts I will  just recall my days as a kid and in school….. that would be enough nostalgia for me for a week…. 🙂


1.) My memories with my two younger brothers —-

I miss being a kid, we three brothers would always gang up and be Dada’s in our society. We would play cricket, thappo (hide n seek), aais pais, king, fish from tanks and collect them in our tanks, but them in bottles and put them on TV (gharib logo ka acquarium), bring puppies home only for Mom to not let it enter the house, catching squirrels, plucking & stealing mangoes &  flowers from other people’s house, doing WWF on the beds and breaking them…. I want those days back really…. 🙂

In the afternoons Mom would force 3 of us to sleep and we would keep talking and making noise or fighting and not let her sleep and she would get angry and we three would keep giggling and eventually Mom would burst out laughing… She loved her siesta (used to get up very early) and we never let her have one… Those were the days as they say… 🙂

Once all three of us decided to have our heads shaved… but as my younger brother sat on the barber’s seat and got his head shaved… I and the youngest one stood up… he looked horrible… we didnt get ours shaved and the middle one didnt speak to both of us for a few days… !!! but seriously Haath firaving on the taklu was fun….. 😀 😀 😀

Wish I and my bro’s could be young again in our old Bharuch house which had a huge huge compound… !!! Even in the nights we would play cricket in the hall, break tube lights, watches and what not…  It was fun… seriously fun… We were a gang in ourselves and didnt even need anyone for fun… !!!! 😀


2.) My school days Primary –

Up until 5th I was a very good boy having always studied in a boys school (Mumbai n Jamnagar), playing soccer and studying as a ranker… but as I shifted to Bharuch, my rank from 2nd went to 22nd…. In Bharuch there was no boys school and I entered a co-ed… what with our teacher making us sit 1 girl 1 boy combination… !! the girls ruined me… !!! my studies went for a toss …. 😦

Every action done in school then was always conscious, always in the mind the same thought, the girls are watching…. !!! :mrgreen:

Showing bravado by breaking the fans in the school or putting sutli bomb’s in the teachers drawers tied with an incense stick (TIME BOMB we used to call it)… never having books completed and when the teacher would give an option either 50 situps or get out of the class to actually take pride in getting out !!!! …. ( silly really but it didnt seem then, it seemed very smart and brave ! ) 😳

Strangely enough English books would always be complete… as I was good in it and all girls would want it to copy my answers… !!! Every action like I said was being done thinking about the girls… !! :mrgreen:

Removing Valve tubes from the cycles of the beautiful girls and then helping her to a puncture shop and sitting and chatting to her alone after schoool…. ohhhhh…. I want the girls back… I want the carefree days back… I want my silly days back…. 😀 😀


3.) School Secondary days –

This was the time when the girls magic kind of became a little less…. (na it can never wear off).

Playing serious sport… Cricket… I became a hero when I scored 65 against our dushman school GNFC in our local cricket tournament and thanks to it was made captain of the cricket team the next year…. bunking periods everyday to go to the ground to practice… I was the pride of my Physical Education sir and he was my license to get the players out of the classes and practice… !!!!! 😀 😀

Sometimes when I think, we could play for 3 days at a stretch for 80 overs everyday in the sun !! Even in scorching May !!!! Today when I go out of my A/c office to catch a smoke in the sun…. I feel its so so hot… !!!! 😦

Wish I could be like that again… dark… skinny…. and playing a sport… eating golas on the cricket ground or getting our limbu soda… puri bhaji in lunch from various associations where the potatoes in the subji would not even be peeled…. 🙂 🙂

My cricket love affair started here… my life’s first love…. I couldn’t sleep the nights before I was to play matches… !!! and after the match was over and played I would sleep totally exhausted and scream in my sleep…. “easy easy” “throw throw” “comon boys” “shot ‘sir” and what not to keep my parent awake… !!!! 😀 😀


4.) Higher Secondary school –

A newly admitted girl caught my fancy here… whole day like a completely ashamed mawali… I would stare at her… the class would go on but I would only keep looking at her… no matter what… everyone would know apart from the students…. but I would keep staring… !! (eventually as August came the girl came and tied a rakhi to me and broke my heart ) 😳

Then a tiff with our class teacher (he would trouble students who didnt join his tutions) ensured that I decided that I will not attend school if he comes to school… 😦 . Imagine… how brave I was !!!!!!  So for almost 6-7 months I and a bunch of other friends would bunk school daily… We would go to our school timings were 12.00 to 6.00, as soon as our prayer bell would ring…. we the brave we would pick our bags and go out of school…. (so what if the teachers saw us) &  when we had a larger number we would all play cricket… if the number would be smaller… we would go to movies 12-3 and 3-6 !!!!

Yours truly didn’t like Hum Aapke hain Kaun but has seen the movie in theatre 27 times !!!!   Bloody two theatres out of 4 in Bharuch ran this movie for almost 3 months… !! I have also seen Rangeela 5 days consecutive 12-3 & 3-6 (2 shows every day, Monday to Friday) !!!!  😀 😀  I have seen Rangeela &  Bombay more than 10 times in the theatre !!!!  😀 Barsaat, Humse hai muqabla more than 5 times… 😀 Even pakau sadiyal movies like Teesra Kaun 2-3 times !!!  😀 😀 For almost 2 years in 11th and 12th I have seen umpteen movies first day first show !!!! (yes I was the pucca mawali in those days) 😀 😀

I was going to fail in 11th as my attendance was not enough however the smart me went to our class teacher and made up and joined his tution for 12th standard before our 11th results came.

In 12th I had a tution from 7am-9am for accounts and statistics, 9am-11am for Commerce and Economics (class teacher). However I cannot recall attending it ever…. we would sit downstairs or roam here and there or play cricket or sit in our restaurant (mayur – lovely dosa’s) we would only go to drop the girls in the tution and welcome them out of the tutions… !!! and then 12pm to 6 pm you already know !!! aaah… that was some fun… wasn’t it ?? :mrgreen:

Hang on… no I didnt copy in the 12th board exams… I passed in Second class… !!! Dont ask how… !!!

I was a smart asss but an ass !!



The worst experience of my life also happened in 12th in the vacations in Gir, we 2 class mates and 2 seniors along with 1 other guy and a rabari were tracking 2 lioness on foot for more than an hour eventually we probably pissed the lioness’ off and one of them charged to threaten us……. She didnt want to kill us, only wanted us off her tail… If she wanted to she in all likelihood would have…. She charged us…. and all of us ran for our lives…. one of our friend fell but none of the 5 guys running had the bravado or sense to stop and pick him up…. she pawed him… but missed and he got up and ran away !!!! You know him as Third Eye (a contributor in our photography blog) !!!!  That is when we realised that we must keep distance and never go beyond a certain limit… The though of answering his Mom if something had happened still sends shivers down my spine…. It was the worst experience of our lives…. Never do anything like that…  That friend of mine is still alive and driving somewhere in Leh at the moment… he is a very very dear friend and we are always in touch !!!



Will post some other memories some other time… this post is quite long enough already… !!!


Do read … huh !!

Beloved Baroda – Foodie’s dream

This is a repost, actually a friend sent it to me from Kenya, he got excited by the blogging stuff and sent me one… That was in October, at that time I didnt have many readers… but now that I am famous !!! I thought I should post again, so that I can ask him to join the Bloggin Bandwagon….

Bunty buddy jump in !!!!

We all often miss our college days, the days of fun and frolic… just chatted to him today morning at 3.30 while he was in Kenya at 1.30.

Strange are the ways of life… guys who used to stick together everyday, and smoke the same cigarette till the very end…

now one gets up to see a match another goes to sleep after a late night movie… almost simultaneously !

But this is not  a sad post… this is about our college days in Baroda !! the best days of life !! surely !



This comes from a friend in Kenya, Pratik … he is missing our college days in baroda like me …


Woh Mandvi, woh Tower, woh Baroda ka station..

Woh Mandvi, woh Tower, woh Baroda ka station..!

Woh Ellora-park jo avval tha pani-puri mein,

Woh raunak jo rehti thi Alpkapuri mein,

Woh Payal ki kachori,

woh Rumzum ki chaatein

Woh office main laake samosay thay khaatein..

Kahaan Dairy-den ka ice-cream,

kahaan Rajkamal ke khaman,

Woh Jagdish ke farsan,

woh Kalyaan ka dosa,

Woh Vishaal jo daalta tha Sandwich mein samosa,

Woh Raju ka Omlet,

woh Duliraam ke pende,

Woh halki si baarish mein Sarabhai ke bhajiye,

Kahaan jalaram ki lassi,aur woh wadi ki tam-tam..

Woh Vaccine aur Aarkee ke rangeele garbay,

Woh home-science ki maalein,

woh fine-arts ke fatkay,

Hansa mehta ke chakkar,

SD Hall ka phera,

Fatehgunj ki sadkon pe ladkon ka dera..

Na career ki chinta,

na naukri ka tension..

Yeh Passport bhi le lo..

yeh greencard bhi le lo..

Bhale chheen lo mujhse mera yeh H1..

Magar mujhko lauta do woh Baroda ka jeevan

– Pratik Jani, M.S.Univesity.



[p.s – M.S. University = more popularly known as Marriage Setting University ]


It did turn out to be that for me  – lol !! 😀