Keep moving

That has to be the mantra of life for me, I just cannot stay put in the same routine at all. Ever since I took up an office, I have kind of become monotonous atleast from Monday to Friday and whilst when I started first up I was pretty enthused but now that the newness of it is all out of the way I just cant stay steady. The urge to go away from all routines is really starting to kick up more and more with each passing day.

The other thing is that to advance plan your breaks means the whole excitement bit is gone, you know its done and you have to just wait and whilst you wait you must work coz that is where the money comes to travel, sigh. Every time I read that cliched quote, “If travel were more you’d never see me again” the more I can connect to it.

I end up browsing old photos from trips done and the more I see them the more I want to wander again. Alas this growing into a responsible man bit is boring I tell you and a pretty hard task as well.

Whenever I rant, everyone I know comes back at me and tells me you have just been on a holiday two months back and I am like!? So what? Didnt you eat roti in lunch yesterday? Why do you need it today!?

Anyways this rant will keep on going, thankfully I have managed to convince all who are concerned to sneak away atleast for a small weekend away from work and routine and I am glad! 😀



D for Division

Math is really not my forte and so I would refrain from going on writing about the formula’s not even sure you call it a formula or what?!


Now that I have D for Division to write about I wonder what should I go on about, but once an exercise is taken upon you have to go ahead and accomplish the task.


If you ask me that is one of the worst words as far as the human race is concerned, when I think of Division beyond math the first thing that comes to my mind is religion, what has it done apart from dividing us? I am a rational and I would not mind hearing contrary opinions from my readers.

Open up, speak, discuss, find out faults with your religion. Is it necessary at all? Apart from tagging us what else has it done!? Don't close your doors to logic!

Open up, speak, discuss, find out faults with your religion. Is it necessary at all? Apart from tagging us what else has it done!? Don’t close your doors to logic!

Honestly, in my opinion, religion has done nothing else but divide us, out of insecurity in ages when humans were a lot more barbaric we wanted more numbers on our side to survive and hence we sided with those so called similar religion fellows. Great philosophers over a period of time who are now revered as God’s actually showed a way of life, more than showing that way of life, they lived their lives as an example of what they meant, now instead of actually trying to emulate that life, somehow the followers, who I think found it difficult to emulate decided that they wanted to set up some rituals and those who follow those symbolic rituals would be called religious people.


The worst thing about religious people and believers of God is they will not discuss or argue a point beyond a certain extent, because they cannot reason and because since our childhood we all are conditioned to believe in something somewhere the ability to question or reason has gone out of the window.


Someone please throw some light and tell me apart from creating divisions what has religion done for us? I am a Muslim and you are a Jew, apart from it what is its role? Ghettoism perhaps would be an apt synonym wouldn’t it?



Randomness rules

For a change I have been working hard, avoiding distractions and focussing on work, that though is now a passe, it was the past fortnight, now that I have achieved some success the easy go lucky guy in me is back in action. Sigh… only if I had some more appetite for success, somewhat like the space I can make when I see delicious food coming my way. Its quite amazing how my body can actually take in all those quantities and thankfully not bloat or explode!!


The month of December is bad that way, way too many parties and weddings and everywhere you kind of find one or the other food item that gets you drooling and salivating and then you indulge and then err.. geez food just makes me digress, lets stop the food topic for a while.


I  came to the blog to write something about the new movie released yesterday which I have not seen so far, Baji Rao Mastani, I am not a Sanjay Leela Bhansali fan, for long I have believed he packs mundane stories in sort of grand gift wrap papers, where in the gift wrapper is more beautiful than the actual gift. I till AIB Roast of Ranveer happened could not even stand him, now am actually looking forward to seeing him. The guy is cool, the guy is actually enviable, perhaps that is why that dislike was there. I am actually wanting to watch a SLB movie that is featuring Ranveer Singh and no, I am not wanting to watch it just for Deepika, mind it! The movie has a story and since I actually googled Baji Rao Peshwa and his story I was feeling kinda ashamed that I knew so little about perhaps one of the greatest warrior’s in India’s history.


I wonder why our history books showed so little of him or taught us so little, though I must confess as I live longer I always feel our school history books taught us very little, thank God for Amar Chitra Katha’s which actually in someways helped satiate my fascination for historical characters. I don’t think there is anything more fascinating than reading history or hearing stories about it. Be it the Alan Turing story in The Imitation Games or reading about the Bangladeshi turmoil and their liberation from Pakistan  history in more ways than one makes you wonder about human behaviour and always questions your conclusions about certain things. I am a complete student of history and will keep on reading more and more and hope to learn more and more about this world of ours, in many ways history tells you why we are, how we are!



अजीब (strange)


लकीरो में लिखी है सारी दास्तान
पर क्या हम इन्हे कभी समझ सकेंगे

वैसे तो हम चांद तक पहोच गये
पर अपने आस पास ही देख ना सके

मिलोन दूर का ही हमेशा सोचा
अप्नो की ही कभी सून ना सके

अजीब सी ये रीत है इस जहान की
जो नही है उस्की क्यो खोज में उलझी है…

जो है उसमे क्यो खुश नही है…
अजीब सी है ये ज़िन्दगी





There must be limits, somewhere, to the human footprint on this earth. When the whole of the world is reduced to nothing but human product, we will have lost the map that can show us how we got here, and can offer our spirits an answer when we ask why. Surely we are capable of declaring sacred some quarters that we dare not enter or possess.


Recently I read a quote somewhere, “The only animal that you should be really petrified of are humans”, aint that so shockingly true? The footprints we will probably leave behind us will be only ours in a few generations. Just as I took this picture of a lemur in Singapore zoo and I watched its legs and fingers I realised how beautiful these little animals were, how little damage they did to the planet, how difficult have we made it for them to survive, very soon the only place all these animals will be left for discovering will be Zoo’s I guess.

Its not just a random thought that just came to mind, I regularly keep observing, most times I keep it to myself but then sometimes it does make me want to voice it out. How much will we consume, how much will we keep growing, how much will be keep capturing, how much will be enough? We humans will never stop will we? Wonder what legacy will we live for the coming generations, perhaps we will have found newer technologies that will enable us to survive in any case although all other eco systems on the planet may not survive.

We must be careful what we use, how much we use, if we could cut down on our consumption in every small little way we can. Each individual can himself probably ration his own consumption, think not of how you may appear to others, think about what is best to sustain this planet.

Think, reduce, reuse, recycle and please keep repeating this! Lets try to leave only footprints.

Anxious / Nervous / Thrilled / Excited everything in one! :)

All those who are close to me and those who follow me on FB by now know where I am headed for this new year. Finally one dream destination is being visited and one thing can be marked off from the bucket list that is unending! 😀

Leh!!! Wow!!! 

Everyone that hears exclaims, its a very pretty place, the ones that have visited it remark and the ones who haven’t remark almost the same with the one line I want to go there too some day! Then, all of a sudden they are like… are you going now?!

in December?? Like really!?? 

Wont it be too cold?! Freezing? 

Are you mad?! 

Your ass will freeze off!! 

Marega Saale…!!! 

and what not… its amusing, causes a smirk or a smile, somewhere it causes apprehension too, I myself have never been to Leh in the summer either. Its pretty cold then I hear and the terrain has low oxygen in the air they say. Its tough in summer as many sum up but great great fun. In winter it makes my mind quiver for a second, thankfully, I am able to ride it all. Yesterday the newspaper that is most read in Gujarat, Gujarat Samachar had headlines of Deadly cold in Kashmir and my mom had to come up to me and say, are you sure you are doing this… Dekh lena… she knows its useless to try to stop me but the worry on her face is palpable.

But, hang on, beyond the cold, beyond the difficulties, beyond all anxieties, beyond all apprehensions lies this :


You know heaven can never be attained without pain can it? Atleast thats what all the religious books say right!? Though not into religion really but I sure do believe in ‘Karma’ and if we shall endure we shall shall see what very few see! Hopefully we can come back with a picture of the ‘Ghost Cat’ as the snow leopard is popularly known as! Now that would be one thing that I could always come up and ask any wildlife enthusiast to show off my luck you know!

Saale kabhi wild mein snow leopard dekha hai kya?! 😛 

Call me shallow, coz that is what I am! But amid the butterflies in the belly is a cock that is hooping and with some energy I tell you. I have waited for this day for the past 4 months since we got into making this program, only 5 days now separate me and this wonderful landscape in the Mighty Himalaya’s! Its gonna be one heck of an experience to narrate I am sure, I have got my books to accompany me on the trip, my camera is charged, we have bought enough warm clothes to keep us warm. All that is needed now is for the journey to being…

I cannot wait… I say bring it on! 😀

Identity crisis for a blogger!

Sometimes I really wonder if I have completely forgotten the art of forming a post?! It used to happen so naturally earlier that I cannot comprehend now how has it becomes so difficult and unnatural now. I am clear now and have no silly hopes now left that I am a writer, or I have potential to be one, but yes atleast rambling up a blogpost was something I could do. That was actually pretty easy peasy really and yet here I am where the moment writing,(yea smart ass typing) or whatever you want to call it is presented to me I go blank, I can’t ramble I can’t let my fingers fly on the keyboard like I used to earlier. But hey I am a cricketer at heart and a Test cricketer at that and you know we Test Cricket fan’s never give up, we keep the vigil, we fight, we keep trying till we succeed and so here I am trying my best to type for as long as I can or have done in a long while.

Adaptability is one thing humans are pretty good at and I consider myself to be more adaptable to newer or difficult circumstances than say a lot of other humans I know and yet I can’t figure out how can we go so out of sync with something that we used to do so easily. Am I just retyping the first paragraph in different words?!

Man! I mean Woman! This is becoming tough ain’t it? When writing it is so tough I am sure reading it should be even more tougher! Hang on! Are you there yet?! or did you leave!?

Well okay you can leave you know, don’t try telling me that I should just stick to photography. Thats really mean you know.

Ah, talking of mean comments, you know what?! I have never encountered a so called troll! Do you know what that means?! So many of my fellow bloggers and buddies have all had a troll or two to break their peace of mind but guess what who has never had such a run in!? :mrgreen: Well, you know some people piss off others and some people just impress the brains out of others and then when you impress someone so much how can they every troll on you 😛 *runs* lol….

So whilst you guys get worked up with trying to come up with a comment I might as well post a pic of the soup I am having by the fire... hell I know the post doesn't need a picture but well its my space you know and I'll try my best to make you jealous :P :mrgreen:

So whilst you guys get worked up with trying to come up with a comment I might as well post a pic of the soup I am having by the fire… hell I know the post doesn’t need a picture but well its my space you know and I’ll try my best to make you jealous 😛 :mrgreen:

Why I write..

That is such a difficult thing to explain actually. Why do we always need to have reasons? I hated the reasons in Science even in school and here I have to give a reason for what some might consider art, that is if my random ramble qualifies for literature, and yet I must try to reply to this question as I want to kick start my writing back to life again. Actually I have been away from this beleaguered blog of mine for a while, the writing has gone away, maybe I put in pictures and a few captions on this blog but my ability to randomly ramble and put my thoughts into words was on a hiatus, perhaps still is, we will only get to know if its back or not once we put this typing exercise into post and actually publish it, beyond this word file. DSC_0105

Coming to seriously think of it, I have always had a lot of thoughts which never quite got converted into speech, perhaps when talking to someone or debating or simply conversing or explaining myself I am not able to actually convey the real essence of what I want to say. Perhaps I have always felt that I was able to formulate and shape my thoughts better once I wrote, you might say that is obvious as we can always delete what we type… but can’t take back what we once uttered. Also so many views on so many random things that I didn’t know who to share with. I did try to write a diary a few times, but always was scared someone might read my thoughts. As I grew up I guess I did understand that thoughts were thoughts and that was it and it became clear to me as I began writing that it helped me get a perspective. However, it was all random and I really do not have a record of things. Many times I used to write in a letter pad and then tear off the letter.

Eventually one friend, one fine day introduced me to the world of blogging. Tentatively I began writing about my first love, cricket, I have a view there almost all the time and I love the sport so much and get so emotionally attached you would not believe if I ever told you. As I got more familiar to the blogging scene and started reading other people I started to actually believe that so many thoughts I had so many times and was so shy or scared to share were actually okay. Others had such thoughts too and seriously the fact that I was able to read what was in the minds of so many other people triggered a lot of freedom than I had earlier thought I would have on my blog.

So what started as a cricket blog became a place where I shared my personal things, thoughts, memories and views and then as people started visiting I loved the fact that there was interaction. I will admit that I loved blogging and being on my blog the most when the interaction was at its peak. I many times used to feel my comment section was more interesting than the post in itself. It told me about how much warmth there was in the blogging world. But like all good things, even that stopped and so my writing also became err.. lets say less regular.

At most times I prefer to write only when some thought comes to my mind. I do not write for the sake of writing, I didn’t think it was great, but, over time I think I was wrong, the more I bring myself to a keyboard or a scribble pad the more likely I was to acknowledge so many thoughts of mine that just go away. Opening a word document and just staring in it all of a sudden the thoughts start to pour in and there are so many things I actually want to write.

I guess by now you would have realised Why I write?
I don’t have any reason really.. Most of the time I write nothing actually, even that nothing though, has to be written.

Written in response to a prompt that I read about on Corinne’s blog : The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 80

Yea well I wrote it on a friday but how does that matter eh, discipline is just not my cup of tea. I would also take this opportunity to thank Corinne as this post actually is about to be published. I think she is a wonderful motivator and has got me back to writing 😀