whose style is it anyway.. !

I was standing in the general store that we frequent when this lil chap, he must have been barely 12 came in followed by his mom and demanded a Deodarant, Brut, he said, his Mom said Axe, he said its effect wears off too soon !! Adiddas, her mom said, but the kid would have none, Brut it would be ! Then he wanted Dove Shampoo and they had that soon enough.

As I watched them pay and walk off discussing what perfume he wanted and it wasn’t available, I couldn’t help but think of the generation gap that has come ! Suddenly I felt I am 33 ! I cant remember as a kid buying any Deodarant till I reached college that too it would be a roll on stick and Deodarant would be considered a luxury and when you would get your hands on a Deodarant of a rich friend you would lustfully spray on yourself and feel like the freshest flower in the world !!!!

Shampoo too was a luxury in the age of Swastik Shikakai and when Dimple Kapadia came in an advertisement of Crowning Glory soap it was a premium luxury hair wash soap that had to be owned !!! I would always feel that the brown Crowning Glory soap was so much superior to the mundane red Shikakai soap constantly letting my hand through my hair.  😀

Today, Shampoo is not enough it is must to follow it up with a conditioner, today perfume soaps are not enough you do certainly require a Face wash, its quite desi to be using the same soap on your face and body both.

For a guy who has never bothered for soaps or face wash or shampoo’s even the rack in my own bathroom sometimes amazes me with the sheer number of things there are … ! I just realised that I dont even prefer any soap or shampoo and use whatever comes to my hand first. To add to my misery, my wife just told me, even my son I realised does have toothpaste, soap, shampoo brands of his own choice !!! :-/

Seriously getting clean and smelling good was never such an issue in those days !!!! 😐 Yea, right, I know I sound ancient, even to myself ! 😐