unbelievable news.. !! :D :D

My relationship with the news paper was earlier developed by my Mom, who came from a vernacular medium and did her graduation and post graduation in English, as she would make her son read the news paper in order to improve his english… lil did she know that in the years to come she would be screaming her sanity out telling the son to take a bath first and never mind the news paper !!!! I used to read that much more in those days… :mrgreen:


Over the years I have developed a sort of hatred towards the news paper as it would only give bad news or worse… slowly with time I started turning straight to the sports page coz that was the only place the good news was likely to come.. !! Other than that I would look at the Stock market but since the last year and half even that had only grief… 😦


Over the past few years the Indian cricket team gave us a lot to cheer about… 😀 !!! Now that they have faltered… 😦 I was worrying how and where to look… in the paper and then I saw this piece of news on the front page… which is really hard to believe.. !!!!!!!


LAKHIMPUR: In a good news for wildlife enthusiasts concerned over dwindling big cat population in the country, at least 15 tiger cubs have been


sighted in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh, officials said.

Not only that, the survival rate of the cubs has also increased, they said.

“At least 15 tiger cubs have been sighted at various spots of the park,” Shailesh Prasad, field director of the Dudhwa reserve in Kheri district, said.

He said a tigress with three cubs was sighted in Madraicha while Chhota Palia, Chaltua, Kakraha, Puraina and Jhadi Tal areas of the national park and Sadar beat of Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary (KWS) were reported to have tigresses with two cubs respectively.

He also said, “a tigress with one cub was reported to be staying in Trans-Gerua area of KWS.”

“All the cubs were hale and hearty, which indicated a sustained growth of tiger family in Dudhwa despite several odds,” he added.

However, if the arrival of new members in the tiger families has rejuvenated the wildlife lovers, this has also left them seriously concerned as Dudhwa with an area of nearly 1400 sq kms is nearly saturated with tiger population.

The joy this wildlife enthusiast felt is hard to describe… I was & am so crazy about tiger watching that even on my honeymoon I convinced my wife to go to Corbett… (the fact that she is a nature enthusiast too, is a different matter 😉 )


The tiger is fighting hard for survival… this is its own effort to survive its own kin… now its upto us to help the tiger survive from being wiped out !!!!!


I sincerely and deeply wish to God… let us have more of such great news pieces…!!!! We really need more of them… !!!!



p.s. – I m exercising some self control so away from blogs and commenting… but this was just too good to resist !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

of unfulfilled ambitions…

Saw this tag on A thoughful Train’s blog and though she didnt tag me… I tagged myself and dont worry guys I am not tagging any one of you… so don’t run and read instead… !!!!


The question was what were the professions that you wanted to be in as you grew up? Now if I start listing down all the things I wanted to become from since I was a kid I can keep writing till the cows go home… as you very well know I am a bundle of desires… yes at times I have thought of becoming an astronaut or a ring master in a circus but then I thought I would spare you and just list the major wishes…

Most times I wanted to be either

1.) As a kid I wanted to be a zoo keeper…


When I was about 3-4 years old I stayed in Baroda for about 3 months when as a kid I was infected with a mild Tubercolisis in a very early stage… I stayed in Baroda and our office man named Pandubhai would take me to the zoo everyday… everyday without fail… on his bicycle there was a small seat and on that we would go…  !! What was most interesting is  I would every day sit for one hour near the cage of a Tiger who was named “Vithall” by the zoo authorities… I would sit there and keep chatting to him… !!!! Pandubhai would leave me there and get my pop-corn and I would sit there and eat and keep talking… !! I would go to no other sections… but somehow that Tiger was a companion of mine… also the movie Haathi Mere Saathi influenced me greatly… !! I wanted to have all sorts of animals in my house… which wouldnt be possible as my Mom is afraid of anything bigger than an ant !! So I would always think some day I will buy lots of land and make the best zoo in this world !!!!!


2.) As I grew I wanted to go to the Pilot but they told me I would have to know maths for that… So I decided to become a more ordinary Soldier in the military instead.. !!


I still miss Fauji and Param Veer Chakra… wonder why they dont make such serials today !! They greatly influenced us and I remember all guys in our society brought the big machine guns… We three brothers and all the boys would play Military Military in our compound and make teams and fight wars… throw greanades and all that silly stuff… !!! But I seriously wanted to join the army…. till cricket ka keeda bit me bad… !!


3.) Cricketer… 


From around 5th or 6th standard I had it clear that I wanted to be a cricketer first interest was aroused in 1985 when we won the Benson & Hedges World Championship… but in 1989 a guy named Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar burst on the scene… In Pakistan…. they hit him on the nose in the first Test and I remember all and sundry crying his name in praise… and cheering his guts !! I hated Imran, Wasim and Waqar then… after that tour there was supposed to be a few benefit one day matches… !! Abdul Qadir then a big menace for Indian cricket and a legendary Leg spinner said Sachin cant hit sixes of him… !! The public brought banners reading “Sachin u Baby Go back and have milk”.. In that match Sachin hit Qadir for 4 sixes… !! Not only did that match totally get me mad about cricket it also sent Qadir’s career into an abyss…


4.) Wild life guide or trekking guide…


I went for Gujarat Under-19 cricket selection after having scored the most runs in our local school tournament in XIth standard… and it was an eye opener for me… I was way out of depth there… and there were some amazingly talented kids who were fighting it out… after I was not selected… thats the first time in my life I realised that I had to do something other than playing cricket… !!! That cricket was not my future this also co-incided with me joining Anala and frequent trips to Abu, Gir and Manali… !! Again I made a mistake and I didnt stick with them… I did assist them as a volunteer but never really took it as a business… !! Today they are very successful and infact are helping me set up my wife’s business in Indore… !!! There are some really wonderful people and friends who are involved in this company which started as a group of Bird Watchers and now is a profit making company.. I hope to be a part of it soon… as soon as my wife starts earning enough to support the family I hope to quit and join her… !!!! and Amen… !! coz I know my life is not here in the city in a corner cubicle selling cotton and hedging dollars… No… my life is out there in the hills and the wilderness… !!!! I hope soon my wife will be selling enough tours that she will keep working and I will volunteer taking the batches on tours as the guide and use the oppurtunities to travel in the hills and wilderness…