Cat on the prowl! The Warning calls galore!


Constant tweeting made me open my hall window and check out and amidst the foliage of the peacock flower stood this little imp making a racket of sorts, it had actually spotted a little cat in the bushes below tending to its three little ones and this one had decided they were all threats and kept on calling all and sundry!


Jumping up and down, screaming for attention!


Which it got plenty from me, thankfully hid behind the curtain of my window it didn’t see me and allowed me to get a few close up shots!


Handsome na???


Once all others were called, the babblers, mynah’s and bulbul’s he then quietly stood displaying the fact that he had poise too, he then just looked about as the bigger birds got to the job of warning all others about the cat and the kitten! He spotted them and relayed the message to the others. Job well done I say!

Sunoh! Sunoh!!


Amazing world this is…
very small actually it is…

two photodhari’s
two states…

wide apart

A gujju…
A mallu…

But hey… listen listen… they both click the same species 😀 😀 and so can you pass on my alliance to your mallu friend for the handsome tailorbird she has been shooting as well??

Thats what I think the bird was telling me the other day and so I had to you know ask you Shail, if the one around your house is available or not?! 😛 😀 😉