Purani Dilli with Sangeeta! :D

Apparently I have been quite lazy off late, not finishing all my posts from my trips, however, I have decided for now to not let that remain and that finish all my travel tales, not only are they records for myself but also enough motivation to last the routine days whilst I am busy working and wondering when is the next vacation coming by, even thinking of the days when you travelled and the things you did gives me enough motivation to make by! 🙂

So here I reminisce that day in Old Delhi, when Sangeeta and Arvind were kind enough to walk us along and feed us along and guide us by showing some of the charms of old Delhi, treating us to lip smacking food, the Desi Bedmi at Shyam Sweets with pumpkin and aloo subzi that was out of the world! I can’t believe I am actually praising a pumpkin subzi!!! If my mom reads this she will be mad!! I always used to throw a crazy tantrum when she would buy a pumpkin and announce that I will eat Maggi for I cannot eat a ‘Kaddu’ for if I ever ate a ‘Kaddu’ I would become one… well in some ways I am nearer to resembling one so I guess I had to indulge in it this time round! 😛 Anyways not digressing too much onto me, myself and staying to the charms of old Delhi err… Dilli sounds so much better doesn’t it?

The beauty of making blogger friends is that around the world you have someone or the other in what was an unknown non related town earlier! As I texted from my tent in Palchan to Sangeeta inquiring if she was in Dilli whilst I was reaching there and that I really wanted to make sure I meet her whilst I was coming to Delhi, in a while came a reply that she was in town and that I need not book a hotel in Dilli and that she had arranged a stay in their guest house and that I could come in any time and just give her a call anytime I reached Delhi!

No matter how much you tell her, Sangeeta, was not letting me eat out that night even though I reached as late as 9.30 in the night she had piping hot food ready for us, a delectable Bhindi, roasted Brinjal slices that tasted divine and a humble Daal Chawal that were never more fulfilling! 🙂 I and my wife could not believe we had met her for the first time, given the way the conversations flowed. 😀 Arvind was also glad to have us around and you could tell from their faces they were happier for seeing us and that felt so good. Not for nothing do I call her ‘Di! 😀

Okay lets not make them put on much weight, so we made plans to visit Purani Dilli the next day. Apparently it seemed Sangeeta and Arvind were also always looking for an excuse to go to that charmed part of Dilli. I did figure out why once I went there. Next day morning the enthusiastic me forgetting any sort of decency and the fact that we all had slept late called up Sangeeta and woke her from her sleep!!!! To realise its only 8am! 😛 I just can’t help it that I cannot sleep when on vacation! 😀

10367602_10152087748736456_3240950301190739256_nSoon we were in the metro to Purani Dilli, some might call Purani Dilli as dilapidated, maybe messy, unorganised, where wire’s entangle so much that they start seeming like un-ending Anaconda’s, however, once you soak it in and realise that a town that was built centuries ago is now still a thriving, throbbing market place you realise the method in the madness in this place. Travelling with Arvind and Sangeeta was particularly enriching as they pointed us out the left traces of the old world admist the hustle and bustle.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you want to you can surely spot quite a few wonderful remains of a town that was centuries old, the capital of ancient India, well perhaps it was not India then! Pausing for a second, imagining the world a few centuries ago and suddenly you start appreciating the place almost instantly. I could very well understand how Sangeeta and Arvind have never grown tired even after coming here so many times before, I am sure I will be doing this again! 🙂

Sangeeta and Arvind fed us the most sumptous breakfast at Shyam Sweets as you can see in this picture :

After this sumptuous breakfast we set about walking around Purani Dilli clicking photographs and also digesting the food so that we could have an even more wonderful lunch at Karim’s! 😛 😛 😛 :mrgreen: Na Don’t worry I won’t torture you with pics from Karim’s, I don’t want any relative of mine to see that and have me thrown out of my house! 😛

So here go the pictures! 😀

The hustling and bustling place, I firmly recommend you to go here for breakfast!!!

The hustling and bustling place, I firmly recommend you to go here for breakfast!!!

A man gets a shave on a sunday morning in Old Delhi!

A man gets a shave on a sunday morning in Old Delhi!


some lanes are that narrow that I wonder if some really fat people would even be able to walk through!

some lanes are that narrow that I wonder if some really fat people would even be able to walk through!

Gol Gappe anyone???

Gol Gappe anyone???

Inviting no?

Inviting no?

a building that seems to be still stuck in time...

a building that seems to be still stuck in time…

The wires tell a story of modernisation... with the Jama Masjid in the background

The wires tell a story of modernisation… with the Jama Masjid in the background


A kid gets a head shave whilst a modern India walks by..

A kid gets a head shave whilst a modern India walks by..

Last but not the least, my co-walkers! I can’t thank Arvind and Sangeeta enough for taking me around and feeding me so much I had loosen my belt! 😛 They ensured I was not just taken around and shown around but that I was full-filled!! 😀 😀


Pretty amazing to know that this was a first time that we met up and yet a strange bond that binds us together, enough for Sangeeta to even cook another wonderfully delicious and wholesome meal for me in the evening even though she was not well and tired! We had a really wonderful time with them and Purani Dilli! 😀

run hitchy run….

Folks I am still struggling with my internet and havent got a good connection at home… blame it on laziness… blame it on not wanting to become a night owl again… !

Reading has been very sporadic these days …. The one thing that is very regular in life for the first time are my jogging escapades in the morning… and that is one of the reason why I dont take the internet connection at home… !!!!

I get up dot at 5.55am… and in about 30 mins me and my biwi are at the cricket ground… and I am now able to jog down 5 rounds of the cricket ground… and its really really enjoyable… the whole day it feels fresh… when I put my hand on my belly it seems to be shrinking… I am able to carry out 45 sit ups too and about 5-6 rounds of walking too… !!!! plus a bit of stretching… !!!!!

In another 2 months time I will have a 10 pack and that will be the new rage in the philum stars… forget Aamir’s 8 pack 😛

Having initiated the jogging trend, the first day we three people landed on the ground… and … the number has now reached a very healthy 15 people and on any given day atleast 10 people are present !!!!!! Now thats Hitchy magnet effect… !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

We all go together and come back together… but when on the ground almost everyone sincerely on their own sweats… and I am glad to say I run the most !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :D: D 😀 😀 Sacchi !!!! honest !!!! :mrgreen: My motto these days is Run Hitchy Run… !!!! Also not to forget the one day in a week we have a heavy heavy heavy breakfast… its either jalebi/fafda or Butter biscuits/chocolate flavored tea !!!! 😉

The one song that I make sure I listen to every day while I run these days is this one…


Its my ring tone too… it replaces the ringtone of Swades (instrumental) after almost 5 years… I simply love the song and the lyrics… !!!! and the whole day I am going tu…roooo tu rooooo rooooooooooo… !!!!!

And this will be the song that I will surely be humming !!!!!!!! once I get that Kumble book… !!!! fingers crossed… !!!!! I dont know if I will win it… or my piece deserves it… but I can tell you I want it the MOST !!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

A wedding amidst friends…

I have been tagged by Monu, well actually even before she tagged me her post had already inspired me to write a post… I have already written about my marriage once and I suggest you guys read it so that I dont have to repeat things and write an epic ITS HERE …


When I started writing this post it was all getting too loong… and while I was loving writing it as it was giving me back so many memories, which I thought I had forgotten, that I simply let go of things and kept typing… at the end I think its way too much information and a tad too personal.. ! So I am only posting a few bits.. However I must mention while writing this post I actually realised for the first time the joy of writing for one’s own self… I have a huge draft that I am sure my wife will love to read it !!!!! 😀 Thanks to Monu for this… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Finally I decided to write about the most important figures in my wedding other than my wife… !!!! My dear friends !!!!!!!!


One of the most happy memories of my wedding was the way all my friends pitched in… when I was worried about the budget a few friends promised to take care if things got out of hand… and never once did I have to actually ask… they sensed it and promised voluntarily to give me confidence to enjoy the wedding… and not to worry bout money… that re-assurance went a long way to ensuring that I was enjoying my wedding rather than cribbing about money !!!!! 😀 😀 😀


For almost 15 days before the wedding all friends would gather at my house at about 8pm and we would all sit down, plan and arrange things and have tons of nashta and chai till late nights… Mom would always be ready to play the perfect host… looking back I realise that my mom has always been so so so great with my friends… always ready to cook and serve and stay awake till late nights and yet also give us privacy to go to the terrace and smoke… !!!!! 😛 😛 she was one cooool mom, must say that !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


The fun on those nights sitting on our terrace pulling legs, arranging/planning things, simply laughing and being in the company of them all was a wonderful time… We had no relatives in Bharuch but I must say I never felt like I needed them… Infact my Mom still remembers and cannot thank enough my friends whose coming everyday for the 15 days made her feel like a WEDDING was taking place in her house… !!!! 🙂 In gujju words, “Evu laage che ke ghar ma lagan che !!!!”


From my clothes to my wedding suite every damn thing was to be managed by us along with Mom… ! Being the first to marry in a group has its advantages, none of the friends were married so all had nights free, plus most were still not fully settled or not working so seriously as to not take leaves… I was most blessed to have all friends available at all times !!!!! 😀 😀 😀


Soon enough a couple of my dance crazy friends suggested… that whats a wedding without a dance party… we were having an afternoon wedding and we must have a dance party or some event the night before… and so my Mom said we must have “Geet Raas” (its a custom of having Garba’s, normally before the wedding day) and I was worried… though my Mom always has loved dancing and has always complained that we three kids never let her go to Garba’s… the thing that worried me more was the budget was getting stretched… and I didnt want to spend one penny from my honeymoon budget for the wedding… ! You see from very early on I was quite clear that wedding wasnt as important as the honeymoon !! :mrgreen: Even here my a couple of my friends promised me to take care if things got out of hand without me asking as they sensed what was bothering me… They told me to not worry and we will handle things… so it was Geet Raas to be… that too in a wedding of a guy who couldnt even raise his hand on a dance floor… !


On the d-day we started dancing at about 8.30 in the night and it was one sooper cold November night with almost all participating in the dance … even my mom and the elders had their customary kutchi dances and loads of garba and bhangra in the end… the super star of the night was my FIL who did an amazing jig that night that was totally original and even today my friends demand to see that jig by him as it was totally GUFFAWABLE !!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: no no believe you me even Hetal laughs at that dance so much you wouldnt believe !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😆


By the way for a guy who cannot dance I danced too… that night… !!!!! thats the most dancing I would ever do in ten lives !!!!!!


At about 1.00 am in the night my FIL gave up as none of my friends would let him get to hetal or take her from the dance… eventually he had to approach my mom to request her to instruct hetal to go home… and so at about 1.30 the night of garba ended… leaving about 20 of us friends … the garba were held in the empty plot next to our house and when all had gone, started the rowdy boy’s fun… In no time we had broken the stage of the garba as all the guys decided to catch one or the other guy and then pile on him… at times almost 7-8 guys would be on the guy at the bottom… thankfully it being my wedding I was spared… but I have been there at the bottom at times…  😐 😐 trust me you dont want to know how it feels there… 😐


When the noise was increasing our neighbour complained and we all shifted to the terrace but one friend of mine, the strongest among us, decided no one would sleep and all would stand… it was quite cold and he insisted all remove their shirts… ! and spread their hands and stand… and from there on if any one would not listen he would be the one at the bottom of another pile… ! You were not to lean and take support of a wall either or you were going to the bottom of the pile… Even I had to stand without my kurta on the terrace with my hands spread wide apart and shiver.. !!! this all went on till about 4 in the morning at times you would have to relate a joke or sing a lewd song or explain to me that it was my last chance to run away or just crib about losing a bachelor to the uncle’s group all sorts of advice was flowing I tell ya.. !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀  They all even enlightened me that I am letting go of so many apsara’s and committing to this one lady… !!!!! 😛 😛 😛 sigh.. but I had transcended above all temptations at that stage !!! :mrgreen:


The madness on the terrace was so much that a few of my friends, who were given duty of collecting relatives from the station who all would arrive in different trains starting from 5 am in the morning, went to the station much earlier as coz they knew they might get some sleep on the bench on the railway station but none at all at home.. !


At around 4 somehow some one found a tumbler and he sprayed water on a guy and that was it.. suddenly at 4 am on a chilly night it was Holi !!!!! soon enough glasses and bottles were being emptied and shrieks could just not be controlled any more… ! One of the guys even managed to find a bucket and it seemed like a Mass Flu was on the way…  When I tried to reason that people will need water to bathe.. next morning… I was snubbed..


“abe chinta mat kar, fire brigade ka tempo kal subah, bahar khada hoga… teri shaadi mein sabh naha ke jaayenge.. ! Main guarantee deta hoon…!!”


This snarl came from a guy who is 6’3″ and weighs about 85 kgs… and he was half wet… so I decided that I needed to simply save myself for my wedding… and let him proceed to get his bucket thirsty revenge… ( Please to note not one of the blokes were drunk not one drop, they were high on just dost ki shaadi ! )


Thankfully the splashing water and a lot of noise suddenly brought Mom up and Mom brought with her a lot of sanity…  thankfully all the water was not wasted … at around 5.30 I was told to sleep so that I would be fresh and most of the other friends didnt sleep and went to their respective houses to get fresh after another hour at about 6.30 or so as all had to be present for serving breakfast at home at 8.


Next day all went as per schedule… and we were to reach the wedding venue at 11.30 and at 11.30 we were there but alas there was no bride to welcome us !!!!! The bride was still in the beauty parlour, Hetal was busy getting ready and we all had reached… !!!!! My FIL had a near heart attack watching us reach there at right time !!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 coz its quite customary in Gujarati weddings to reach late.. !!! 😛 😛 😛


Hetal made us wait for almost half an hour at the gate before madam turned up to welcome the already waiting dulha.. ! 😐 Please to read that earlier post about the wedding if you want more details…

After our wedding was over we all went home…  and all friends would not let me sit with Hetal… eventually in the evening they all had to get my room ready so they all went and I got atleast 1 hour with Hetal… eventually at around 9 we left our house to go for my hotel suite.. with a few friends… the one piece of advise I can never forget while leaving my house came from a 70 year old relative he whispered just as I left in my ear, “Jaa beta fateh karke aana !!!” (I couldnt believe this guy was real… it seemed I was going on WAR !!!) 😛 😛 😛 😛


We were made to wait outside the hotel as the room was not ready… and my friends could see I was pissed of as I was being made to sit in the hotel parking in the car…They would ask if I wanted a sandwich or a ice cream and what not to just keep me quiet but hell I wanted to go to my rooooooooom !!!!!!!


Eventually we reached there at about 10 but the guys and yes… all guys.. no girls… who all knew Hetal and Hetal knew her wouldnt go… they sat there ordered biryani and what not and stayed with us till about 11.30 teasing and irritating and no matter how cool you act… they know your itching to throw them out… ! Eventually at 11.3o they left but only after a hefty bribe..


The next day I was to board the August Kranti to Delhi for honeymoon and I had a group of 25 people to drop me at the railway station, guys and this time with their girls to drop me off at the station and we did create a huge ruckus on the platform… it just seemed like I was a VIP going to Delhi to address the parliament with their worries.. 😛 😛 😛


As I boarded the train the bye bye was so noisy and cheerful most passengers in the train and on the railway station were looking at us.. we all couldnt say bye enough to each other… they were instructing the pantry staff to take care of the kids.. ! some were advising tips for the honeymoon some jibbering laughter and a lot of hugs and hand shakes and what not !!!! 😀 😀 😀

Just as my train began to move… I took out a cigarette in the door way and another guy who was standing there smoking told me …

“all those came to drop you ?”

sheepishly I said, “yea, made a lot of noise didnt they !”

The guy just replied, “your a very very lucky man to have friends like those!”


I knew that all along but it felt really good coming from another person, who didnt know me or us but could spot the obvious fact so very fast. 


I had have the most enviable set of friends, who would do any and everything for me, be it turning into caterers or drivers they were up for it… ! We had tons of fun before and during the marriage and then we had a party once I was back from my honeymoon, but I can never thank my friends enough… They simply are the biggest treasure of my life… and guess what dude’s and dudette’s I am coming back to Bharuch !!!!!!!!!!! in 5 days time !!!!!!!!!! :D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Seriously cant wait to get back .. like Tony Greig says.. they will be dancing in the ayles.. yes we will… !!!!!


God bless our friendship and may it keep growing stronger with each passing day !!!!!!!! Amen !


Added later : I have to tag a few bloggers according to Monu and I find this difficult as I am not sure who will like doing it or not… but I will do my bit : I’ll tag the guys… !!!!




Vimmmuu !!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀




What a year !!!!


A year ago… around July my most frequented website Betapet.com (a ascrabble site and a wonderful one at that) stopped working. It was a scrabble site which was my most visited site and it helped me combat recession and my changing mind which wanted to change the job again and again. The scrabble would keep my thoughts away and I would think of ratings rather than interviews. It was a pretty good place with lots of people knowing me and lots of people ready to play with me !!!!


I never had to wait in betapet.com for a table… !! Suddenly one day the site went  **POOOOF** it just  wouldnt work and we kept trying for 3-4 days without luck… a lot of friends didnt even exchange emails and I lost touch of many. It now only works in Swedish language but English version stopped. However of the few I did keep in touch with Ranu introduced me to blogging… I have told this story many times but I would still tell it again… if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be blogging… and she assured me she would read me always… she does… dont you ranu ?? do comment from time to time… !!! PLEASE !!


I wrote my first post on cricket and so started this remarkable journey … a journey that has given me unbelievable friends, jovial moments, laughter, moments of thougtfulness, crazy times and what not… !! 😀 😀 😀


When I started writing, somewhere inside me, something told me that I could earn a fortune out of this or I would very soon become a famous writer, a celebrity most probably … none of that happened or is likely to happen. 😛 😛


Anyways but thankfully I found the most wonderful people I could ever hope to find…. had it not been for all the friends I found here… I dont think I would have survived two plus years in Indore.


Having shifted to Indore 2 years back, I still probably havent accepted this city as my home or embraced its people… I have not made one friend in over 2 years in Indore… apart from the shop-keeper, milk man ( only i m awake when he comes), our bike washer  and our watchman mostly no one knows me here… some neighbours in our building share a smile but I havent been too out going or friendly with anyone …  !!!! I myself cant believe that for a guy who has so many friends in Bharuch how come I havent made a single friend here… !! I have decided consciously this year onwards it has to change… !!!!


But this blogosphere is where i found my friends… this is my adda… this is where i have made tons of friends… !!!!! You guys are the treasures that i love and value the most !!!!!


Going back to my blogging, eventually after cricket I wrote about politics… Raj Thackrey being the first target… at that point i couldnt stand him… not that i can stand him now… but i was largely writing about cricket and a few things i felt about life… then suddenly 26/11 happened and I started writing more and more about it and found similar blogs and people… that was one time I first wrote a poem in my life… I must confess I never understand most poems so I just write lovely or very beautfiful in comments… but I once did manage to write a poem !!!!!!! and thats when Usha and IHM got in touch and I found most of you guys from there… !!!! here is the poem.. 😀 😀 (  Please do read… ! )


Over time I got bored of the serious stuff… and slowly started loving making fun of people in comments… and as friendships developed and I started becoming comfortable with more and more friends the comments banter began… !!!! Now i try consciously not to write too much of serious stuff… I come to my blog to laugh… to make people laugh and to have a good time… !!!! This is my adda… i come here to rejuvenate… to chill !!!!! to pull legs and get my legs pulled !!!!!!!!! lol … !!!!!!!!!!! its amazing at times you hang out your leg… so some one will pull it !!!!! lol 😛 😛 😛


 Over a period of time I have developed special special friendships and relationships. Touch wooood !!!!!!! 🙂


Some of my favourite posts and most likely a lot of you havent read them are : (read if you have nothing to do, first two are on cricket and no points for guess that.

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A bit of self promotion doesnt harm does it ?? 😛 😛


I finished one year on 11th august having posted 224 posts !!! in just 365 days !!!!! now now … I have had a lot to say and i have been hooked big time by this blogging bug… i can safely say blogging runs in my veins now… !!!!! I now blog totally for me and my enjoyment … I love all my blogging buddies… !!! who tease me calling me Bhaiya or Uncle.. some call me MY Dhiren !! whatever you call me.. Hitchy or Hitchu (Crafty’s discovery)  all of you are special special part of my life… !!!!!! i cant stop saying this again and again… and yes I aint stopping this first first game at your blogs anytime soon and hope to get more and more people hooked with it… blame me or get irritated with me… I gotta do it !!!! he he he :mrgreen:


Guys I finished one year and i didnt announce it the same day !!!!! Imagine I spared you !!!!!!!!! he he now before i start again…… its better i stop so that we can start fun in the commenting… !!! coz that is always more better than the posts here… !! 😛 😛