The age long argument!


Man : Listen you woman, we are lost!

Woman : All thanks to you!

M : Whoa… my folly?

W: Who else??

M : You made me lose the way…

W: Well had you actually asked that villager we met at the last bend we would have known the right way…

M : But well that turn we took was right….

W: Yea and you were confused there after at the very next fork…

M: But that turn was right.

W: So you mean coz you were lost at the fork and I suggested this way, its coz of me??

M: I should have gone with my instincts. Your female sense of direction sucks!

W: You and your male instincts, you were unsure, really lost and so you heard my opinion!

M: Whatever, thanks to hearing your wise opinion we are now tired, thirsty and lost

W: I have a bottle of water in my back pack!

M : Oh wow!

W: But its for me.

M: Awww… come on, sweetheart

W: Keep walking.

M: But I am thirsty you know.

W: I couldn’t care less.

M: A man could die of thirst you know.

W: Look there is our camp!

M: Wow!

W: Here you can have the water.

M: Sigh… You were right…

W: Well you were right about the bend too!


Déjà vu


Sitting on the white sand, nicely rested on his elbows and twiddling with his toes in the sand, it felt soothing. He would bury his toes in the sand and then flick some white sand out. It was so simple an act and yet so much of intrigue, it amused him. He kept at it for a while surveying how far could he flick the sand. A gust of wind made him look up at the sea. He looked at the waves, they were gentle, the sea was calm, it was October and the ocean too was probably relaxing after a torrid and long monsoon. He gazed as each time the waves came up a little more. Watching the waves was also a rejuvenation of sorts. He released the support of his elbow and lay down flat on the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun baked sand… as he looked up it was a cloudless evening sky… pristine… the sun was setting and had coloured the sky around it in a orange pinkish hue, he gazed at it and looked up again, he lay there completely content.


He felt lighter, freer and more relaxed !


It had been 4 years since he took a break, constant work at the Pigments plant at Ankleshwar had been gruelling. Ankleshwar, Asia’s largest industrial estate was a place of filth, it was horrible, the smell in the evenings when lights would go down and all companies would actually start emitting their true colours would be killing for people who’d come in there the first time.

He did at times 4 shifts together, overtime and kept working in his plant, rarely said anything, a smile and a nod, he kept it simple. It was time to hibernate for him, slowly allow the memories of his past to fade. He never travelled farther from the plant and his one room shack that was to be his home, he didnt want to be spotted, he wanted to work and be forgotten. He kept running to keep himself in shape and exercised in free time so he would always be ready for any eventuality. In the 4 years he decided to collect & save money and spend the least. The pigment plant though took its toll, even the dogs in the area were blue coloured and so was he ! Thanks to the blue dyed pigments his company kept manufacturing.

As he lifted his hands to his face he could still see the blue dye around the edges of his nails, it would take another week of scrubbing for them to go… As he sat up from soaking the sun he could feel his throat dry and he longed for a drink, he got up and looked around, a few visitors adorned the lonely beach at Alibaugh.

It had to be Alibaugh and not the pricely Goa for he wanted to be alone, he wanted to be away from the crowd and most importantly didnt want anyone from the past recognising him. As he looked a shack with a vendor selling fresh coconut water he moved towards it, there was a couple quietly holding hands and gazing the sky above the ocean to his left, he gazed at them, it had been a while since he felt a woman or even been close to one. He wondered how it would feel holding hands and then when the girl spotted him looking he turned away his gaze and smiled to himself and nodded his head.

Another family was making a small racket at his right near the water the kids playing with the ball and the father busy photographing them, he looked at them and saw the lady was busy making sandwiches for the family..

Life !


he thought to himself, how much had he missed all this in the last 4 years. He had overcome his deepest fears though in the last 4 years he thought to himself, he felt as if he had erased all past memories in these 4 years, he quietly started believing he could go back and start again.

It was a price he believed he had to pay for not appreciating things in life he got without asking. He was not grateful of all little things. He reached the coconut vendor’s place and was happy to see a smile welcome him, two teeth were missing in the smile and yet it was so welcoming.

“Malai wala ?”

he shook his head, picked a green fresh coconut and just handed it to the toothless & smiling coconut vendor, who immediately got to slicing it open. He observed him as the man with a lot of finesse, speed and ease had a spring shooting out of the nut !

He put a straw in it and handed it over !

He handed a twenty and off he went walking towards the trail back to his resort that went through a coconut plantation a lil further up the coast, he sipped a couple of times and it was soothing to his throat, ideal he thought to quench a thirsty guy, as he walked further surveying the coast line and the palm trees, he put his hand in the pocket of his 3/4th’s and took out a small sample bottle of vodka he had picked up from the hotel and poured a generous portion in his coconut. He stirred his drink now with the straw as he kept walking.

As he kept walking carefully to avoid sand from entering his floaters he had an uneasy feeling that someone was following him he looked in the direction of the plantation and he couldnt see anything suspicious, it was as calm as ever, he shook his head and took a sip and thought it was still not out of his brain even after 4 years, his instincts still told him to look out for all followers.

The Vodka he thought to himself wasn’t easing himself one bit and he took a big sip through the straw. It was a bit too much for his throat which had lost the habit in the last 4 years and he immediately coughed and amidst that tripped his leg on a fallen coconut leaf and fell and


Bang !


It was a shot fired, the gun had a silencer but he knew it, it was a shot, the ring was so familiar, it just was his destiny that saved him, he had to fall down at the right time, he lay down and looked to see which direction it came from he was sure it was from somewhere to his left.

It wasn’t the Vodka. His instinct was right. Someone was following him and actually shot him, he wondered who the naive sharp shooter would be ? Had it been a smarter bloke he wouldnt have let him reach the plantation, he should have been shot at the beach. Arrogance of the Sniper, he thought, silly to not take his chance in the open and now he had allowed his prey to be camouflaging himself inside the plantation.

His brain started working as fast as it once used to, scenes flashed in front of his eyes, he knew what was to be done, he threw the coconut and got on his haunches and looked around, no movement by the marksman, he knew the shooter had lost his prey but the survey was on, one bad move and it was over.

He slowly moved to his left and then got up and broke into a sprint, a totally haywire sprint it might seem, but he went left and then right and then left through the palm grove and was consciously slowly but surely moving to his left two shots were fired and they missed badly. He again stopped on his haunches, he had sprinted like old days, he gathered his thoughts and knew the shooter was now exactly behind him and between him and the beach, if only he could lose him, he could round him up, it was growing darker and he thought that was to help him. Another thought flashed to his mind 4 years weren’t enough, he had been spotted so easily, so soon !


Patience !


is what he then thought to himself. He had to concerntrate on his survival first. In the games of the war, patience is something that helps brave men. He could sense the restlessness of the shooter, he had lost his prey badly and he didnt want to make a move but it probably seemed nervous enough to him as well. Minutes passed and the shooter moved and a few leaves crumbled below his foot and that was enough.

“The prick couldn’t last me, he gave himself away!” a smile now started surfacing at winning the game of patience.

The hunter was to be hunted now, the prey knew where its hunter had positioned himself.

the hunter unsure and vulnerable !

tHe sUnRiSe…


She sat at the top of a slope, gazing at the mighty river Narmada, watching it flow to the sea, the setting sun had painted the sky orange and pink, while a gentle breeze carressed her cheeks, her curls fluttering gently… the leaves of the many neem trees around whisteled…  a squirrel hopped right in front of her and stared, almost as if inquiring about something, then picked up something to eat, smelt it, realised it was a stone, tossed it away and continued on its merry way… her gaze was fixed on the lil squirrel as the squirrel snaked away and disappeared behind another neem tree.


She stood up slowly and strolled towards the river … her hands free… her heart swelling with the fresh breath she took in… the curls fluttering in the breeze… she looked beautiful as she watched the sun slowly setting in the distance.


Everything had worked out perfectly,  she had passed her UPSC and had decided IPS it would be… her parents were thrilled and had gone to the temple… she didnt believe in God…


She believed in herself…


Now, the only thing she needed and in desparate measure, was peace. To collect her thoughts, millions of  ideas reverberated in her mind… random bubbles of anxiety…  exuberance… exhiliration… the excitement inside her was overflowing.  All of a sudden she broke in a jog and ran towards the setting sun… on the grass banks of narmada… inadverently, she caught the attention of a few kids nearby engrossed in a game of cricket. Though she was lost in her own world… she gathered momentum as she ran… nervous energy was building in her… as she neared the bank of the river finally she LEAPT.. !!!!!!! in the air exulting and screamed out loud…


Yeaaaaaaa !!!!! Did it…. !!!!!!!!!!


the kids turned towards her and chuckled at each other…


If she had noticed, she didnt care.. she was elated… gingerly she stopped near the water… bent down, cupped her hands with the warm water… splashed it on her face… she looked towards the sun, stared at it,  it was mild, as if blessing her, it seemed like they both were holding a private conversation, finally, she smiled at the sun, content, she turned and walked back with a new goal, a new ambition, a new venture…


As the sun set behind her, the sun in her life just rose. Life, for her, had just begun !!




edited by : Pallu ! 😀 😀

Aaah Woman !


Woman’s liberty is alrite…. They have a right to dress up and attract attention….


But than is it fair to come to the park at 7 am in the morning, in your pristine figure looking as fresh as a flower, never does she look as if she has woken up and come…


Exactly 4 strands of hair, yes just 4 strands of hair are on her forehead… the rest neatly tied up… in a pony that bounces about…


She wears either polka dotted pink t-shirt and track pant or a white t-shirt and a pant….


She looks like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone mixed into one !!


Than she comes in shoes that have an almost 2 inch heel !!


She does almost a cat-walk, that doesn’t qualify as a morning walk, no she doesn’t need to lose weight either, she is in purrrrrfffect shape…


is this a recipe for morning walk ?


for her it is…. she will giggle and talk with all and mingle…. walk slowly…. not really interested in the walk ….


She just glances once and gives a hint of a smile….


I am unsure, try and see where wifey is ?? Hoping she isn’t spying.

 She knows I like her !! I told her …

[  She says I have no chance with her … !! (straight away, I never said I am interested)

Imagine… why would i want to have a chance with her ?? (do all wives think like this ??)

I love you my dear wife…. ( only you, you gotta believe me )

Does every man who appreciates beauty look for a chance ??? (do they ?) 😉

Ain’t it my damn right to appreciate her beauty…. ! 😛  ]



… but before I smile… I loose her eye contact….




and than i forget how many rounds i jogged…. bah


such a nuisance… !


Really !