The age long argument!


Man : Listen you woman, we are lost!

Woman : All thanks to you!

M : Whoa… my folly?

W: Who else??

M : You made me lose the way…

W: Well had you actually asked that villager we met at the last bend we would have known the right way…

M : But well that turn we took was right….

W: Yea and you were confused there after at the very next fork…

M: But that turn was right.

W: So you mean coz you were lost at the fork and I suggested this way, its coz of me??

M: I should have gone with my instincts. Your female sense of direction sucks!

W: You and your male instincts, you were unsure, really lost and so you heard my opinion!

M: Whatever, thanks to hearing your wise opinion we are now tired, thirsty and lost

W: I have a bottle of water in my back pack!

M : Oh wow!

W: But its for me.

M: Awww… come on, sweetheart

W: Keep walking.

M: But I am thirsty you know.

W: I couldn’t care less.

M: A man could die of thirst you know.

W: Look there is our camp!

M: Wow!

W: Here you can have the water.

M: Sigh… You were right…

W: Well you were right about the bend too!


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