Mornings in Leh!


The first night in Leh with the extra blanket was not the most comfortable of them all. It was not too cold but thanks to all the layers it was not a very comfortable sleep, however, early in the morning I fell in a deep trance. Having kept the first two days relatively activity free and allowing ourselves to acclimatize to the cold and the thin air of Leh we had no rush in waking up. Eventually at 8 I could not sleep any longer and I got up to open the curtains and check the view outside, as is the case with me whenver I go to a new place.

Amazingly this is the view that greeted me. We could not see outside the window, the window itself was a scene to behold! Ice flakes had started happening on the glass pane itself! Thanks to the pack room with two people breathing I guess the moisture might have appeared on the window and its so bloody cold there that it formed into ice! We have always sent watsapp smiley’s of snow flakes and lo behold this is how its microscopic form would look like! 🙂 🙂

The above picture is a close up, where the window in totality looked like this :


The ice stayed and melted by around 10 in the mornings! By then we had ventured outside had our share of butter (namkeen) tea that Ladakhi’s keep having almost all day when at home. It is made of Yak Butter, Black Tea and salt in a traditional mixer first and then boiled and stored in a flask to keep you warm all day! We drank generous quantities of butter tea, black tea, green tea and hot water to keep ourselves warm on the first day. Incidentally everyone in Leh in winters serves you hot water, yes water that has vapour rising from it. I think in some way or the other so much hot liquid also helped in shedding two kgs in this trip inspite of sipping so much butter tea! 😀 😀 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “Mornings in Leh!

    • hitchy says:

      Namkeen chai you must have heard! I had always heared and was fascinated of how can you put salt in tea! I finally tasted it! Whenever you drink don’t drink it thinking of tea… drink it thinking of some new variety of soup! 😀

  1. Smitha says:

    I had a question about butter tea after your previous post. You’ve answered it here 🙂

    The icey windows, They delay my drive to work every other day in winters 😦

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