Superstitious about Superstitions !!!

When the human race has once acquired a supersitition nothing short of death is ever likely to remove it.- Autobiography of Mark Twain

Today morning I and my brother left for office as usual on our Bajaj Scooter. I hate it, I have two bikes at home in Bharuch but here in Indore its this silly scooter provided by the office, makes me feel like an UNCLE !! Neways …. About 15 minutes away from office suddenly a cat sprang on the road and was about to cross our road, I instinctively stood up on the travelling scooter to catch its attention and screamed so loudly the cat got caught in it tracks, bemused, startled and probably wondering who this mad man is and what is he doing. However my scream ensured the cat didn’t dare move any further and it went back on the path from where it came. Whew !!!
I frankly don’t believe in any superstitions, some times I do carry out things which are harmless or don’t need any special effort but seriously I am not a superstious guy. However instinctively, in my subconscious mind somewhere it was registered that if a cat crosses your path its unlucky, its a bad omen. Quite strangely it just sprung out instinctively. It seems I am superstitious about superstitions !!! (don’t know what that means and dont ask )
When I was a kid, my mother and more so my granny ensured, we would never travel on a Friday or 13th. We were never supposed to ask my Mom “Where are you going ?” she would become hysterical on that question. Never should you ask a person going out where are you going? or else the person going out will never be able to accomplish what he is set out for. Infact it later became a tool for us to stop her from going out.
My granny would never let us laze after we had food, or else the food would go to the stomach of a Donkey. Imagine !!!
If you sit on the threshhold in the door(in gujarati its called ‘umro’ or ‘otlo’) and eat anything it means the food is going in the mouth of “Hiranyakashyap” remember he was killed there by ‘Narsinha’ Avtaar of Lord Vishnu.
Some of the classic or silly (call what you like) Indian superstitions are here :
A dog howling at night
By joe if that happens some one is sure to die, gimme a break !!!!
seeing an elephant when out
It means a good omen, it is a symbol of Ganesha. This one is harmless.
Sneezing when some thing is about to begin
If you sneeze god save you ! Very bad omen !!
Sneezing twice at that time
No problems !! bad omen averted !!! (can it get sillier) This one is based on maths 2 negatives make one positive. WTG !!
If a sister washes her hair on Wednesday
Brother you watch out !!!! you had it !!! Panouti (Disaster) coming !!
If father gives her daughter chappals or shoes !!
Father’s Panouti (disaster) avoided. No daughter doesnt get affected. I kinda like this one !! (helps my pocket in a way !! lessens the burden on me !! Na Na don’t you dare think it would resolve it completely, her demands are way tooo many !!)
If a crow caws around your house
Quick, Shoo it away or else you will have guests !!! (and than we have sayings like “Atithi Devo Bhayo”) (guests are god)
Never light three cigarettes with one match stick
Friendships will break ! I don’t believe it but always ensure there are never 3 cigarettes lit of a single match !!!
The list is endless I just put a few I encounter in my house and my daily life. You please contribute yours in my comments !!!
Now to some superstitions at the core of my heart. At heart I am a cricketer, Cricketers are the most superstitious among sportsmen. However I would say these are harmless and actually traits and become a part of a sportsman’s routine. Till date I always pad my left leg first (even Sachin does the same). The ground is always entered by the right leg (Venky does that too), every time we batsmen cross the bats have to be struck to each other gently (Jadeja did that regularly) or else next ball you would be out !!! Always take a leg guard and stand on the middle. Once I did that and scored a century and so it stayed.
One really classic cricket superstition I heard just recently :
Neil Meckenzie : This current South African opener’s team mates, in a domestic game to tease him, taped his favourite bat to the ceiling of the dressing room so that he couldn’t find out. Eventually he took another bat and scored a century. When he came to know of the prank, he strangely found it to be a lucky omen. For many matches he would force his team mates to stick a bat to the ceiling !!!! (poor guys, the prank back fired)

Wish I knew this one earlier, I could have been playing for India instead of blogging here !!!!

11 thoughts on “Superstitious about Superstitions !!!

  1. D says:

    “My granny would never let us laze after we had food, or else the food would go to the stomach of a Donkey.”

    That’s not a superstition. It’s just a way of trying to stop children from lying down immediately after their meals which isn’t considered healthy by the docs as well.

  2. Riya says:

    Interesting post DHIREN..

    AS child i always used to ask my dadi..why this and why that.. cause i wanted good enough reasoning to believe it..and i didnt believe most of them..

    But now a days.. I just follow it blinfoldedly.. Just for the sake of my grandma.. And I guess theres no harm following them as far as it doesnt seem too much superstitious..

    AT my home its like
    1) One should not buy cooking oil at saturdays..
    2) One shuld not cut nails on wednesdays..

    AS far as it doesnt harm me i follow it..N whts wrong too..

    Once I participated in a debate COMPETITION in college with this topic.. N I got to know so many things.. Each superstition has got some scientific reason to it.. Its just that the very older people passed it on to the other generation but without tellin the reasons..

    THE indian tradition of touching the feet of elders has infact a medical explanation.. Touching the feet excercises 20 muscles of your body each time..
    So tell me whts wrong in following some of them..

  3. nituscorner says:

    ohh so we do have a lot of the beleifs in common….not that i beleive in them but heaven save me from a lecture if i don’t….and among them the most common one is the number 13th. well i am a 13th day born. in the third month… God save me if my birthday falls on friday the 13th. LOL!!!!!

  4. Indian Home Maker says:

    Hitchwriter Superstition is totally discouraged and scorned at, at my parents place. My interest in Astrology included, although initially the books and reading material was found in my dad’s collection of books 😛
    Today I am superstitious only about keeping Cactus inside our house. I have blogged about it here

  5. hitch writer says:

    This is from Deborah : HI ! I came over here to leave a comment for your other blog because the embedded comment box on that one is not compatible with my browser, can’t use it! So I’ll leave it here, hope that’s okay. Love the post on superstitions. We have the same about cats crossing, but not any cat, just a black one. We say Friday 13 is unlucky too, but nobody knows what to really avoid! Sneezing is okay, someone will usually say “God Bless You” when you sneeze, often say it in German, too. Oh, and never walk under a ladder, also unlucky. The idea of sports superstition is a big one. Some ball players over here are noted for their routines. Practically a “religion” of their own!!

  6. hitch writer says:

    Riya : Yes even we are not allowed to cut nails after sunset. Bout touching the feet, I dont think its a superstition, I classify it as a tradition of our culture.

    IHM : Thanks for giving me another one !!! Cactus in the house. We have one for as long as I can remember in our garden. Hope Garden is not considered as in the house !!!!

    NITU : Next year 2009 13th Friday is coming !!!! God save you !!!! hide in some bunker !!!!! lol

    Deborah : Get your browser to support this please !!!! I want you commments. Well it seems superstitions are above religions and countries they are everywhere !!

  7. Usha Pisharody says:

    If you’ve watched Srikant batting [of yore.. he’s now on the Selector’s Panel, isn’t he? And on numerous Cricket Chat panels too, lol] you’d always find him looking up, sending a prayer up..:)To the Sun-God, it is believed!! We’d keep counting the no. of times he did that 🙂

    Not like Sachin though..who’s saying hello to his Dad 🙂

  8. umsreflections says:

    Even though there are some scientific reasons, which we learn by ourselves later in life, these beliefs gets into us. And how much ever we try to overcome them, they are in us, always reminding us, from time to time.

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