just one pep talk…

When you follow cricket live you see things that you would never see in a highlights package


I dont know what happened at drinks in the second session yesterday but I sure hope Dhoni remembers it for all his life… at 190 odd for 2 yesterday at Eden India looked flat, down and almost out… During the drinks break Dhoni spoke to Ishant, probably a pep talk, suddenly after drinks Ishant ran in to Hashim Amla at over 100 already and bounced him, the most striking thing was the ball was zipping and really bouncing where as in the morning session it never seemed to go so quickly… that barrage of bouncers and sudden show of intensity was immediately sensed by the crowd and you knew a wicket was around the corner…


Cricket is about showing your INTENT to the opposition and when India did that the game completely changed… The intensity and Intent that Ishant showed in that spell is what India must remember and keep trying to repeat it…..


You wouldnt believe… As Zaheer replaced Ishant after that inspired but unlucky spell, I told my brother…  that Ishant has just charged things up and now Zaheer will get the reward and immediately Zaheer had Pietersen nicking to slips and the rest as they say is history…. !!!


Just like Laxman & Azhar you have to add the third Indian to the list of cricketers who share a special bond with Eden Gardens…. Surely Bhajji would love to take the Eden Gardens pitch to bed !!!! From looking entirely flat and frankly he never looked like he would pick a wicket in Nagpur… suddenly Bhajji became unplayable !!!!


India have a great great oppurtunity to square up the series… lets see how the batting goes…. so far we are at 336/4…


p.s. coming up post on Veeru’s Dadagiri today and Sachin’s masterclass tomorrow !!! thats once I see the highlights… !

23 thoughts on “just one pep talk…

  1. Minal says:

    I missed the batting too:-(( but I caught the highlights package yest to see the wickets! I completely agree with you – when you are watching the match live you can sense or predict the proceedings. Nothing beats that! Fact of matter with me is – I remember each and every ball and every stroke from the matches I caught live but cannot remember ones I did not!
    Hopefully VVS spins his magic tom and we do not bat again! Btw totally loved Ishaant’s reaction after he got Harris! Much needed – though I still feel Sreesanth should’ve got the nod.

    Btw Sachin again out to Harris – he makes me wonder sometimes!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Sachin has always had a problem against innocuous left arm spinners…. make him face Marshal, Akram, Murali, Warne and he will thrive…but make him face Giles or Harris… and he just wont be that much at ease… lol… he is human after all… 😛 😛 that is hte only evidence frankly nothing more… !!!! 😛

      Watching the Test Match live is a completely different experience… ! although I would love if Neo Sports stopped broadcasting as they just dont let you watch anything between overs… or replays satisfactorily.. !

      I dont think Ishant should be left out… he needs to be groomed… and yesterday I think he was the Catalyst for the turn around… he may have got only 1 wicket… but it was him who changed everything… !

      Ishant is 21, tall, fast… he can be India’s biggest find in bowling… India must handle him with care… Sreesanth should have played instead of Mishra… I think he played his last Test match… frankly he bowls well but admist good balls… he gives a boundary ball… above all Bhajji needs some one to keep the other end tight.. and Mishra is just not doing his job… plus he has been around… so I dont see how he will improve more… he has played a lot of first class cricket and he cannot bowl a long hop every over in between good balls and let the pressure slip away… Very very inconsistent bowling by him seriously… !

      I seriously hope Laxman’s affair with Eden continues tomorrow…. we need another 100 runs or so … the new ball is due in 4 overs… it will be CRUCIAL CRUCIAL first session tomorrow… !!!!!!

  2. Rakesh says:

    Yeah, I saw the highlights and really felt that Ishant was working hard for Zaheer. Brilliant set of two fast bowlers we have right now.

    And then comes the batting of Sehwag. You can’t really keep him out of the game for long, can you 🙂

  3. Pins N Ashes says:

    As I said, fingers and toes double crossed, u never know with the Indian team – they came lose a game from a winning point like the world cup match against Zimb… Level the series boys, u guys know better about ranking and stuff. And I’m just reading all about it, yet to watch any!:(

    Good Night Hitchy!

  4. kanagu says:

    thats post tea session is absolute cracker…. I didn’t has any hope of India getting more than 2 wickets yesterday… but all changed in a matter of few overs…. and we are right on top..

    Tomo too.. there is still Laxman and Dhoni… If atleast one plays right till the end a lead of 150 is possible.. and then then then.. we will stay at the perch of test cricket 😀 😀

  5. Sandhya says:

    I follow your single liners in twitter and from that ‘knowledge’, discuss cricket with my husband and son and they are surprised at my ‘knowledge’ – thanks to you!

  6. masood says:

    Looks like we have a game on our hands now. 300 odd to avoid an innings defeat and India has close to 140 overs to stick to that #1 ranking!!!!

    Go India!!! 😀

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