so begins the world cup !

Yes…. the world cup has started and I have not yet made a single cricket post !!!!!! Geeez…. !!!! If only I would be able to sit more on the computer.

I even missed the most colourful opening ceremony live… and the pre show for the India Bangladesh match… but I was there before the national anthems started… ! I frantically drove my scooter from office parked it and made a dash to the hall & put the TV on.

Albeit I am not the biggest fan of T-20 and ODI cricket, I am a die hard Test Cricket fan, however my favourite team India must be watched in all forms.

Over the years I have always blindly supported them, I can never hear anything against them. Yes I do take in the criticism about their play, but if someone talks about their intentions being malicious or their integrity or anything other than their cricket, they immediately become my non liked people !!!! I seriously hate such people, infact wonder why they watch or discuss cricket if they think so…

Yes… do take note of that.

I consider myself to be their biggest fan, I never quit watching even when they are losing. I always have my logic that all will leave the team when they are losing but how can I leave my heroes when they are having a bad day. Infact if I were asked if Cricket was my first love or the Indian team… I did really have a tough time replying to it.

My team is my team and I dream of being in the midst of them in the dressing room one day… STILL !!!!

Sigh….. AMEN… !!!

Anyways… for this World Cup I am too scared to make my prediction… I dont want to jinx anything… ! I wont discuss my team and their strengths and their chances…. Let it just wait till the cup ends… !!!! I am praying and hoping for an Indian Victory.

But before I would end the post… following are the 3 new young players that I think are going to be the ones to watch out for in this world cup and the future… !

Virat Kohli – well this post is a day late… he already proved quite a bit… but he is the one to watch out for in the future… A huge future I think lies ahead for this starry eyed boy… !!!! and I mean HUGE !

Darren Bravo – I think this junior of Dwayne is a sensational batsman though I would like to see a bit more of him…there are so many shades of Lara in his style… ! Watch out for him !!!

Steve Smith – I think this Aussie Leg Spinner is very talented, however I think the Australians dont give him enough backing. He has a lot of potential… lets see how the Aussies use him…

and I have lots of predictions… but I will keep them to myself… !!!! I am too Superstitious to share them… !!!!!!

For the moment I guess all of you sit back and just enjoy the Runs… yes there will be wickets too but few and far in between…

God save the bowlers this World Cup !!!!!!

14 thoughts on “so begins the world cup !

  1. Rakesh says:

    Yeah, the world cup has started but nothing special to watch out for in the entire first month of the world cup.

    The fun will only start from 23rd March from where it will turn into a Knock-Out World Cup with 8 teams. Exactly similar to the Mini World Cup and I think even the teams featuring there will be all the test playing nations except Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. There could be 1 or 2 surprises but those surprises will have no bearing on the final outcome of the cup. Strange format this.

    Neverthless, watching Sehwag bat the way he did yesterday will be fun 🙂

  2. Bikram says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy and so it begins and as always i am sticking with the indian team… Though the match against bangladesh inspite of scoring 370 runs the indians did not look at ease .. the bangladesh team nearly made 300 and thats a shame for the indian bowlers..

    to me it was not a WINNNNN win …

    but lets seee at least they won THANK GOD.

  3. Badz says:

    Yes I also watched the whole matched on Saturday. And I’ve seen the opening ceremony live and the pre show. 😛

    Although I’m a bit scared for England on Sunday when India play them because I don’t know who to support and I believe both teams are strong at the moment. As England won the T20 and recently won the Ashes.

    And India have demonstrated how well they are playing at present in Saturday’s match. 😀

    So I’m considering on sitting on the fence and supporting both and see what happens. May the best team win. 😉

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