Cabo de Rama

DSC_5819This was my first visit to the actual tourist capital of India ! It all seems pretty trivial now, all my resistance to go to Goa and my arguments of I don’t drink, I can’t swim and I don’t eat fish so what will I do in Goa. Apparently it seems I have a genetic resistance to doing what is popular with most people, but for once I gave in and ended up with a wonderfully relaxing holiday. I guess it being monsoon Goa was taking a break from the tourist season and with very few people around it felt wonderful to be in the state. Most people insist Goa is green throughout the year and its not just the monsoon that makes it so beautiful. I just loved the bright, vibrant greens I discovered at all the places.

The above picture was taken from Cabo de Rama Fort, said to be the place where Lord Rama took refuge during his exile from Ayodhya !!! See even the God’s knew the place to vacation in India !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 This was a wonderful place ! Slightly offbeat, you had to trek a bit to get here but trust me the views are worth every penny err I mean every drop of sweat you spend. (There is no entry fee to see this fort.)


I learnt about this place from the internet whilst searching short small treks that would be suitable for a 8 year old alongside and the history of the place kinda intrigued me. We hired a Activa and left for the fort after a short snooze after lunch around 3 pm. To our utter delight we discovered that Goa has a life, they all enjoy a siesta ! I truly believe people who get to sleep in the noon are actually the ones that have a most fulfilling life 😀 😀 😀 :mrgreen: Throughout our journey from Kolva to Cabo De Rama it was difficult to find anyone to actually ask the directions !!! The whole of of South Goa was sleeping, no tea stalls, no stalls, no shops open… Tar roads surrounded by greenery all for just us !!! 😀 😀

It took us around an hour’sDSC_5787 drive with two wrong turns taken one of them led us to another new chapel with a very pretty view of the sea that we discovered trying to find Cabo De Rama. That is the fun of travelling without schedules, packages and exact location knowledge ! 😀 😀 It was fun all in all and the best thing about driving a two wheeler in Goa was no dust ! no mud storms… there was so much grass everywhere there was no chance for any dust… super fresh air, trees 😀


The fort has a very sneaky hidden pass that leads to another peninsula connected to the fort which was a wonderfully secluded place and a brilliant place to sit and ponder in the pleasant evening sea breeze. Watching the sunset from there would have been ideal but we were not carrying any torches and the road was a bit tricky and with junior alongside we decided to watch the sun set from somewhere nearer to our scooter ! 🙂


Can you see the small trail below that connected the fort to this other peninsular type land. Laden with coconut trees and seriously breezy and actually quite secluded and lonely to actually even be a bit mushy ! SIGH ! 😛 😛 😛

Can you see the trail that connects the other hill !!! the crossing was very pleasantly windy :D

Can you see the trail that connects the other hill !!! the crossing was very pleasantly windy 😀

This was an ideal place to just sit and gaze…. just watching the waves crashing on the rocks the palms swaying in the wind and experiencing the quiet and listening to the sounds of nature was seriously blissful !

And Hobbes I have also visited Goa now have you visited Himachal !? or Uttranchal  !!!!! I did that !!!! I couldn’t resist the dig !

26 thoughts on “Cabo de Rama

  1. Mithil says:

    you should really try the spot Netravali. This time of the year its beautiful with waterfalls, greenery, streams. Also to go there one gotta ride through mountains … exciting.

    • hitchy says:

      Arrey no re… It was a very short trip so couldnt manage…. ! But I read and heard about them before going on the net… its a pretty lovely place I guess !

  2. Smita says:

    Can’t see the pics somehow. But one thin that I agree with is that Goa is something else during monsoons. Been there once in Aug and then Dec. It was awesome in Aug!

  3. Jahal says:

    Picturesque views and Panoramic place describes Goa!

    The way you have ostended makes it more tantalizing and fascinating.

    I have been to GOA but still feels like have missed many such views after reading this!!!


  4. Ashwathy says:

    I could not see all your pics from the office LAN so I came back home and logged in just to see them! 😀 Love the effects you have given the pics!! Sigh…

    Hobbes we need to go there!!

  5. Ritika says:

    The pictures are breath taking !
    The only time I went to, the big tsunami came in the Indian ocean and we weren’t allowed to go on the beach. I took it as a bad sign and never went back since 😛

  6. kanagu says:

    I resisted going to Goa thinking there was only beaches and I could see there is much more and importantly greens 🙂 I love them 🙂 Pics are too good Bhai 🙂 Will try to visit soon 🙂

  7. techie2mom says:

    Whoa!!! The place is amazing!!! I should have read about your post before going to Goa….Next time i am going here…These places looks so so unadulterated and you have taken great pictures!!!! I am not able to see all the pics though 😦 , trying to refresh…

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