Mumbai Terror Attacks !!

Another round of unmindful terror attacks rocks the financial capital of my country. I cannot quite fathom what these mindless attacks help the terrorists achieve??

I work for a cotton trading company and our main buyers a Swiss company had sent their Vice President to India and he completed his business trip yesterday. He was supposed to attend a wedding in Mumbai and his wife was supposed to join him yesterday. They were booked at the Oberoi, luckily for him the flight was delayed and by the time his wife landed the news was abuzz through out the city and they didnt go to the hotel.

For the same wedding another guy representating an inspection agency (dont want to give his name), an agency who do weighments of our Cotton Containers, had his wife booked in the same hotel and she is still in the Oberoi rite now as i write, and we all pray for her safety. The husband is outside the hotel and may God give him strength.

As much as these events are sad, as much as we hate them these events are happening more and more with each passing day… Can sanity return to our planet and can people live in peace ??

5 thoughts on “Mumbai Terror Attacks !!

  1. Indrani says:

    This is terrible Dhiren, somebody you know still trapped inside. Any further updates on this? How could the security be so callous, I don’t understand. Only after something happens, people wake up.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Thankfully she is out of the trident yesterday night, unharmed as i hear…. some minor burns, i dont know her personally but just couldnt imagine what her husband must have gone through…

    Dont know bout the security, if they are home grown Indian nationals turned terrorists, i doubt if the police can do much.

    But as reports come out, it seems they have come from Pakistan by boat, if that is the case the naval security needs a lot of tightening up… Can any one from outside our country just come by a boat???.. However at this point in time lets just hope that most come out unharmed.

    Also hear 1 terrorist has been caught alive so hopefully they can be traced and the planners of this attack should not be spared…

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