All fingers pointing in one direction…..

( The Taj Mahal Hotel)

Finally the operation of the commando’s is over today morning. The last of the perpetrators have been flushed out. The commando’s, the army, the police, the firebrigade all gallantly fought till everything was under control and out of danger. They have performed the duty they were asked to and come out with flying colours, some even sacrificed their lives in this.

(The Taj Mahal Hotel Today)
Don’t know if anything good can come out of these events, but one of the terrorist has been caught alive…. As more and more investigations commence and more and more startling informations come out, it is becoming clearly evident that these were not Indian nationals who were killing people at sight.

All the evidence that is emerging so far is showing that they come from our neighbouring nation. A nation that claims that they themselves are victims of terror. They even claim they will assist India in fighting terror and they are determined to the fight against terror….

Hello !! Has ever Pakistan witnessed Indian origin people going to Pakistan and killing their people ?? Do they have Indian terrorists in their country ?? Doesn’t Laskhkar E Toiba chief roam freely in Lahore and hold public meetings ?? Does just saying that we condemn these acts constitute their stance against terror ??

So either the Pakistan Government is turning a deaf ear to these aspects or simply it is not in control of their country and especially the terror outfits …. As long as they themselves are the one who are bearing the brunt of this, we have no business to enter their country unless called upon….

But now that the miscreants use Pakistani territory to train, acquire logistic support and obtain strategic information to come to Indian shores and kill innocent people, spread terror… will the ministers of my country do something about it ??

Will they trace out the planners and take them out ?? With or Without the support of the Pakistani Government ??

The military, the police the fire brigade did their job…. Can the politicians who call themselves leaders do their bit ???? Can they do better than finger pointing amonst themselves, while all fingers are pointing in one direction….

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