books and fags… dont go together..

5 days had passed after Diwali vacation… dude drove his CD 100 into the shed out side the back door of the girls canteen…

This shed belonged to the MSA (management students association) group… all marketing students…basically people who were dumbo’s in accounts and didn’t know which side of a ledger was debit and which was credit.

A few platforms were made in the shed… to actually sit and study… but they would be used for lying about… smoking… style maaring in front of girls… !!!

The guys were permanent residents… girls would come and go… they had lectures to attend… the guys would just stay put… sometimes just travel to different faculty canteens… but largely stay put… sharing one cigarette… soota maaring till the cigarette wouldn’t have anything to yield…

Chai… anyone that went near the canteen back door would be forced to order chai… so everyone would loudly announce …. PAANI !! sirf Paani lene jaa raha ho… !! (no jokes its very important to announce this… )

Dude parked his CD 100 and immediately parked his ass on the seat… his back on the petrol tank… his head on the meter… his legs on the carrier… and proceeded to sleep in style… just lifting his goggles from his eyes to move them on his hair… out came a small gold flake… and lighter… !! puff puff…

Two drags taken coolly… then proceeds to look at his mates… winking… !! carries on… suddenly another guy comes in…

“gimme a drag..”

“no way…”

“first cigarette of the day, I don’t share”

“come one man.. just one drag”

“no way…”

Enter the girls…

Two of them… on their scooty.. one is short a lil plump.. blunt hair… bag on her shoulder.. the pillion rider is a lil taller… with books in her hand… she is skinny and wears glasses… goes without saying both look pretty …

Girl one..

“Oye cigarette bandh kar.. lets go for lecture… its final year.. only last 4 months lets study..”


“yaar… in 2 and half years attended 7 lectures… haven’t attended even one this whole year.. ab attend karke koi farak padega kya …”

Girl is adamant..

“If you value our friendship… tujhe meri kasam.. please chal… I m telling you since 5 days…wake up… get serious… you don’t want to fail..”

Argument goes on for 40 mins… one lecture is missed… the girl misses her lecture too… !!

Eventually dude is convinced to attend the lecture starting in 5 minutes… dude can’t believe he has been convinced for jail for 45 minutes… and no cigarette for 45 MINUTES !!!!!!!!!

Enter the class.. it’s a theatrical class… each step has one bench… (remember Munnabhai class) yes…

Each student can clearly see the professor… most importantly the professor can see each student… its Principal of Economics ka lecture…

Enter the professor… Bald.. spectacles.. skinny… pointed noise… with hair sprouting out of it… but some how looks intelligent and in command…

5 minutes into the lecture… dude takes out a chana from his pocket and munches…

Suddenly the professor notices…

“First time ?”

Dude looks back.. err… its him he is talking to…

“Me ??”

“ Yes you.. First time..?”

“Yes..” (suddenly dude has something in his eye)

“Never mind.. you won’t get anything…”


Professor repeats “Never mind.. you won’t get anything… its better you go..”

Dude is stunned.. INSULT (INSULAT, that’s how it is said…)

But dude doesn’t show… gets up in style.. gives the note book to the friend who brought him…

Trudges down the stairs.. tic tac tic tac… hands in his jeans pocket… whistling.. pulling his glares from his head onto his eyes… out of the class… and out in the open…

Goes back to his shed… parks his ass on the seat of his CD 100… his back on the petrol tank… his head on the meter… his legs on the carrier… and proceeds to sleep in style… just lifting his goggles from his eyes to move them on his hair… out came a small gold flake… and lighter… !! puff puff… this time he has a song on his lips too…

Duniya ne humko diya kya… Duniya se humne liya kya…

Hum sabki parwah kare kyo…

puff puff

87 thoughts on “books and fags… dont go together..

    • Crafty Shines says:

      CHE CHE!!!!!

      hitchu = publish post
      crafty’s heart = ting ping ding

      magar ZALIM ZAMANA..DUSHMAN DUNIYA!!!!!! me was busing banging head on office wall…..
      😛 😛

      Iss post pe aapka naam likha tha Sakshijee!!! tee hee!!!

      but!!!!! crafty aayi hai…toh naach ke hi jaayegi!!!!

      PLAY THE MUSIC I SAY!!!!!!! 😀 😀

      Ke Pagh Ghoonguroo Bandh Crafty Naachi Thi…. aur sab naache crafty ke saath!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  1. sakshi says:

    Lolz..what fun college was. So you are the gold flake puffing guy haan? Doesn’t Hetal confiscate your cigarettes now?? It’s hanikarak for the commenting speed too in case you are not aware of it 😉

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    what style!!!! what class!!! what coolness!!!!

    *crafty is trying very hard to ignore the puff puff bit and give a lecture*

    nah partner… u reduced the smiking… am proud u did that!

    haan! so where was I …

    what poise!!! what attitude…. what charisma….

    *crafty refers to list of adjectives hitchu mailed her to use*

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Teri to….

    awesome narration! so u were cool!!!
    others went to college and hitchu went to coollege!!

    *crafty stands alone and laughs like loony on her own sad joke*

    so she convinced u to attend!!! and the prof told u to leave!!!!!!
    hahahahah 😛 😛 😛

    college days were fantabulous!!!

    7 lectures in three years!!!!! 😎

    we missed all lectures, but we were always there for all practicals… its was the most fun to be at pracs with friends!!! all the disasters!!! lol!

    love the choice of sing partner!!! RD and Asha!!!

    trivia that i so wanna share: R D brought the west here to indian music industry, many compositions were inspired, and this Dum maro dum was inspired from Black Magic Woman… if u haven’t heard it, u must! its total soota music!!!)

    i loved this narration!!!! uber cool!!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      no practicals in commerce…

      I love commerce … !!!!!!!! 😛 😛

      those good for nothing days… sigh… only if they could come back…

      I m hung on those days… really… still..

  3. Ordinary Guy says:

    classic dude!!!!!!!! ultimate story of college days!!!!! just loved it……

    reminded me of that scene in madhavans film… RHTDM…… his entry as a mech engg student 😛

    yes, classes and sutta dont go together 😛

  4. Smita says:

    He he Smitha this so so well written! Your description of marketing guys versus accounts guy is so apt 😀 awesome story! I guess kahani har college ki and har student ki 😀

  5. Indian Homemaker says:

    Wow Hitchwriter this is my fav post here now. Loved the way you have described everything. And true about our concerned lecturers… how inspiring can some of them get!

    But loved how you ended it too!!! Brilliant.

  6. umsreflections says:

    OOOOHHHHH !!!!! Cant believe – 7 lectures in 2 1/2 yrs, eh ?????

    Did u finish your course in time ??? Who is this wonderful lady who convinced you for 40 mins to attend a lecture and you came out in style ????

    Enjoyed everything except the huff and puff.

    • hitchwriter says:

      not 2 and half madam… in 3 years of college… and not tution classes… nothing… !! still never failed !!!!

      howzzat.. !! 😀

      that lady is a dear friend now settled in dubai… !!

      the puffing… lol.. you wont get it…

  7. Rakesh says:

    there is no other relaxing posture other than lying on the bike, back on the tank and head on the meter, early morning looking at the blue sky or if its afternoon then under a tree, enjoying the cool breeze… trust me…

    Actually, I got suspended from college once for poor attendance as well. 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      attendance ????

      lol in M.S. University in commerce… there is no such word as attendance…

      my roll no. in first year was 4726. there was no way they could accomodate so many students… and hence no attendance compulsory… !!!!!

      but i agree… that is the most relaxing posture… i miss those days… really !!!

  8. Solilo says:

    Ha..ha..ha.. Hitchy! loved this account too. College years are sure fun. Seriously! I need to dedicate that ‘purani jeans’ song here again.

    We had a Professor who used to say Volooooooome for Volume.

  9. anishthomas says:

    i have studied in a very strict college(we were not allowed bring car,bike in the campus),so i missed all that kinda fun in campus(but we compensated everything in hostel…we had a proper blast over there)
    in between that was a kidilan post 🙂 …

  10. oorja says:

    wow college days…

    and i was totally opposite of what u have described… used to attend all the classes…

    but did the class bunking and movie watching too.. 😀

    grat college days….. but han no sutta for me.. 😉

  11. Mystery says:

    lucky you and poor girl..she convinced u for so long and the lecturer asked u to leave as u wouldnt understand anything…
    the narrating style was good 🙂

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