Bura Na Mano kya ????? WTF

This is in response to Ritu’s post here . She is describing all sorts of Holi players and I thought what the heck there is one tribe of holi players, rascals…. i experienced and I was so pissed off …. grrrrr…..

There are rascal holi player types tooo !!!

Dhuleti or Dhulendi whatever you want to call it was over,

it was Rang Panchmi,

you are going to mumbai… you are bored sitting in the train you plug your ipod and decide to go and stand at the door… looking out at MY INDIA … watching my country from the train… trying to think and conjure a post

suddenly near ujjain a group of men with buckets full of colour filled balloon…

decide to pelt the whole train..

and you find your clothes all coloured… my favourite trouser… !!

all gone.. Some older people with gray hair suddenly had their hair in a new colour !! pink…

Some small kids were so stunned they wouldnt stop wailing….

Some rascal supporters keep smiling and keep saying more to themselves i think, “Bura na mano Holi hai !!”

What the heck….

Suddenly you also find your sweat leather cream coloured shoes have got some huge pink coloured spots on them and you are to receive a delegate from turkey at 8 am next day morning so you have to wear the same darn shoes as no shop will be open to buy new ones !!!
now you tell me to appreciate holi and how ??

I always unwillingly have always played… I liked the balloon throwing that happens in Mumbai… but suddenly… err… my perception is totally changing !!!!! yuck yuck grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

31 thoughts on “Bura Na Mano kya ????? WTF

  1. Serendipity says:

    Damn. I hate Holi.
    Creepy, unrecognisable men on the prowl for unsuspecting women walknig on the street.

  2. Indyeah says:

    Thats really bad Dhiren!does Holi mean they have the right to throw water and colous on anyone?

    I have never liked the wet dirty colours mud and all type Holi..
    and fortunately have had people who only play with nice dry colours..only gulaal

    what I am curious about is how did you recieve the delegation the next day??

  3. hitch writer says:

    SERENDIPITY : I didnt like the festival… but didnt hate it… but now.. sob sob… my perception is changing !

    INDYEAH : Borrowed cousins shoes, who also happens to be boss… luckily he had more spare pairs there in mumbai as he too lives in Indore… saved the embarassment.. !! But looked so silly in front of boss when i reached his house all coloured ! and you become the laughing stock ! 😦

  4. i am what i am says:

    jesus!!!! i so so sympathize with you!!!! i hate holi with a vengeance, coz things went really far this time. i was treating a patient when the receptionists of our centre came inside my chamber to put color on me. i was so taken aback and my patient who was equally aghast just jumped from the chair and left the centre in a huff. the girls were suspended from work for a week. the patient has failed to return back for the treatment. repeated calls have not yeilded any results. and i would not be paid for the treatment that i did!!!!
    so much for holi!!!!!!!
    like indyeah i am equally curious how did you receive the delegation the next day?????

  5. Varunavi says:

    People are so stupid,they changed the meaning of holi.I love to play holi but my dad used to lock the gate so that no one comes home.Once at 3.00 in the afternoon he allowed me to go to a grocery shop,when i was near that shop a group of boys passed me on their bikes,suddenly they took a turn and sprayed colour on me that too some stupid grey/black which took 3-4 days for me to remove it.
    Good that u got shoes from ur boss.

  6. hitch writer says:

    GUNMEEN : geee… it seems there are lots of sad stories associated with holi !! some people just dont know where to draw the line…

  7. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : for girls alone holi can get real nasty at times… people booze and also forget their limits … not that the festival is bad, but people tend to go out of their limits is what is most irritating !

  8. mindspace says:

    I guess the delegate would have loved you there with pink spots on the shoes once you had told them about the festival of holi with it color n spirits.. just being hopeful.. & who knows you would hv impressed them more than usual.. 😛

  9. hitch writer says:

    MINDSPACE : Here is a holi fan !! I can smell it !! lol… nope… I dont think the pink shoes would have impressed them or put them off… but they would have embarassed me most !! lol…

  10. Sandhya says:

    Long back somebody threw colour on me on the road, in Bangalore. I could not take the colour off from my skin for days and the sari was ruined. How do they remove the colour from their body – I heard they apply kerosine – is it true, I don’t know.

    When I see people playing with colours, I wonder if the chemical would harm the skin.

  11. Badz says:

    Dhiren! I couldn’t help but laugh at you. I think it would have been interesting you attending the delegation in the wonderful “pink outfit.” 😉 :-p

    And besides, holi sounds fun. I have ALWAYS wanted to come and celebrate holi there in India. Mainly for the experience. I admit, I’ve heard people take it to another level, but I don’t think you should take it to heart. And if you hate such festivals so much, why live in India? Live abroard and you will not face such problems.

    Sorry dear. But us living away, languish on such fun and celebrations, and you guys living in India don’t appreciate what you have.

  12. hitch writer says:

    SANDHYA : yea they do use kerosene.. I have used it once to remove… unfortunately my favourite trousers have probably gone.. sulk sulk tsk tsk !!! 😦

    BADRIKA : I dont hate festivals… I love them and I would not even think for 1 second about not living in India !! However some idiots here are bent upon stretching things too far… its not holi i desist… its idiots who go aboard !!!

    If i didnt see the funny side of it I wouldnt be posting it here !!! still its an awful way to pelt balloons on moving train…. you should have heard the small 6month old to 1 year olds who were frightened and wailling…
    😦 I am sure their parents didnt see the funny side !

  13. Smita says:

    We faced the same situation while travelling to Jabalpur. Luckily we were shutting down the windows whenever we there was a city nearing….

    But as u said it is pathetic. I feel is is not only rowdy but very insensitive to behave this ways!!!

  14. Indian Home Maker says:

    I love Holi but not like this! The perfect way is to collect at a common place, with beer and biryani and holi dip and music and thandai organised and then all have some fun.

    What they did was absolutely wrong and holi was just as excuse to misbehave.

  15. Ordinary Guy says:

    Yes, i agree with IHM….:) only on mumbai, when I had gone out for my morning tea, I came back all drencheed and it took a long time for me to get rid of the colors……

  16. Vinod_Sharma says:

    Well, one has to learn how to “enjoy” certain nasty Holi experiences…I had no idea what Holi could be in Allahabad till we drove into the city on one Holi day. Soon, we found ourselves coloured properly with balloon missiles that came from every where. That was fine till we started receiving sewage filled balloons which not only turned us grey but made us stink unbearably. So, we had to take shelter in the Railway station where we bathed, washed our clothes, wore them again wet and waited for the evening before hitting the road again…

  17. R. Ramesh says:

    the day they threw shit and dung into local trains from the nearby slums, my perception abt the festival changed…

  18. Jagjit says:

    that was real bad. i should have screwed them man! any, i hope the meeting went well with spoiled shoes, or did u wash them?

  19. Solilo says:

    That’s terrible. This is why exactly I hated it in India because it becomes an excuse to hurt, grope and do whatever they wish in the name of ‘bura na mano…’.

    I used to be comfortable among family and close friends on ‘Holi’ Day. Couldn’t trust those drunkards on the road roaming around with Silver paints.

  20. Sahaja says:

    Awww!!!! I am with you here….if its done with friends, planned and all its nice 2 have fun for an hr or two….but not in public!!
    I came to know holi only after i went to university! and girls hostel used to locked till 12 in noon coz boys used to drink something….but it was good for us coz we used to enjoy for 2 hrs , and then sit together to have fun!

  21. roopscoop says:

    ouch, i can’t even imagine what i’d do! that would piss me off nicely. 😦 how dare they invade private space like that!!!

  22. nimis540 says:


    Thats sad.. Water baloons and stuff can cause so much ahrm..People don’t know how to differentiate between right and wrong.. **sigh** Sad that your fav trousers got spolied..

    lol@Old man’s hair 🙂

  23. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : smart girl closing windows … gee we should have known better !

    IHM : In the train we felt like sitting ducks … pathetic… and whats worse you cant even run after those idiots instead have to smile at your misfortune.. 😦

    ORDINARY GUY : I used to think balloon throwing was fun, that too the plain water types not the coloured ones … but now having been at the receiving end its not so much fun !

    VINODJI : Upto a certain extent you can understand and its fine.. but like you said sewage filled balloons geeee…. yuck !! nope… thats not my idea of fun or enjoyment !

  24. hitch writer says:

    RAMESH : gee it keeps getting worser 😦

    MAYZ : they didnt buddy !

    MANDIRA : I still dont hate holi… but some idiots are bent upon some sick fun at other peoples expense !

    THOORIKA : enter Rajastan or MP during these days… and you wont want to remember how its played !!!

    DARSHAN : Sportingly yea… forcibbly no…:(

    JAGJIT : borrowed shoes… man… wish the train would wait for us passengers… we would have screwed them big time !

    SOLILO : I guess crows are everywhere… the crowd is more here and so more crows here.. this saying of bura na maano holi hai is taken completely out of context

  25. hitch writer says:

    SAHAJA : With friends we have had some pretty messy holi’s but it was all done with should i say arguable consent… it was fun… but with strangers who hit and run… sorry !!

    ROOPSCOOP : I wasnt totally pissed off until i saw the small kids wailing.. then i felt even more enraged… thank god my kid was not there !!

    NIMI : sob sob 😦 those really were my favourite trousers… so comfortable ! sigh

  26. Chirag says:

    Dude, theses kind of incident give some bitter taste on festivals, this is really wrong!does Holi doen’t mean you have the right to throw water and colors on anyone?

    I hope the iPOD is fine 😀

  27. hitch writer says:

    CHIRAG : if anything would have happened to the IPOD, i would have pulled the chain… and ran after each and every rascal and taken them down for sure !!!

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