cherished memories of my life


I was first tagged by Rashmi for this but somehow I never read that post and when Smitha did this tag and she didn’t tag me I cried foul. Now having taken up the tag smartly and read a lot of our bloggers do this I am realising this is infact a very difficult tag….


I would end up writing an epic….  good or bad all the memories are cherished all for some different reasons… So lets do it in parts I will  just recall my days as a kid and in school….. that would be enough nostalgia for me for a week…. 🙂


1.) My memories with my two younger brothers —-

I miss being a kid, we three brothers would always gang up and be Dada’s in our society. We would play cricket, thappo (hide n seek), aais pais, king, fish from tanks and collect them in our tanks, but them in bottles and put them on TV (gharib logo ka acquarium), bring puppies home only for Mom to not let it enter the house, catching squirrels, plucking & stealing mangoes &  flowers from other people’s house, doing WWF on the beds and breaking them…. I want those days back really…. 🙂

In the afternoons Mom would force 3 of us to sleep and we would keep talking and making noise or fighting and not let her sleep and she would get angry and we three would keep giggling and eventually Mom would burst out laughing… She loved her siesta (used to get up very early) and we never let her have one… Those were the days as they say… 🙂

Once all three of us decided to have our heads shaved… but as my younger brother sat on the barber’s seat and got his head shaved… I and the youngest one stood up… he looked horrible… we didnt get ours shaved and the middle one didnt speak to both of us for a few days… !!! but seriously Haath firaving on the taklu was fun….. 😀 😀 😀

Wish I and my bro’s could be young again in our old Bharuch house which had a huge huge compound… !!! Even in the nights we would play cricket in the hall, break tube lights, watches and what not…  It was fun… seriously fun… We were a gang in ourselves and didnt even need anyone for fun… !!!! 😀


2.) My school days Primary –

Up until 5th I was a very good boy having always studied in a boys school (Mumbai n Jamnagar), playing soccer and studying as a ranker… but as I shifted to Bharuch, my rank from 2nd went to 22nd…. In Bharuch there was no boys school and I entered a co-ed… what with our teacher making us sit 1 girl 1 boy combination… !! the girls ruined me… !!! my studies went for a toss …. 😦

Every action done in school then was always conscious, always in the mind the same thought, the girls are watching…. !!! :mrgreen:

Showing bravado by breaking the fans in the school or putting sutli bomb’s in the teachers drawers tied with an incense stick (TIME BOMB we used to call it)… never having books completed and when the teacher would give an option either 50 situps or get out of the class to actually take pride in getting out !!!! …. ( silly really but it didnt seem then, it seemed very smart and brave ! ) 😳

Strangely enough English books would always be complete… as I was good in it and all girls would want it to copy my answers… !!! Every action like I said was being done thinking about the girls… !! :mrgreen:

Removing Valve tubes from the cycles of the beautiful girls and then helping her to a puncture shop and sitting and chatting to her alone after schoool…. ohhhhh…. I want the girls back… I want the carefree days back… I want my silly days back…. 😀 😀


3.) School Secondary days –

This was the time when the girls magic kind of became a little less…. (na it can never wear off).

Playing serious sport… Cricket… I became a hero when I scored 65 against our dushman school GNFC in our local cricket tournament and thanks to it was made captain of the cricket team the next year…. bunking periods everyday to go to the ground to practice… I was the pride of my Physical Education sir and he was my license to get the players out of the classes and practice… !!!!! 😀 😀

Sometimes when I think, we could play for 3 days at a stretch for 80 overs everyday in the sun !! Even in scorching May !!!! Today when I go out of my A/c office to catch a smoke in the sun…. I feel its so so hot… !!!! 😦

Wish I could be like that again… dark… skinny…. and playing a sport… eating golas on the cricket ground or getting our limbu soda… puri bhaji in lunch from various associations where the potatoes in the subji would not even be peeled…. 🙂 🙂

My cricket love affair started here… my life’s first love…. I couldn’t sleep the nights before I was to play matches… !!! and after the match was over and played I would sleep totally exhausted and scream in my sleep…. “easy easy” “throw throw” “comon boys” “shot ‘sir” and what not to keep my parent awake… !!!! 😀 😀


4.) Higher Secondary school –

A newly admitted girl caught my fancy here… whole day like a completely ashamed mawali… I would stare at her… the class would go on but I would only keep looking at her… no matter what… everyone would know apart from the students…. but I would keep staring… !! (eventually as August came the girl came and tied a rakhi to me and broke my heart ) 😳

Then a tiff with our class teacher (he would trouble students who didnt join his tutions) ensured that I decided that I will not attend school if he comes to school… 😦 . Imagine… how brave I was !!!!!!  So for almost 6-7 months I and a bunch of other friends would bunk school daily… We would go to our school timings were 12.00 to 6.00, as soon as our prayer bell would ring…. we the brave we would pick our bags and go out of school…. (so what if the teachers saw us) &  when we had a larger number we would all play cricket… if the number would be smaller… we would go to movies 12-3 and 3-6 !!!!

Yours truly didn’t like Hum Aapke hain Kaun but has seen the movie in theatre 27 times !!!!   Bloody two theatres out of 4 in Bharuch ran this movie for almost 3 months… !! I have also seen Rangeela 5 days consecutive 12-3 & 3-6 (2 shows every day, Monday to Friday) !!!!  😀 😀  I have seen Rangeela &  Bombay more than 10 times in the theatre !!!!  😀 Barsaat, Humse hai muqabla more than 5 times… 😀 Even pakau sadiyal movies like Teesra Kaun 2-3 times !!!  😀 😀 For almost 2 years in 11th and 12th I have seen umpteen movies first day first show !!!! (yes I was the pucca mawali in those days) 😀 😀

I was going to fail in 11th as my attendance was not enough however the smart me went to our class teacher and made up and joined his tution for 12th standard before our 11th results came.

In 12th I had a tution from 7am-9am for accounts and statistics, 9am-11am for Commerce and Economics (class teacher). However I cannot recall attending it ever…. we would sit downstairs or roam here and there or play cricket or sit in our restaurant (mayur – lovely dosa’s) we would only go to drop the girls in the tution and welcome them out of the tutions… !!! and then 12pm to 6 pm you already know !!! aaah… that was some fun… wasn’t it ?? :mrgreen:

Hang on… no I didnt copy in the 12th board exams… I passed in Second class… !!! Dont ask how… !!!

I was a smart asss but an ass !!



The worst experience of my life also happened in 12th in the vacations in Gir, we 2 class mates and 2 seniors along with 1 other guy and a rabari were tracking 2 lioness on foot for more than an hour eventually we probably pissed the lioness’ off and one of them charged to threaten us……. She didnt want to kill us, only wanted us off her tail… If she wanted to she in all likelihood would have…. She charged us…. and all of us ran for our lives…. one of our friend fell but none of the 5 guys running had the bravado or sense to stop and pick him up…. she pawed him… but missed and he got up and ran away !!!! You know him as Third Eye (a contributor in our photography blog) !!!!  That is when we realised that we must keep distance and never go beyond a certain limit… The though of answering his Mom if something had happened still sends shivers down my spine…. It was the worst experience of our lives…. Never do anything like that…  That friend of mine is still alive and driving somewhere in Leh at the moment… he is a very very dear friend and we are always in touch !!!



Will post some other memories some other time… this post is quite long enough already… !!!


Do read … huh !!

162 thoughts on “cherished memories of my life

  1. Badz says:

    LoL! Dhiren plus 2 brothers “dada” of society. 😆

    Not letting mum have her afternoon nap, my brother and ! still do that on weekend when I return home. 😳

    Hahahaha! You wanted to get your head shaved and made middle 1 go 1st. Then backed down. 😆 😈

    I’ve also done playing cricket (aswell as football) late at night down my nanny’s house with cousins and breaking light bulbs etc. 🙂

    See. You’ve given me the best examples in this 2nd part as to you being a big casanovia. 😉

    Now now… I always was a one sided lover does that constitute the definition of a cassonova ??

    The teachers getting bombs in their draw is evil. 👿

    Hero of Cricket. Your first love. (still is your 1st love. 😉 )
    BTW, BELATED congrats of becoming captain. 😉

    hahahaha. 😛 You’re 2nd love (1st cricket. 😉 ) tied a rakhi on you and left you heart broken. \\BIG HUG// 😉

    Dhiren I’m sooo jealous. You went to the movies every single day. I wish I went to school with you. 🙂 Although I think i’d be the bad influence on you. 😉 😛

    Well Dhiren. Such wonderful memories. 🙂

    Sigh … they are….

  2. Pixie says:

    Loved reading the entire post! 😀
    So, yea, but it’s a bit long, but it’s ok!!! 😛 😛

    I loved reading about the school and home memories… the playing cricket, bothering your mom while she tries to sleep… 🙂

    All guys do the same thing na? Remove valves, puncture cycles.. then patafy the girls by “helping” them fix it!

    I remember, one guy had followed me all the way home on his cycle – me was in auto… jsut so that he could tell everyone later on that he knew where I lived!!! 😛

    you girls always know na… what is happening !!! ??? sounds so so silly now… really…

    And they used to turn up in groups to watch the dance performance of the girls they liked during the school cultural activities…
    throw stones, give sodden love letters!
    I was always the girl who got to watch the fun!!
    The boys used to approach me and ask me to give the “love letters” to the girls they liked and the girls in turn used to ask me about the boys, full secretly!
    I used to get nice bribes from guys!!! 🙂 🙂
    Chocolates, magnets, pens…

    so you have been mean as well in your times.. !

    *sigh* those school days were fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks dude for bringing back lovely memories from school!!! ***hugs***

  3. Quirky Indian says:

    That was a scary story about the lioness chasing you guys and your friend falling….he was very very lucky.

    But even if no one stopped to help him (am not sure what you could have done in any case, if the lioness was really angry or hungry), we know you’re a brave man. You watched HAHK 27 times. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

  4. Indyeah says:

    chote chote dada log? lol!!! 😀

    rofl@garib logon ka aquarium 😆
    bring puppies home only for Mom to not let it enter the house, catching squirrels, plucking & stealing mangoes & flowers from other people’s house, doing WWF on the beds and breaking them…. I want those days back really…. 🙂
    would you believe DHiren?This was me and my brothers too 🙂
    three of us and the same shaitani we used to do 🙂
    *sigh* I want those childhood days back too 😦

    seriously Haath firaving on the taklu was fun….. 😀 😀
    you two devils! 😆
    what a time to abandon him!

    2nd to 22nd and the girls ruined you? 😆
    yeah right! 😛 😛
    you budding casanova!! 😛 😛

    sab kuch ladkiyon ko sochkar unke liye?
    figures! :mrgreen:

    This was the time when the girls magic kind of became a little less…. (na it can never wear off).
    whatt?aisa bhi koi time tha?when you did NOT like girls that much? 😆

    • hitchwriter says:

      absolutely… you know whilst i was in a boys school i never got a rank below 4 !!!!!!

      the moment i walked into this schoool… 22nd !!!!!!!!!

      they ruined me really… !!!

      and that taklu at that age was really horrible and we didnt want to become a target of fun … poor he… he woudl run and beat both of us… !!! lol 😛

  5. Indyeah says:

    wait!!let me scroll up again,..

    sutli bombs?
    *Indyeah utters a quick prayer to god for not giving her any students like Dhiren in her class*

    you bet !! and I wasnt the worst ! we had some awful awful students

    captain of the Cricket team in school?
    I AM impressed!that is damn good!
    3 days at a stretch for 80 overs everyday in the sun
    yes ..thats the beauty of childhood:) there is nothing and no weather too hot or too cold or too rainy and muddy..
    we simply used to enjoy 🙂
    now even I feel lazy 😦 and feel its too hot .. 😦
    growing up is overrated 😦

    absolutely… my wife was nick named PT Usha of our school and now she is as tired as anyone by 10 and I dont know what she does… i mean any physical stress kind of work, even i get tired without really doing anything …… wish we become active like earlier again

    (eventually as August came the girl came and tied a rakhi to me and broke my heart

    damn smart girl Dhiren! what a way to get rig do the infatuation 😆

    HAHK twenty seven times?? 🙄

    that must be some record!! WHy did you watch it so many times? to bunk a class this much of torture??

    One idiot friend of ours was in love with Madhuri… he would force us all… plus no movies would change what to do.. you have to hide from 12-6 somewhere…

    too much 😀

    awwww..the words on blockquotes are the most heartwarming and frightening..

    you guys barely escaped with your life..
    But what made me smielw as that you are still in touch with your friend 🙂

    We are friends for life and he is the same guy trying to help my wife set up her travel business so we can join again and start following more lions and tigers… but from jeeps this time !!!

    and to know that this is the same person who shares a group blog with you is so sweet 🙂
    God bless your friendship :).


      • Tara says:

        you guys are so quick at it.. by the time i read the post it has got 30 comments and by as I read the first set of comments u are already beyond 70… childhood memories seem to have doubly energized u it seems..

        Pixie and me get paid to do this !! imagine !! Indi is sick you know so she was getting her dose of blogedicine 😀 😀

        but no doubt it does..

        we also cought some parrots, white pigeons, gileharis and what not..

        Gileharis even i did… but You caught parrots ?? white pigeons !!! *in total awe* wow ! 🙂

        catching fish was a time pass during summer vacations spent in the native.. but I dont remember doing even 10 % of the shaitani’s u hv mentioned here. you were one spoilt, naughty brat and then typical MAWALI as u said…. lol./. I compensated however by marrying someone who did all such things n more..

        We usually end up with the best girls once we sober out… !!!! teee heee… :mrgreen:

  6. Pixie says:

    You do realise that all 25 comments are from Indy and Hitchy!!!

    Guys, get back to work!
    You need to learn from hard working people like me!!!

    😀 😀 😀


  7. Pixie says:

    I mean, its not bad being a Lecturer, pls, no lecturer take offence!
    but, its the giving tests part and correcting papers, I was talking abt.

  8. Pretty Prats says:

    did u ever study ??? i mean .. i could not see that accomodated in the day 😛 !

    Butn you passed … so i give some credit to you !!

    FYI i never failed in any final examinations of my career… never not even promoted with grace marks !! always managed to pass… either by copying or by luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Swaram says:

    Wow! Those days! me too love school days. But u have really had the time of ur life.

    beta i had too much fun and so now struggling 😦

    Daud 10 times i what i can’t really believe. I mean dint it make u daud for life 😉

    I still dont think it was that bad.. it was a nice hathoda ! 😛 😛

    The lioness one is scary … man gotta b really careful when I go on the next safari …
    Taklu episode is really sweet.

    Tell that to my brother… !! lol… 😉

  10. sraboneyghose says:


    Cool memories…My most cherished memories are also of my teenage years and school…Those were the days…I remember when we used to come to Cal for our annual summer vacations, my cousin and I used to irritate our bachelor grand uncle a lot…I think he enjoyed the attention…Once we hid his clothes when he went for a bath and another time we hid his shaving kit…He couldn’t shave for 3 days ’cause we refused to return it to him unless he took us for a movie!

  11. Smitha says:

    Loved it Hitchy 🙂 And you had to make that point of me not tagging you here too- even after I apologized for it and pointed out that you did not even know that you had been tagged already!!! 😡

    Arre.. I know you didnt tag coz i was already tagged.. ! only stated my over enthusiasm !! 😛

    You know – I used to get pups too – until my mom gave me the ultimatum – me or the pup can stay in the house – not both of us 😦 I even tried hiding it under the bed and sneaking it food. Sometimes they kept coming back – to my mother’s despair and my delight 🙂

    You and your brother was so mean – made your middle brother taklu!! Poor guy!

    My mom would at times tell us I have 3 to take care of and they are enough ! I cant have a 4th one !! lol…. that poor guy really had a hard time… !!! lol 😛 😛

    ‘We were a gang in ourselves and didnt even need anyone for fun… !!!! ‘Oh i can just imagine – 3 boys!!!

    Sulti bomb? You were even naughtier than my classmates 🙂

    Lol… but i was not the naughtiest !!! 😛

    Why did you watch HAHK 27 times??? when you did not even like it? BTW I did not like it either – too cheesy for my taste 🙂
    Rangeela was the first movie I saw at college 🙂

    I didnt like it re… (how many times do i have to explain this ! GAWD) but the stupid movie just wouldnt change… where to hide between 12-6 !!

    That lioness chasing your friend sounds scary! Thank god he was unharmed! Can’t even imagine it!

    Oh I loved it! Did not even realise it was long – was actually disappointed to see it end 😦

    wow ! and that makes you my new best friend !!!!!!! 😀

  12. Mystery says:

    70+ comments already 😦 I am sure i am not the last though..
    Nicely done tag Dhiren.. It was good reading about all of them..

    memories with your two younger brothers..aww… the relationship with siblings is so special na..All that masthi and badmashi we do is unforgettable..

    nodding my head !

    ROFL at your experiences in school..
    we being more active in childhood..i totally agree.. we could run, play cricket for hours together and we wouldnt get tired.. now 15 mins of walk we are tired 😦

    The lioness episode. didn’t u mention it at someone else’s blog once? as i said then, it sounds so scary..Good that everything ended well..

    It was in my chat transcript with meenu in that review.. ! 🙂 nice memory you have !! 😀

  13. shilpadesh says:

    “the girls ruined me… !!! my studies went for a toss”

    hehehe no way. Why were you so conscious of the girls’ presence?

    Reading this brought back my childhood memories. I have done some really embarrassing things 😦

  14. Mampi says:

    How good would it have been if there had been no August that year, therefore no rakhi, and therefore a different life?……………………

  15. Crafty Shines says:

    I am comment No. 100???????!!!
    *crafty sits glum on a rock*

    All those memories with younger brothers are totally cuteeeeeeeeeee
    Lol @ garib logon ka aquarium! 😛

    U guys never let ur mom have ur siesta!!!! My sympathies!!!!

    Wha??? U let ur middle bro go bald n didn’t accompany him! So how long did he not talk to u? till his hair grew back????

    come to think of it you completed my century !! cheer up girl !!! your smile spreads sunshine !!!!
    the memories are fun and you actually reminded all of them to me in the last few days… what with your constant chatter and your tag !!! me tottally loves ya…

    2nd rank se 22nd only coz u were seated next to a girl!!! Talk about girl power!!! 😆
    How do u think we girls always do better than boys in academics? :devil:

    Gee… you girls are sinister …. realised it too late..

    All this getting to know the girls……and I’m sure u guys thot the girls don’t suspect ur intentions na???? 😛 😛
    This guy from my classes insisted to drop me to my home while he lived waaaay in the opposite direction….and he thot I don’t know squat of what he was thinking!!! 🙄
    Sigh……I want the boys back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

    Lol yea you want them back !!! 😛 😛

    U screamed cricket terminologies at night???!!!! And stayed awake before the match day???? Hitchy, u are totally Charlie Brown from Peanuts!!!! 😛 😛 😀

    Yes i was totally nuts like him ! 🙂 and proud of it tooo !! 😛

    Girl came n tied rakhi!!! Issi baat pe aarz kiya hai –
    “woh cham cham karti aayi,
    woh cham cham karti chali gayi
    hitchy gulab liye khada tha
    woh rakhi baandh ke chali gaye”

    taaliyaaannnn!!!!!!!! 😛

    you teasing me ?? you ??

    this was a wonderfull read Hitchy! HUGS! 😀

  16. Crafty Shines says:

    @ pixie inquiring about craftys whereabouts

    *jumps on pixie and hugs her*

    😀 😀 😀 me is right here!!!!! late, but am here!!!!

    hitchy’s blog ismy crafty’s second home! 😛

    • Pixie says:

      I know!! i was looking for you and waiting for comments from you!!

      Was puzzled where you had disappeared and Sol still hasn’t shown up here!

      If you count Crafty, you will not be the 100th commentor!!

      We have dominated the comments section here today!!! 😀 😛


      • craftyshines says:

        allle sho shweet pixie!!! super tight hugs!!! did i tell u i love u???

        had to be away for today…
        dunno what happened to sols….left an inquiry at her blog, hope she’s ok!

        but i think Indy today has done enough taang khichayi on sols behalf too!!!

        no, me was 100th on the last one, then i think some inbetween replying happened!! 😀

        this is bad for my track record! what luck partner hitchy makes up for my slacking performance!!! 😀 😀
        but its sad if i slack at partner’s blog itself !!! WAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    • craftyshines says:

      pixie! didn’t u read??! he’s busy in PATNI SEVA!!!
      hahahahhaahhaah 😆

      so Indy has gone to sleep and Hitchy’s gone fpr Patni Seva….
      looks like its just u n me to have a conversation on this blog!

      😀 😛 😛

  17. vimmuuu says:

    LOL, you were a devil back then too !!!

    I knew girls were behind you, a lioness too ??? 😀 😀 😀 Kudos buddy, you are the best “Krishna” I have ever come across !!

    thank god ! the lioness was not behind my fat ass !!

    We still do a lot of things in our life so that girls notice us, na? LOL. Men, I tell you !!!

    We do it all and act as if we dont mean it or care about it at all !! lol…. 😛 😛

    HAHK…27 times? Thats like the worst movie ever ! They had a song every 5 mins in the movie ! To be honest, I never liked DDLJ too. People usually kill me if I make that statement. Last week, when it was aired I watched it again for sometime. Man, I still couldnt tolerate SRK or that movie ! 😀 😀

    Absolutely it was worse… but DDLJ was worst !!! I cant stand either Salman or SRK…. the only SRK movies I like to watch are Swades and I m so mad at Ashutosh for giving that role to SRK and Chakde… only 2 good movies he has done so far… Still SRK is okay… but Salman is antisocial he must be in Jail !

    Had great fun reading it buddy. However, I was tagged by the same person and Im thinking if I should do it or not. This looks pretty difficult.

    It sure is…

  18. Solilo says:

    Arre I am so late. Pixer told me about this post.

    Cholly! I am yet to read this to do some leg-pulling. 😀 So will be back.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  19. Ashwathy says:

    my god u have such beautiful memories!!
    i m losing track of which one to comment upon 😀

    take your time… whats the hurry !!

    hmm u blame the girls for making u come in 22nd, then u again give them credit and go after them to help them mend their tyres, finish ur English copy book in tiem for them to copy from it … 😀 what goes around, comes around eh?

    they didnt come around… sigh… lol 😛

    eagerly waiting for the next part (post)! 🙂

  20. Saima says:

    Wow!! reminds me of so many of my childhood memories 🙂 I miss those days 😦
    There were enough room in the Verandah always to play cricket/hide n seek/ pakdam pakdai and what not…I wonder where has all the space disappeared 😦
    Why did we grow up 😦 😦

    Absolutely … Why did we grow up !!!!! I also miss playing Pakda pakdi… ubhi kho ! etc… 😦 😦

    Anyways, a wonderfully written post 🙂

    Thank you…. !

  21. Indrani says:

    Enjoyed reading this. Actually read it when u posted this and I thought of waiting to see how ur friends comment on this. Hilarious and the lioness behind you was ultimate. Glad u survived to tell us that. 🙂

  22. Nancy says:

    A very nostalgic & sentimental post really. U seemed to have had a wonderful childhood 🙂
    LOL at the traitors who backed out of shaving their heads. ur brother must have been so mad at u both 😀

    tell me about it… how he ran behind us and would kick us when we would firav haath… !! 😛 😛

    The lioness incident had my heart in my mouth. If the bystanders were so shocked I can only imagine what went thru ur friend’s mind when the lioness pawed him. Thank God he was saved.
    I very recently saw a u tube video of a safari party who went to see lions & 1 of them was attacked by the lions to a fatal death most of it captured on video…it was horrible, horrible…I just cdnt watch more than half of it & had nightmares for days.

    The over-confidence in us teenagers make us do things which are so thoughless & causes heart aches for our family. I shudder in fear when I think of what we may have to experience when our kids pass thru the same stage 😦

    Sorry Dhiren…got carried away a bit.

    But it was really symbolic the way u added tht incident in ur cherished memories.

    Yes over confidence… over enthusiasm and complete non understanding the privacy of the wild beast… they put up with us tailing them for over an hour… it was only natural to get us off… alls well that ends well though… !! A lesson well learnt !

    and hey whats the space for… we bloggers are supposed to get carried away… !!! look at Pixie and Indyeah !!! (they are gonna kill me)

    ok ok myself toooo lol…..

  23. Solilo says:

    You three boys had such a blast. Poor auntie. She had her hands full. Haath firaving your brother’s ganju sar. Ha..ha..ha.. poor kid.

    I can understand why you saw Rangeela that many times. 😆 You know my Dad disliked Rangeela so much and warned us against ever asking him to take for such movies. Obviously we were stuck with HAHK which actually I loved. Those days Salman looked yum.

    I never liked salman and didnt even like Madhuri until that movie… infact madhuri madness only started after this movie.. the over dose brain washed me… I really wish they wouldnt make such movies which keep running for 5-6 months.

    Some of us friends had ‘golas’ here in US last year and we were so excited.

    Gola’s !! wow !! slurp !! I want to go to Juhu…. for that…. kala khatta with sherbet.. ! 😛

  24. Rakesh says:

    He he, Dhiren, your childhood had to be so interesting 🙂 Was fun reading about all your phases… Had a little bit of nostalgia myself while reading (only the girls part) Otherwise, I was a pretty descent kid. 😀

  25. kanagu says:

    /*Yours truly didn’t like Hum Aapke hain Kaun but has seen the movie in theatre 27 times !!!! Bloody two theatres out of 4 in Bharuch ran this movie for almost 3 months… !! I have also seen Rangeela 5 days consecutive 12-3 & 3-6 (2 shows every day, Monday to Friday) !!!! I have seen Rangeela & Bombay more than 20 times in the theatre !!!! Barsaat, Humse hai muqabla more than 5 times… Even pakau sadiyal movies like Teesra Kaun 2-3 times !!! For almost 2 years in 11th and 12th I have seen umpteen movies first day first show !!!! (yes I was the pucca mawali in those days) */

    can’t stop laughing Dhiren 🙂

    /*Removing Valve tubes from the cycles of the beautiful girls and then helping her to a puncture shop and sitting and chatting to her alone after schoool…. ohhhhh…. I want the girls back… I want the carefree days back… I want my silly days back…. */

    naughtiest person in the class ah??

    /*but as I shifted to Bharuch, my rank from 2nd went to 22nd…. */

    LOL… 😆

    Great read Dhiren bhai.. me and my bro too do all kind of stuffs.. wrestling in bed.. playing non stop cricket… everything 🙂

  26. saritha says:

    enjoyed reading ur tag dhiren,but can’t digest how to saw HAHK 27 times 😦

    I stopped reading for a moment “one of our friend fell but none of the 5 guys running had the bravado or sense to stop and pick him up…. she pawed him…” oh what a experience

  27. Amit says:

    27 times!! I always wanted to meet a person like you who have seen a movie so many times! I think you have to be an alien breed to do something like that. 😛
    I liked what you have shared about your brothers. Such memories always make you feel warm. Just reading them made me smile. 🙂
    Nice post!

  28. Destination Infinity says:

    Some of my cherished moments are associated with cricket too. I just loved playing cricket and shuttle. There is a game in – Slogout! – In the Games section. Whenever I want to relive those days, I go there and play this one. Some fun, it is! I too came from 4th Rank to 27th Rank in one year. When I shifted from CBSE to matric in 11th Standard. From then on, I started to hate Mathematics, a subject which was my favourite till 10th! But man, I got to see HAHK only once in the theatre and that too after a year of its release (Bolly movies were not popular down south!). But, you did too much of bunking. It was fun to read though!!

    Destination Infinity

  29. zinggy_mum says:

    good old days! brings back memories! wish we could relive each day and exactly the same way….i wish it was u instead of ur bro who got to sit first to be ganju….i think it would have been a different story altogether……hahaha! when we were young we wishes to grow up and do things big people did and now that we have passed that stage we want to be kids again… that’s life! loved the post!

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